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To a beautiful, kind and generous soul with boundless creativity.

Happy Birthday Thomas. Wishing you a wonderful day and an incredible 2019.

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Dekker, who starred in the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street remake as well as Laid to Rest and the Terminator” television series, is returning to his roots of solely electronic-based production on the record that evokes the sounds and moods of a bygone era and universe, specifically 1980s synth pop and genre film scores.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of John Carpenter, Depeche Mode, New Order, Goblin, Vangelis and Ryuichi Sakamoto, the album is said to be a swirling collage of Dance, Electronica, Goth Rock, Synthwave, and Experimental.

Read the full article

Source: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Thomas Dekker Releasing “Into the Night” Synth Album This Friday – Bloody Disgusting

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You know, I know him, we all love him. Thomas Dekker has been dabbling in horror since childhood with his role in Village of the Damned, and that continued on by starring in films such A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Chromeskull 2: Laid to Rest, and even hanging with Elvira. Dekker immerses himself in the scene and it’s not just film. Dekker is also a musician and he’s a damn good one.

We’re excited to share the official press release for Dekker’s third album, Into the Night, a moody atmospheric album with range and diversity, it’s a little bit Carpenter and a little bit New Order but a whole lot of greatness. Check out the full details below and make sure to support Dekker in this incredible endeavor!

Thomas Dekker

Proudly Presents

“Into the Night”

A Dream of Dark and Sensual Things

“Into The Night”, Thomas Dekker’s third studio album is an eleven track journey into mystery, magic, desire and all things that live in the shadows. Returning to his roots of solely electronic based production, the record evokes the sounds and moods of a bygone era and universe, specifically 1980s synth pop and genre film scores. Drawing inspiration from the likes of John Carpenter, Depeche Mode, New Order, Goblin, Vangelis and Ryuichi Sakamoto, the album is a swirling collage of Dance, Electronica, Goth Rock, Synthwave and Experimental.


Source: Horror Vet Thomas Dekker Releases “Into the Night” — Ghastly Grinning

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Listen inside!

Source: Thomas Dekker Releases ‘Reaper’ Music Video & New Album ‘Into the Night’! | First Listen, Music, Thomas Dekker, Video : Just Jared

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Thomas has been busy interviewing around his new movie, Jack Goes Home, which he wrote and directed. Check out Screen Geek, for the full interview transcript.

Thomas also chatted with Horror Fuel, talking about Jack Goes Home, Village of the Damned and Terminator, amongst others and also suggesting a Zero Times Zero album Love and Razorblades release in 2017.

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Screen Anarchy have two exclusive sneak peek videos promoting Jack Goes Home, which is released in the US on VOD and in selected cinemas now.

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Finally, if you’re a US citizen then you can watch Jack Goes Home on VOD and in selected cinemas. Or, if you’re like me, stuck across the pond, Dekker assures we will too be able to watch soon.

Jack Goes Home made its debut yesterday, October 14th in Los Angeles and New York – and the cast and crew celebrated last night as pictured on Instagram.

Whilst Dekker’s first widely released written and directed film has received mixed reviews, many reviewers have been complimentary. Personal taste and an appreciation for artistic storytelling and gut wrenching drama are likely to impact the experience of Jack Goes Home. But as a Dekker fan, I doubt you’ll have any problems in being drawn into the dark world Dekker has created or the scary realism of secrets and abuse entangled within the horror story.

The positive buzz around it comes from various places – check out the links below.

And, if you’re on iTunes, don’t forget to buy the Jack Goes Home soundtrack featuring vocals by Dekker and composed by Ceiri Torjussen (@Ceiri_Composer).

There’s no question that Thomas Dekker‘s sophomore effort as writer-director is a head-scratcher. What you as a viewer must decide is whether or not to keep scratching. I don’t think anyone outside of Dekker himself can truly unpack the type of psychological chaos occurring within Jack Goes Home, and I like that notion. This is an artist using his medium as an outlet to exorcise demons without necessarily factoring in audience expectations. It doesn’t supply easy answers, leaves a ton of loose ends as far as what’s real or fantasy, and turns deadly violent on a dime. It seeks divisiveness by throwing the kitchen sink of horrific tragedies onto Jack Thurlowe (Rory Culkin) until he can no longer breathe before letting him stew — simultaneously unhinged and deceptively anticlimactic.

– read the full feature at The Film Stage.

Dekker — also a talented young actor and musician — reportedly based “Jack Goes Home” on his own experiences, which may be why it initially plays more like a personal drama than a thriller. The tone shifts when Jack finds a message from his late father, containing a clue that leads him on a soul-shattering scavenger hunt.

– read more at Los Angeles Times.

The film is so layered and nuanced that there is something for everyone in this film. It tells the story of a son, about to become a father, while coping with a relationship with his mother. It shows a son discovering more about his past as he learns more about who he is and the emotional struggles that go with it. In between those moments, we are also given sequences of hallucinations or delusions, blurring the lines between reality. While it is by far, not an easy film to watch due to dark themes of depression and sexuality, it is worth the watch. Thomas Dekker has put a great deal into this film, and his love for it shows.

– read more at We Live Entertainment.

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Jack Goes Home is the first Thomas Dekker helmed project to be released to the screen, following Arkane (youtube it) and Walk of Fame (the source of much frustration, never to appear online…). Thomas’s first flick has gotten widespread attention this week, announcing the release date for the US along with promotional material.

Jack Goes Home stars Rory Culkin and a few familiar faces including Natasha Lyonne (All About Evil) and Britt Robertson and Louis Hunter (The Secret Circle). Entertainment One is releasing to US cinema and On Demand services on October 14th just in time for our favourite holiday. Dekker promised to keep us aprised of the status internationally.

Check out the buzz from a handful of sites already…

… WORST. THROWBACK. THURSDAY. EVER … says Entertainment Weekly.





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Very excited to share the video for Zero Times Zero’s new single Superstitions by the genius Amanda Rebholz of Darkroom Lament. Enjoy!

Thomas Dekker – "Superstitions" Music Video from Amanda Rebholz on Vimeo.

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Amanda Rebholz has written a great review of Jack Goes Home fresh off of its world premiere at SXSW last night in Austin, TX and shared the above shot from the red carpet. It captures the incredible warmth and light that Dekker has in person.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While “Jack Goes Home” may be the first major directorial debut of actor/composer Thomas Dekker, it reads light years from any ‘novice’ effort on his behalf. The script itself, also written by Dekker, is a harrowing tale of a young magazine editor who finds out that his beloved father has died in a car accident back in his hometown and he must return to set his affairs in order. Along the way, accompanied by his jaded and nihilistic best friend (Daveigh Chase), he begins to unravel some very unsettling family secrets and long-buried skeletons in the old homestead.

It’s hard to describe the film or give an accurate synopsis because the twists and turns unfold slowly and with such intensity that it would be a crime to deprive the readers of their own journey. Rory Culkin is absolutely magnetic as Jack and it is impossible to look away from him on screen. He is matched by veteran actress Lin Shaye, who takes a sharp divergence from her recent ‘Insidious’ roles to play Jack’s unstable, emotionally- manipulative and completely jaw-dropping inappropriate mother. The supporting performances by Daveigh Chase and Louis Hunter are equally charismatic and effective; Hunter plays the depraved boy-next-door neighbor. With brief roles from Britt Roberson as Jack’s fiancée and Nikki Reed as Chase’s girlfriend, the cast stays small and intimate, adding to the claustrophobic and smothering emotional tone of the film.

The film is shot beautifully, with stunning visuals. And it has several creepy and startling moments, as well as a few genuinely unsettling scares. Most of the horror, however, isn’t of the breed one finds in a traditional scary movie. Instead, the horror of “Jack” comes from within; it’s in the nightmarish unraveling of a family unit, the internal and external pressures that are putting cracks in Jack’s sanity as the film progresses, and the reveals that challenge everything Jack once held dear.

The movie is a deeply personal vehicle for Dekker, who suffered childhood abuse as well as lost his beloved father a few years ago, so the moments of emotional truth in the film ring clear as a bell and honest in what could easily be lost to pretense or false sympathies. One can feel the pain of Dekker’s loss channeled so beautifully through Culkin and can’t look away, a slow-motion autopsy of a grieving soul.

All in all, a strong narrative film with bold, unconventional choices and unrelentingly powerful performances from its small indie cast. Highly recommended to those who like psychological drama and horror films that aren’t afraid to show their heart instead of gratuitous gore and jump scares.

Amanda Rebholz is a talented photographer and writer and has some beautiful work – and lots of Thomas – in her gallery Darkroom Lament. Follow her at @fastzombiessuck on twitter. You can also view some exclusives in the gallery at TDS.

Stay tuned for more Jack Goes Home updates…

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Luckily, day four still ended on a relative high note, with Thomas Dekker’s impressive psychological thriller Jack Goes Home. Like Jacob’s Ladder before it, Jack Goes Home is an exploration of trauma that utilizes horror tropes and imagery to bring viewers closer to its protagonist’s headspace. The eponymous Jack is masterfully played with smug ferocity by Rory Culkin, while the underrated character actor and horror icon Lin Shaye plays his seemingly unhinged mother, who he is visiting after a car accident injured her and killed his father. Smartly constructed and shot, Jack Goes Home doesn’t necessarily break new ground but Dekker’s direction is so confident and his aesthetic sense so well honed it feels like a completely unique horror experience. Dekker does excellent work maintaining suspense over Jack’s stability, beginning with an early scene of foreshadowing that has Jack sleepwalking and making creepy statements about something in the attic to his childhood friend Cleo (Britt Robertson). By the time Jack gets to his childhood home, the question of what is and isn’t real in the film becomes more difficult to answer. Though Culkin is an excellent and engaging lead, Shaye has the hardest job in the film, constantly straddling the line between grieving and demented, and as deeply hidden secrets from the family’s past emerge, that line becomes all the more strained. Jack Goes Home isn’t technically a horror film, but what Dekker has produced is an intense and frequently horrifying experience, touching not just on the grief that comes from the loss of a parent, but also repressed memories and survivor’s guilt. Like prior SXSW standout The Invitation, Jack Goes Home is best when you enter into it without much prior knowledge, and also warrants a second viewing to better understand what exactly is happening.

Source: SXSW Film 2016 Day Four: Preacher, Death by Audio and Jack Goes Home – Loser City

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As you may have guessed from the previous posts, Jack Goes Home is premiering in Austin, Texas this weekend!

Show your love and support for Thomas and the movie on Instagram and Twitter with the tags #jackgoeshome #jackgoessxsw #teamtd and tweeting at @thethomasdekker and @tdekkersource.

Please also send pictures of yourselves holding up messages of support and they will be featured on the site!


Thomas is an incredibly talented person and it was apparent from the first time that I met him that he was destined for great things. I am so proud of his latest endeavour, a huge achievement and the start of many more in a fantastic directorial career. I cannot wait to see Jack Goes Home but I know that it’s going to open a lot of doors for someone who deserves it the most. Congratulations Thomas, you deserve it and so much more!

See Jack Goes Home:

March 14th, Midnight, Drafthouse Ritz, Austin Texas

March 15th, 11.15pm, South Lamar Drafthouse

March 16th at 2:30 pm, South Lamar Drafthouse

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Jack Goes Home is featured as one of Loser City’s Top 10 movies at SXSW! So exciting all of the buzz that is coming from Thomas’s major directorial debut! Don’t forget to tweet your love and support and spread the word using the hashtags:

#teamtd #jackgoeshome #jackgoessxsw and @thethomasdekker @tdekkersource

Source: Top 10 Films to Catch at SXSW 2016 – Loser City

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Source: 9 Films (and Television Premieres) you can’t afford to miss at SXSW 2016! | The Iris

Thomas’s directorial debut Jack Goes Home is premiering this Monday at South By South West (SXSW) in Texas and has been chosen in the festival’s top 9 by The Iris. Tweet @thethomasdekker, #jackgoesSXSW and #jackgoeshome to show your support – send him your love congratulations #teamtd!

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Congratulations to Thomas on having his feature directorial debut accepted to SXSW Film Festival – a huge achievement for a (relatively) new filmmaker!

The movie will have it’s world premiere in Austin, Texas next month and word has gotten around the net, including on Variety, Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter.

We always knew bright things were ahead for our star.

“My father died when I was twenty-two, and I really was destroyed by it. He was everything to me, and I really had a very deep inward emotional spiral, and I knew at the time that I wanted to tell a story about it, that I wanted to make something about it. It was a time of friction between me and my mother, and sort of grappling with my childhood, and I went through a period of wanting to write something about it, but I didn’t want to make some masturbatory, whiny drama, me-me-me kind of movie about the situation. Suddenly this kind of light bulb went off with me at the end of last year, and I went, ‘Uh-oh.’ If I could actually take all that anger and emotion that went with that ride and put it into something frightening and a thriller, I felt it was a good way to use a kind of universal theme in a genre capacity, and I obviously am a very outwardly-spoken genre fan and horror fan—but the kind of horror I’m obsessed with is the really dark, disturbing stuff…” – Excerpt from interview by Heather Buckley, Jack Goes Home

Check out this amazing set report from Jack Goes Home, by Heather Buckley – featuring a very personal interview and some interesting details about the thriller starring Rory Culkin, Daveigh Chase and Britt Robertson.

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Details of a new film project surfaced this week, from Thomas’s Jack Goes Home co-producer Jordan Yale Levine and co-starring old colleagues Chris Zylka (Kaboom, The Secret Circle) and Rory Culkin (Jack Goes Home).

Welcome to Willits is an indie flick due to film in Shrieveport, Louisiana with Dekker as a stoner named Klaus.

“Using old-school special effects techniques, augmented with digital finishing touches, Welcome to Willits will be a throwback to great horror and sci-fi films of the past, while also offering a fresh take on the genre.”

Read more @ ‘Welcome to Willits’ Lands All-Star Indie Cast – Bloody Disgusting!

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It seemed only fitting for Thomas’s 28th birthday on the 28th December that I share 28 reasons why I always have and always will adore the unique, wonderful, generous and intriguing Thomas Dekker.

In no particular order…

1. a few simple acts gave me courage and confidence that changed everything
2. he tweets right when you need it (this year especially)
3. time shared has given some great stories to tell
4. his awesome dance moves (i’ve seen them in the flesh)
5. he gave me someone to relate to
6. he shared experiences that helped others
7. his music says what i couldn’t
8. he asks you to give to charity not to him
9. he is genuine & kind
10. he is humble
11. he is enthusiastic
12. he is unique
13. he never rests on his laurels
14. he always surprises
15. he makes me laugh
16. he makes me cry
17. he made a halloween countdown
18. ‘thomas dekker is hot’
19. ‘the hollywood workout’
20. those eyelashes
21. the impressions
22. the eccentricities
23. ‘tiffy’ is one of my favourite words now
24. i feel like we grew up together
25. that british accent
26. the tweets of insanity
27. he’s helped me meet some lovely people
28. because he continues to be himself, take on new challenges, be generous and inspire

wishing a very happy birthday to one of the sweetest, funniest, kindest and most genuine people i’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with and to someone who brightens up everything for others (likely without even knowing),


and as always, please consider giving to your country’s alzheimers charity for thomas’s birthday, in memory of his father and in place of gifts.

donating online is easy (i’ve just done it!) and alzheimer’s society uk have illustrated how our donations can help…

  • £5 could pay for one person to attend a half hour session at a monthly Dementia Café, providing information and support for people with dementia and their carers.
  • £20 could pay for 100 copies of Understanding and respecting the person with dementia – one of the Society’s most requested factsheets
  • £50 could fund a PhD researcher for one day to continue vital research into understanding the causes of dementia, how it can be treated and, ultimately, to find a cure.
  • £120 could pay to run Talking Point for one day – the Society’s 24/7 online community for all people affected by dementia

thank you!

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After several weeks of pre-production in New York, Thomas’s feature directorial debut is set to begin this week.

Jack Goes Home films in Kingston, NY this month and stars Rory Culkin, Lyn Shaye, his Enter The Dangerous Mind co-star Nikki Reed, former co-star Daveigh Chase and The Secret Circle’s Britt Robertson and Louis Hunter.

Whilst this is not Dekker’s first venture directing, writing and producing (previously ‘Whore’ amongst others), it is his first larger budget movie. It’s been a long time coming – break a leg Thomas and keep us aprised!

The question most of us are wanting to know is – will he sing the theme song? And will we see that pretty face?

Source: Rory Culkin & Lyn Shaye To Star In Thomas Dekker’s ‘Jack Goes Home’ | Deadline


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Thomas talks Backstrom, Terminator, music, Garrett Dillahunt and being a child actor on The Next Level’s latest showcast, from 18 minutes 30 until about 40 minutes.

▶ Showcast – S02 E12 – Interviews: Thomas Dekker (Backstrom) & Nate Torrence (Weird Loners) – YouTube.

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Photographer and close friend of Thomas Dekker, Amanda Rebholz has been kind enough to share with us yet another amazing batch of photographs. This time the images are taken from her upcoming gallery exhibit “Unconventional Weapons” which will be showcased on May 1st in Dallas, Texas. You can view more of her work at her portfolio Darkroom Lament.

The images feature Thomas alongside his close friend Jade Ramsey, known for House of Anubis and co-starring with him in All About Evil.

Check out more of Amanda’s work and site exclusives here at Thomas Dekker Source!

jadethomas1 jadethomas2 jadethomas3

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Thanks to the wonderful Amanda Rebholz for the latest exclusive images of Thomas from Fear Clinic ahead of its UK release in March.

These images may contain spoilers so click below to view.

It goes without saying, please do not reproduce without credit for Amanda and her hard work – and for TDS.

Continue Reading

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Thomas also did a great interview with Nerdlocker, discussing Fear Clinic, Backstrom, Zero Times Zero and If Only I Could.

Selected parts are repeated below, see their site for the full interview.

Nerdlocker (NL): How did you get involved with this project?

Thomas Dekker (TD): My involvement with the project came about with the director, Rob Hall, and this is our third feature together. Rob and I have been friends since I was nineteen and also collaborated on video art that I have directed and he has directed. Basically, he wrote the character Blake for me, and he wanted me to be in the web series, but I was shooting something else, so I couldn’t do it. I had December free thankfully and was able to jump on board with this film.

(NL): You were in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street film back in 2010. Although he wasn’t in the remake, Robert Englund is obviously most famous for being Freddy Krueger. What was it like working side by side with such an iconic actor in this genre?

TD: I will tell you this, obviously, he’s legendary and known for Freddy Krueger, and I love the Nightmare on Elm Street films. The great thing about Robert is that he is a brilliantly trained, passionate and caring actor that you forget after a few minutes of talking with him, he’s Freddy Krueger. I felt like I was working with a kind and supportive actor and he is a living Wikipedia for art, music, films, actors, etc. He is all around a great person and fun to work with.

(NL): As an actor, what is your process when going into a film, especially a horror film like this?

TD: Usually, for me I spend a lot of time on that story and figuring things out for that character. But for Fear Clinic, when you have a really close working relationship with the director, you have an unspoken language. We both had a very shared perception of the Blake character and what his role was in the film. Since I know Rob, I knew the overall tone and feel of the movie. In past projects, I wrote the score, and with this project it was a collaborative process where two friends make a movie. The weirdest thing about Fear Clinic was that it was Rob’s highest budgeted movie and I am use to scrounging around to put the movie together. When we got to Ohio, we arrived to a massive set and crew that was overwhelming in a great kind of way.

(NL): You play Blake in this film and are confined in a wheelchair after a shooting, was it difficult to play a character like this?

TD: It was challenging and as an actor when you sit there, react and listen. I also love when an actor who plays an arc, where you start out one way and you end a different way was a thrilling experience. The brain damage and physicality was worked on with Rob and myself and was great to play five characters wrapped into one.

(NL): This film has a tremendous line up with Robert, Fiona Dourif, Angelina Armani and Corey Taylor from Slipknot/Stonesour. How was it filming with these actors? Did you guys have fun with the Fear Chamber when you weren’t shooting?

TD: I have known Angelina for sometime and met Robert Englund once and I knew he was a fan of my show, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and had been very complimentary of my casting in the Nightmare on Elm Street re-make. He and I had spoken about working together in the future, so that was a thrill, even though we didn’t have many scenes together. The few scenes we did have together was fun and had to play with the characters. I never met Fiona Dourif before, but we hit it off and I love that girl to death. It was a very segregated experience because I have worked with Rob so much, we had joining hotel rooms, and was very team oriented experience. But it was a typical, horror film shoot, which is why I love doing them. We were in Ohio in December freezing our asses off playing with these crazy characters and had a great time doing it. Ironically, my personal phobia is claustrophobia, so I fucking hated that chamber. That one scene where I am in the chamber was the most unpleasant scene that I shot, because you can open it up from inside, but the door was extremely heavy. So I was basically trapped in this coffin and didn’t take too kindly to that, but after a few shots of whiskey, I powered through the scene. You could see the fear in my eyes and overall it was very unpleasant.

(NL): You lived in Las Vegas. Did the Vegas lifestyle shape you personally or as an actor? I lived in Vegas for three years and was an experience to say the least.TD: It absolutely shaped me and I have been developing a screenplay for a few years called My Vegas. It’s set in Las Vegas and never stepping foot on the Strip. I think it’s a very interesting place with this small desert town surrounding this epically famous street of bad behavior. It’s the joke that how could people grow up in Vegas, but people do. I think it is a bit of growing up in a fantasyland and I also had two very eccentric parents that helped with the bizarre upbringing.

(NL): Besides acting, you are also a musician. Do you ever tour with your bands? And any new music in the works?

TD: I do and work under the name, Zero times Zero. My first album was released in 2009 under my own name and basically I started collaborating with artists of all mediums and ended up in the same tone, which is industrial dark-toned music. We have this collective project and I am in charge of the music end of it. We have a music video coming out in a couple of weeks before the record comes out and I was not involved in it. The artists from Texas [TDS: AMANDA REBHOLZ ANYONE?] threw it together and what I wanted it to be. We have a done a bunch of concerts and when this album drops and after we sign with the record label, hopefully it will grow and we can tour. The shows are harder to put on because there is a lot of multimedia, video images and electronic music. So it’s harder to coordinate compared to bands that pack up their gear and play at a bar. Until we get more recognition, we will be playing shows until there is a larger fan base.

(NL): Do you have any films or TV shows in the works for 2015?

TD: I have Backstrom on Fox and have a film premiering this Friday that I am very proud of. We showed the movie at SXSW and is called Enter the Dangerous Mind with Nikki Reed, Jason Priestly and Scott Bakula which is a dark and intense thriller based on a schizophrenic dub step musician. We finally get a theatrical run for it and highly recommend it. Last, I am directing my first budgeted feature called If Only I Could in May.

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Thomas & Genevieve


Thomas & Page


  • The Backstrom cast live tweeted last night (above) and there were definitely some adult aspects – anyone want to guess on Thomas Dekker’s feelings for beavers? Head on over to twitter and #askbackstrom to catch up on the fun and don’t forget to join in next week!
  • Backstrom episode 1.5: Boogeyman premiered last night to the lowest ratings so far on Fox. If you’re in the US and have FOX, please tune in and tweet along with the cast with #backstrom and #askbackstrom – your participation and viewing could make the difference between having Thomas on our screens regularly or not!
  • A review on Give Me My Remote praised Thomas for his outstanding work last night, so if you needed reasons to watch look no further: “Well, Thomas Dekker just continues to be THE.BEST. as Valentine. The scene where he discussed his experiences as a victim was breathtaking.”

The Wrap posted this adorable video of Thomas, check it out!


Fear Clinic have released the UK cover art for the movie which is now set to be released here on March 30th.

And while we’re on the subject of Fear Clinic, check out the 2 part behind the scenes documentary featuring a great interview with Thomas, about his very interesting transformation.


Part 1

Part 2


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Thomas has invited you all to be his valentine if you head on over to his instagram! He has also posted a cute picture with his co-star Lea Thompson from Caroline in the City – almost twenty years later.


Backstrom’s questionable ratings have also hiked as of last week’s episode, which were heavily promoted with Valentine as a focal point. Keep watching Valentines!

In other news I will be going in for surgery this week thus may be slow on the update front!

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Two episodes of Backstrom have aired in the US to decent ratings and mixed reviews, however Thomas is captivating in his turn as Gregory Valentine, the gay criminal roommate to the titular detective. In episode 2, Thomas is allowed to shine in an exchange with the strange detective Neidemeyer (Kristopher Polaha) and it’s a great glimpse of things to come.

There’s no shortage of press for Backstrom right now, so here are selected highlights:

Give Me My Remote have posted an interview with Thomas recorded during Backstrom shooting – sometime late last year as evidenced by his being 26 years old. It’s a great little interview so check it out.

BACKSTROM: Thomas Dekker previews his character, Valentine – YouTube.

Thanks to Louise for the heads up!


Madison talked to Thomas about his role as Valentine and how he came about, with Thomas sharing some details on his character and the origins. Bustle also posted a cute little profile of Thomas and whilst it’s nothing you didn’t know, it’s good exposure. Also, The Press Enterprise in their review of Backstrom cited Dekker as one of their top reasons to tune in: “3. Excellent supporting cast, with a surprising turn by Thomas Dekker.”

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Dread Central posted an amazing clip of a very sinister Thomas Dekker, tormenting Jake Hoffman. Read the article at the source for more.

Enter the Dangerous Mind – Exclusive Clip: Ear Bug by dreadcentral

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Thomas Dekker and longtime bff Cally hit the PGA Awards last night – and there’s photographic proof! There’s an article on attendees over at Just Jared, along with a photo of Thomas walking the red carpet. Looking good T! – Read it at Just Jared

Co-star Kristopher Polaha (@KrisPolaha) posted this pic with Thomas at the awards.


Also, Black Book have published a fantastic feature on Thomas and Backstrom, check it out here.

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Entertainment Weekly released this great gif of Thomas and bff Cally goofing around at the PGA awards last night via onomonoMEDIA Events.

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Backstrom premieres tonight in the US, on FOX! If you’re like me and outside of the US, I’m sure the wait will be worth it…

There’s plenty of buzz surrounding Backstrom, including a few great articles with Thomas. And don’t forget to follow his twitter @thethomasdekker where he’s been on a spree…

THE BACKLOT have posted a great interview with Thomas, about his character Valentine. Read the full article and interview here.
The BackLot: Valentine is definitely an interesting creation. How did you connect with such a crazy character?

Thomas Dekker: And he gets crazier as the show progresses.

Is there some of Thomas in him?

TD: Absolutely. I would say the Thomas parts of Valentine were the parts that came into the character when I was cast, and the parts that aren’t me at all were already there. The initial writing of Valentine in the original script– though obviously a lot has changed in the show– was he was sort of in pastels and totally over the top. Kind of a pure, comedic, kind of joke character. When I read it, I read that he had been a prostitute and was a thief, and lived on the streets, and I just felt that you can’t sort of really live that lifestyle and come out on the other side without some kind of edge.

So, when I went in to audition for [Executive Producer] Hart [Hanson], I remember saying to my friend on the way out, I was like, “Well, they’re either going to love this or they’re going to hate it” because I went and did the sort of Mohawk thing and the eyeliner and I wore my own ripped up punk clothes, which all that kind of Goth punk world is something that I’m personally into. Sure enough, a couple days later Hart was like, “I don’t know what the hell that was that you came in with, but we really like it.” And so from there the character became this combination of the parts that are me, and the parts that are very not me. He certainly gets around a lot more than I do by the end of the season, I can tell you that much.

Hart told me that he told the network right off the bat that they want a guy who is sexually active, not a relationship kind of guy.

TD: I have to be honest. I was shocked a couple times with what we were allowed to get away with on a network TV show. I mean, really, even while shooting it. There’s a scene in a later episode, with a character that was in juvie together [with Valentine]. He comes back and we have this sort of physical scene and both of us were like, “really? Really? On a Fox show, really? All right.” But it’s great.

We’re at a time when a show like How to Get Away With Murder got a lot of buzz this fall because there was a lot of gay sex. And it’s a mainstream show.

TD: The thing that’s most edgy and controversial about my character in this series, if we’re kind of on that topic, it’s not like its revolutionary and sort of that they’re declaring, yes, this is an openly gay character, and yes he gets around. That’s fine because I feel that’s pretty prevalent right now in entertainment, period. But where I feel that Valentine is really special and important in that universe is that I’ve never seen a gay character quite like him. What I like is that we’re not focusing on him being a gay character. We’re focusing on this sort of oxymoronic concoction that is his personality.

Hart will tell you that… we both say that… Valentine is the toughest character on this show. He’s the scariest character. He’s the harshest character. He will kick your ass, and then on the flipside be able to be flamboyant, and funny, and quippy, and sort of whimsical. You know, like we ad-libbed this whole bit, Kris Polaha and I, about how he loves Dorothy Parker, and so it’s a really unique character, but I feel like that’s what’s exciting. We’re not pandering to any one side or the other. He’s just Valentine, which is really great to play.

Tell me about Valentine’s wardrobe in the show, which represents everything you just said about him. For all the unconventional outfits, I hear we’ll be seeing him in a tux, too!

TD: It is a shock, believe me. We see him in a cowboy outfit. We see him in a tux. We see him in a bathrobe. We see him naked. We see him in his little underground beanie and black coat and sort of covert look. I mean, that’s the other great thing about playing this part: he’s a different person based on who he’s dealing with at what given point– and what he has to get out of a situation. So that, as an actor, is so thrilling. But yes, the wardrobe, for the most part, is sort of his usual look. That was definitely our great costume designer and I working a long time on trying to find genuine, kind of real street punk, kind of cool stuff. A lot of black, a lot of gray, a lot of leather. I joke he’s like the boy with the dragon tattoo, but funny.

Would you say his clothing and his look are kind of his armor?

TD: Yes. Absolutely. It’s his armor, but I think it also represents who he is. He is tough and he is smart…I think the last thing, ironically, that Valentine would like to be thought of ever, is like a sissy. So it is his armor, but it is definitely his edge. And I think what’s really great about Backstrom and Valentine’s relationship– and Rainn and I talked about this a lot while we were shooting it– is you’ve got these two characters who are both putting on a hard edge in their own way and are actually both very vulnerable. There is an episode called “Boogeyman” and it was the turning point in the show that it’s really not a comedy episode. It’s really serious, very, very dark. So we’ll see how the audience does with that.

But for Valentine, we find out about these really horrific things that happened to him when he was on the street. And it’s crucial because Valentine’s guard completely goes. There are a few moments throughout the season where– and for Backstrom it’s the same– we’re together. It’s like we’re the only ones that we’ll allow into that realm of honesty.

Would you say that Backstrom and Valentine are more alike than maybe they’d ever want to admit?

TD: Absolutely. It’s so hard to describe. They’re the most polar opposite types of people on paper, but personality wise, deep personality wise, they’re identical, you know? And that’s what has been the joy. I mean, until the end of the season I didn’t really have a single scene with anyone but Rainn, I mean a really sort of a one-on-one scene. By the end I do get integrated with the rest [of the cast], which is great. But until then, Rainn and I always felt like we were kind of of on our own little private show. On our own little private barge, and that was a great way to work. And I love the man. We’re horrendously mean to each other, but we love each other.

Best friendships are like that, right?

TD: That’s the real friendship, the real deal. He calls me number seven, because that was my number on the call sheet. And every day on set I’ll be like, “aren’t you that guy from The Office?”

I know Valentine is not about relationships at the start, but does he have a type? What attracts him to someone else?

TD: I think he’s a lot about physicality. He also is usually most attracted to someone he thinks he could get something out of. Meaning, whether that’s money, whether that’s something that he could steal, you know? I think Valentine absolutely has a heart, very much so, but it really only comes out with Backstrom. I don’t think he allows himself to really get close to too many people.

Rainn Wilson had some lovely things to say about Thomas and his role in the show, talking to Screen Spy.

Rainn Wilson: Yes, there’s definitely something going on there. There is some juicy connection between those two; between Thomas Dekker’s character, Valentine, and Backstrom. You will definitely find that out. That’s one of the great things about what Hart has done on this show is you go on a wonderful little story arc for the first 13 episodes. You get to know Backstrom’s father [Robert Forster] you get to know his ex-fiancée, and these kind of mysteries of who he is and why he is the way he is are revealed and that’s one of the interesting mysteries of it. Thomas Dekker is truly one of the very best actors I have ever worked with in my life. He’s astonishingly good. He’s so quick and he can go from high comedy to deep tragedy on the drop of a dime and he’s just a fascinating person and he creates fascinating characters. And so it just was this rich world of this relationship between the two of them. We always knew that it was there, but it just really blossomed and grew over the episodes. So you’ll see more and more of Valentine as this series goes along.

Finally, KSiteTV posted a cool little interview with Thomas too. Read the full article here.

“Valentine is kind of an anomaly,” Dekker says of this new character he is portraying. “He lives with Backstrom and is Backstrom’s underworld connection, so he becomes integral in solving cases when they come up, just due to all his bad behavior and illicit history. He is always kind of an integral key element into Backstrom solving a case that he wouldn’t be able to do just in the police department, but that said, he’s also his friend, he’s a thief, he is a punk rocker, he is gay, he is – he’s a lot of things, and the beauty of Valentine is is that he’s a sort of a different person from moment to moment,” Dekker explains.

“Even as an actor playing him, you know I never really know quite where he’s coming from, which is really exciting for me to play with, and ultimately, his purpose is to help convey who Backstrom is, because they’re both exceptionally different people,” he continues. “You’ve got one young, gay, punk rocker, ex-prostitute, ex-drug dealer, and you’ve got another middle-aged curmudgeonly cop, but the thing they have in common is that they both have very little belief in humanity and they’re very bitter and very dark and very acerbic and very satirical people and sort of the only people that they trust in their lives are each other.”

“They’re actually both very caring people, they just can’t admit it. And the mutual issue also is that Backstrom is afraid of everything, and has to hide it. Valentine’s problem is that he’s not afraid of anything and that gets him into trouble over and over and over again,” Dekker explains.

Thomas says that his own relationship with Rainn Wilson, who plays Backstrom, is similar to the one you see on TV. “Rainn and I have formed a very strange [relationship] in a sense that it it actually is really close to Backstrom and Valentine’s relationship. We do nothing but ridicule each other and make fun of each other all day, and it’s done with the most adoration and affection,” he says, before saying some very positive things about his costar.

“He’s one of the most exceptional actors I’ve worked with, certainly in television. He has an incredible ability for improvisation. There’s no two takes [that are] the same,” Dekker says. “There’s a great ease to when he and I work together, and I know that there’s a lot of respect, mutually, from both of us to each other.”

As for the characters, Backstrom’s a heterosexual cop, and Valentine’s a gay criminal. That will inevitably lead to conflict. “There’s an episode quite early on where Backstrom basically wants to throw me out, and it’s probably a very wise decision, but on the flip side, you’ve also got a young guy who takes care of him, and a young guy who provides answers that he couldn’t get any other way,” Dekker tells us. “Everybody’s kind of got a story, which is what’s great. There’s really no just generic character to explain what’s going on. Everybody is very detailed. That’s why I love the show so much.”

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Dread Central have an exclusive preview of Thomas’s new movie Fear Clinic, with Robert Englund.

Thomas is traumatised as Blake in Fear Clinic, out February 10th. Read the full article here.

Fear Clinic – Exclusive Clip: What Scares You? by dreadcentral

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Check out Thomas on Just Jared Jr! Thomas was looking smart this week for the TCA, promoting his new series Backstrom, which premieres in 2 days. Head over to Just Jared for more snaps of Thomas in his suit…

Thomas Dekker suits up sharp for the 2015 Fox All-Star Party held at Langham Hotel on Saturday night (January 17) in Pasadena, Calif. The 27-year-old actor joined his Backstrom co-stars Rainn Wilson, Kristoffer Polaha, Page Kennedy, Genevieve Angelson and Dennis Haysbert after the Q&A panel earlier in the day.

via Thomas Dekker Keeps It Sharp For Fox’s TCA Party | Thomas Dekker | Just Jared Jr..

Genevieve Angelson and Hart Hanson have been sharing plenty of pics too via Twitter.


tdga3tdga1   tdga2

Anthony Fitzgerald also posted a picture of the recent All About Evil cast reunion, with Nikita and Jade Ramsey, Thomas and Joshua Grannell.


And finally, Thomas has been sharing some adorable snaps from Disneyland, his childhood and his recent events, so check out his instagram!

tdage4 10914293_763141717066972_2091169678_n10903429_912764838756131_519208208_n

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Thomas was interviewed by Good Day LA this morning to promote his new show Backstrom, which premieres on FOX on the 22nd January. Sadly no news yet on international release.

There isn’t anything particularly new or exciting about the conversation but it’s nice to see Thomas back on the screens and it has a great little scene of him and Rainn Wilson in action!

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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Bloody Disgusting have a great new article about Thomas’s upcoming movie, Enter The Dangerous Mind (previously entitled Snap). Read the full article here.

This is a really exciting role for Thomas, who plays a very sinister role. Without spoiling too much, he’s a pretty significant part of the film (though reports suggest his involvement is limited).

Formerly titled Snap, Variance will be releasing this really good EDM-based psychological thriller in theaters and on iTunes February 6, 2015.


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Behold a brand new poster for the long awaited and highly anticipated thriller, Enter The Dangerous Mind. It was previously entitled Snap and has enjoyed limited screenings in 2013 and 2014.

Some exciting news for fans of EDM and horror as Youssef Delara and Victor Teran’s Enter the Dangerous Mind, starring Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed (Twilight, Thirteen), Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Scott Bakula, and Jason Priestley, is finally getting released!

Formerly titled Snap, Variance will be releasing this really good EDM-based psychological thriller in theaters and on iTunes February 6, 2015.

Read the rest of the article here at Bloody Disgusting!

Incase you’ve forgotten, view the trailer:


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It’s official, hell has frozen over and Skynet has taken control of the world…because Thomas Dekker has joined Instagram! You can follow him over at @thomas.dekker

Just to prove authenticity, since there have been numerous fakes he posted a charming selfie and a few interesting snaps.


In other news…

– You may have noticed there is a new layout! It’s a new year so it seemed time for something new – plus it features an image from Thomas’s upcoming show, Backstrom, which premieres soon on Fox. We also have a brand new domain THETHOMASDEKKER.COM for the new year!

– TDS is lucky enough to have numerous EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHS for the new EXCLUSIVES page! Keep checking back for more from upcoming projects & photographer Amanda Rebholz.

Enter The Dangerous Mind, aka Snap, will be released on DVD worldwide on 6/2/2015. See @EDMFilm on twitter for more details!

Fear Clinic can now be pre-ordered ahead of its February (UK March) release.

Backstrom premieres on January 22nd on Fox, don’t miss it!

– How did Thomas celebrate his birthday? At Lavo, of course (flashback to TSCC era articles!).

Thomas Dekker was spotted dining at LAVO on Sunday evening.  The actor, a Vegas native, was celebrating his 27th birthday.  He enjoyed specialty cocktails, eggplant parmesan, rice balls and penne vodka. Dekker is best known for his roles as John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, for playing Zach on the television show heroes and most recently starring in The CW series “The Secret Circle.” Source.

I’m slowly but surely re-uploading everything to the new host, so please be patient and check back for more – including a page featuring EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.

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I have the first episode still of Thomas Dekker starring as Gregory Valentine in Backstrom! Exciting stuff…

You can view the full set of images at Spoiler TV!

While there is no update on a UK release, or any outside of the US, if you are in the States you can watch Backstrom on Thursday 22nd January at 9pm ET on Fox.

Backstrom is set to be a great role for Thomas, as he plays a former gay prostitute who lives with Detective Backstrom and provides an essential link to the criminal world.

In other news, Thomas’s movie Enter The Dangerous Mind (formerly known as Snap) will be released in theatres in the US on 2/6/15. You can follow for updates at @EDMFilm


Don’t forget it isn’t too late to wish Thomas a Happy Christmas and Happy Birthday (he turns 27 years old on the 28th December)! You can join in the festivities by:

1. Donating to the Annual David Dekker Memorial Alzheimers Fund which Thomas & Dekker Daily run here. Or if you’re in the UK, you can donate closer to home and leave a message in the guestbook at the Memorial page.

2. By tweeting a picture of yourself holding a card with your favourite Thomas lyrics and/or a message and your twitter handle to @tdekkersource with the hashtag #tdsbirthmas by 25th December!


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I like to call the wonderful tail end of December Thomas Dekker’s Birthmas, since the 25th is Christmas and the 28th is Thomas’s birthday. It’s hard to believe that boyish, charming devil is about to be 27 but it’s true! So I thought it might be fun to try something and I really hope that it works. Efforts from Thomas such as his recent twitter feed and his 10 Days of Halloween where he showed something he truly loved to us and interacted, has hopefully eradicated anyone who thinks he doesn’t care.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, Thomas Dekker is one of the most sweet, genuine, thoughtful and interested people I’ve ever met – celebrity or otherwise. Thomas does care, but he’s not like most of us, glued to our iPhones and he’s forever dashing about making things that he know we will love.

So let’s pay him back for all of the hours of joy he’s brought us through his acting, his music and work in general – and most importantly through just being a lovely, warm, inspiring person. If you’ve met him at a convention and he’s been nice to you, jump in and return that love. If he’s ever tweeted and made your day. Or if his music or his work has gotten you through a bad day.

Let’s shower Thomas with love together! And although it sounded a little wrong, I stand by it.

I WANT YOU to tweet me at @tdekkersource with your pictures. They are to be:

– fully clothed, no nudes or semi-nudes

– pictures of you, holding a sign featuring lyrics from a Thomas Dekker or Zero Times Zero song that moved you

– your twitter handle and name

– if you want to include a few small words you can, but make them brief.

You can send multiples but I will try to ensure everyone gets at least one in.

They will be combined either into a collage or a video or both, depending on the amount of entries.

And if you know Dekker fans, please urge them to get involved too. <3


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Picture of Kevin Hooks & Thomas from Twitter

  • Fear Clinic release dates announced for the US: Region 1 buyers will be able to watch Fear Clinic in February.With blood-chilling special effects by award-winning FX creators Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson, Fear Clinic will take viewers on an unforgettable journey into the very soul of terror itself. SRP is $26.99 for the Blu-ray and $22.98 for the DVD. Read the full article on Dread Central.
  • UK you can pre-order Fear Clinic at Amazon and it has a release date listed as 23 March 2015.
  • You can view the official Backstrom trailer! No sign of Thomas yet but from what I’ve seen it’s set to be an incredible role for him.
  • Backstrom airdate for USA: BACKSTROM, the offbeat crime procedural starring three-time Emmy Award nominee Rainn Wilson (“The Office,” “Six Feet Under”), premieres Thursday, Jan. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), following AMERICAN IDOL XIV’s time period premiere (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). Created and executive-produced by Hart Hanson (BONES), the series follows Detective EVERETT BACKSTROM, an unhealthy, offensive, irascible – albeit brilliant – detective who sees the worst in everyone, and he’s usually right. [Source]

  • Campus Confidential, one of Thomas’s hard to find movies is currently on Netflix UK.
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Just found an interesting little quote from Shiloh Fernandez who stars in Gregg Araki’s new movie, White Bird In A Blizzard (Gregg directed Thomas in Kaboom). It’s no secret that these two are friends, or that Shiloh was involved in Thomas’s movie Whore.

JJ: At the end of your Wikipedia page, it says, “He is a friend of actor Thomas Dekker.” So random!

SH: Yeah, but it’s true! I don’t see him a lot, but he means a lot to me. We played brothers in a movie years ago. I don’t think it’ll ever come out but he directed a movie that I did that was sort of all improv. He would pick me up in the morning and say, “Well here’s what your going to do today.” And I would have to do it. He’s such an artist and a human being that transcends, sexuality is the wrong word. But there’s something about his aura that’s all-encompassing.

Anyone who knows Thomas, or has had the pleasure of meeting him, knows how captivating  and all-encompassing he is indeed!

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Dread Central have posted news of Fear Clinic appearing on the bill at the 2014 New York City Horror Film Festival.

With most of his former “Secret Circle” co-stars having moved on to other TV shows, we’ve been wondering when we might next see Thomas Dekker in something. If you’ve been wondering also and happen to be in or near NYC, we have an answer for you as Fear Clinic, which features the young actor, is set to kick off this year’s New York City Horror Film Festival.

From the Press Release:
The Big Apple is about to be overtaken by FEAR! After its triumphant world premiere at the Los Angeles Screamfest, Robert Hall’s FEAR CLINIC will screen as the Opening Night Feature of the 13th Annual New York City Horror Film Festival on Thursday, November 13th, at the Tribeca Theaters in Manhattan. The Fest runs November 13th-16th.

Starring horror icon Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, Fiona Dourif, and Thomas Dekker and featuring the acting debut of Stone Sour and Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor, FEAR CLINIC has already struck terror in the hearts of audiences, taking them on an unforgettable journey into the very soul of terror itself.

FEAR CLINIC will be released by Anchor Bay Entertainment in early 2015.

For information and more, check out Dread Central.

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In case you missed it, Thomas has set a challenge for 10 days of Halloween viewing! It’s ridiculously fun and is a perfect way of engaging with fans while celebrating his love of all things Halloween. Play along and tweet him with which movies you’re watching and the relevant hashtags, or send him a video response – he is watching and replying!

At the very least watch these very entertaining, very Dekker videos.

October 22nd, 2014   Videos No Comments

Thomas, being his usual, Halloween-obsessed self has issued a challenge to the “10 people” he knows will actually see this video. It’s rather hilarious and a great way to start your day.

Take your pick of one of three films each day and tweet along with the hashtags provided! Today’s viewing for me was Pet Semetary from the Beat Off (yes, you read it) category.

Have fun and look out for the Thomas Dekker Source Halloween Challenge to follow for even more Dekker-related fun this Halloween!

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Thomas appeared in Peaches Christ’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ show in San Francisco last weekend. Though sadly it was for one night only and there is no recording of the whole show, Dekker fans can comfort themselves with some great shots of Thomas by Amanda Rebholz and a video she posted featuring his vocal talents.

You can see oodles of fantastic Thomas images by clicking here:

Amanda also sent TDS an exclusive behind the scenes snap!




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Good news UK Dekkerholics!

You can now pre-order Thomas’s new movie Fear Clinic from Amazon, for £8.99 and free postage. It is set for UK release on October 20th, right in time for Halloween.

Fear Clinic is the latest movie from Robert Green Hall (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles & Laid to Rest) and stars Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Thomas Dekker and Angelina Armani (Chromeskull).

After a tragedy shatters their lives and leaves them with crippling phobias, five people decide to seek treatment from Dr. Andover (Robert Englund), who works to cure patients by placing them inside his, Fear Chamber. Once inside his invention, patients are put into complete isolation and must face their worst fears in nightmarish hallucinations. However soon after treatment and outside the confines of the chamber, they discover their fears are not only still there, but are more real than ever.

Click here for the DVD page.



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Thomas Dekker is hot – at first, I also wondered if this was actually news – but this video has got to be seen to be believed. The YouTube clip is a parody of an existing video and showcases how incredibly (and worryingly) spot on Thomas is with impersonations and apparent bipolar disordered acting. Take a look and prepare to love!

This is the funniest thing since the series of Vine videos last year. In other news, check out these beautiful pictures tweeted by talented photographer Tyler Shields. Tyler has shot Thomas on various occasions, including for promotional shots for movie Plush, for his book, The Dirty Side of Glamour, and alongside Phoebe Tonkin.

Tyler posted this first shot and then asked who we wanted to see. I replied ‘Thomas Dekker – you’ve already made my day’ and the next one followed!


I strongly urge you to check out Tyler’s work at his website and grab a copy of The Dirty Side of Glamour for celebs as you’ve never seen them!

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Amazing friend of Thomas Dekker Source, photographer Amanda Rebholz has posted additional images of Thomas at her portfolio. Check them out for some shots of Thomas as you’ve probably never seen him before!

(And remember, you saw it here first!)


Below are a few previews of these amazing shots…check out the full offering at Dark Room Lament.

aricon1 aricon2 aricon3 aricon4 

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Thomas Dekker is featured in 2 magazine features this month, both thanks to the wonderfully talented Amanda Rebholz. You can purchase both of these magazines internationally and I would recommend doing so – they both sound fantastic and capture much more of Thomas’s delightful eccentricity and personality.

Living Dead Magazine Issue #4: Legends of Horror


There is a detailed interview with Thomas conducted by friend and colleague Amanda which will be sure to give it a unique slant. It also features a stunning photo shoot from the photographer with Thomas perhaps as you’ve never seen him before.

You can buy this issue at the Living Dead Store and including postage and magazine cost it is £10.15.

Dark Beauty Magazine, Issue #35, Digital Download £2.96

There is a 5-page feature on Thomas featuring photographs by Amanda Rebholz and again, this is like you’ve never seen before. You can purchase your digital copy here.

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It’s Thomas Dekker Source’s 6th birthday! This site has been online in some form or another since August 2008! Time flies when you’re having fun and supporting someone truly deserving.

You may have noticed we are rocking a new theme which was built by Velvet Suite Designs and customised by myself – for the first time in the history of the site. I made the header using an amazing photograph by Amanda Rebholz – check out her site!

Without getting too sentimental I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed following Thomas’s career for as long as I can remember, somewhere back around the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids era. I started the site when Terminator first came onto our screens in the UK and stole my heart. It was a show about family first and foremost and a lonely, vulnerable boy that had the weight of knowing he would one day lead and save mankind on his shoulders. It spoke to me, for whatever reason. Since then I have loved everything that has followed, especially Kaboom, All About Evil and Squatters. I am eagerly awaiting the newest endeavours and Zero Times Zero is still on repeat in my car.

On a personal level, I feel as if running this site has broadened my horizons and made me a much braver person. In a few short years I’ve gone from a virtual recluse with social anxiety, panic attacks and severe self-consciousness to being outgoing and talkative and following my dreams. I have been inspired by meeting the lovely fans at conventions, getting up and asking questions in front of hundreds and talking to people on twitter – and most of all by Thomas himself. I cannot even begin to describe how supportive and kind he has been to me personally over the past 4 years, since we first met. Instantly, he was so generous and open. Last year in particular, seeing him for a fourth time really inspired me to come into my own and stop sitting on the sidelines; to actively seek out new opportunities and to enjoy myself without worrying what other people thought – or how I looked. I feel confident and brave and it has a lot to do with the past four years and of this inspiration.

Lava Life has given me a new mantra and a new way of seeing the world – of reminding myself that everything passes and that there is always something to be hopeful about, while Liberated has summed up everything I am thinking and feeling right now but never knew how to express. That there are challenges, obstacles and heartaches and that bad things happen, but that we are stronger for surviving these things and that they make us richer. That we must hold on through the bad to find the good. It has spoken to me on a very deep, personal level and it takes a true talent to be able to produce something that people relate to so completely.

Thomas is the ultimate example of someone who is delightfully eccentric and shares it with the world; someone who is genuinely interested in people and who can inspire others to do things they never expected to do and will actively encourage them. It’s rare and special and I have been lucky enough to experience his real kindness and sensitivity. Thomas is also honest about what he cares about and what he’s been through and that’s incredibly scary for any of us – but especially for someone with the world watching. But these things are precisely why he’s Thomas and why we love him! Anyone who has met him will agree with me I’m sure that we have a true and genuine role model, friend and talent and that we will eagerly follow wherever the future may lead.

Thank you Thomas for many wonderful years and for those still to come!


Update: thank you for all the tweets they are lovely and much appreciated!

@mizmoni: Happy 6th birthday @tdekkersource without it I would not have become friends with the awesome and amazing @lavagirllilly love ya sweetie. love it!!! looks fab 🙂

@sandy6259: @tdekkersource @theThomasDekker Happy Birthday. Also thank you for creating this site that allows us to have regularly news about Thomas.

@bandcat: @tdekkersource Happy 6th birthday!! great place to get the @theThomasDekker news

There will be various updates to all of the pages ongoing this month and a special project coming soon, so stay tuned.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Thomas’s Cinema Verite co-star Lolita Davidovich will be guest starring on his new show Backstrom – as his mother. The show is currently shooting in Vancouver, but details for Thomas’s Gregory Valentine are few and far between.

Thomas is playing a gay former hooker currently living with Detective Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) and providing him with links to the criminal underground.

Lolita will play Gregory’s former prostitute mother who has now found God – and work as a dental hygienist.

Read the article here.

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Fangoria have just broken the news that the Chromeskull/Laid To Rest franchise will continue this year with Thomas involved in the third movie, entitled “The Chromeskull Tapes” and written by Robert Green Hall and Amanda Rebholz (you may know her as the super cool chick responsible for our site exclusives and her Thomas-filled portfolio Darkroom Lament).

Their preview of Fear Clinic includes some awesome stills and a poster, so check it out.

July 21st, 2014   Gallery, Site 1 Comment

I am very excited to present to you 3 exclusive photographs of Thomas (featuring The White City & The 100’s Bob Morley)! These images have been kindly provided exclusively for Thomas Dekker Source by the incredible and talented Amanda Rebholz.

Please don’t remove these images out of respect for the owner and for the site!

Check out Amanda’s website and please consider donating to help her restore her camera equipment after it was stolen recently!

img_2562-1024x682 img_2291-1024x682 img_1878-1024x682

Photos by Amanda Rebholz, styling by Thomas Dekker. Shot at Geisha House Studios in LA, 2014

June 2nd, 2014   Gallery No Comments

thomasgarrettchace3 thomasgarrettchace2 thomasgarrettchace

New Shoot
Garrett Chace, a friend of Thomas’s and a very talented photographer sent details of this new photoshoot of Thomas that was taken in Hollywood this week. It’s spectacular and feels very natural for anyone who has seen TD in the flesh. Take a look at Garrett’s work here.

I trust everyone has their copy of Squatters? It really is one of Thomas’s best works to date and there is plenty of screen time for our boy. It’s a beautifully done movie and worth checking out – you can buy it in the UK at ASDA, Play, HMV and Amazon. You can also rent it from the latter or get it on iTunes!

May 14th, 2014   IQ-145, Squatters, Uncategorized No Comments

Thomas filmed IQ-145 as a web series in 2008, starring as Nate Palmer. Well, years later it will finally be released on DVD under the name The Palmer Supremacy and features pick-up footage from 2010. View the official website here.


The Palmer Supremacy will be released in the US on DVD on May 27th!

Don’t forget that Squatters, as mentioned previously, is out this month on DVD. For the US it’s released and for the UK, it’s May 26th and can be ordered here.

May 13th, 2014   Appearances, Backstrom No Comments

Thomas was certainly a busy boy yesterday in New York! Images of him at the 2014 Fox Programming Presentation at the Upfronts have surfaced thanks to Just Jared! Also on Monday 12th May, he was spotted checking out the premiere of The New Normal, met up with Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson and hit the Fanfront carpet for a selfie!

May 13th, 2014   Appearances, Backstrom No Comments

Thomas was tweeting live from the Fox 2014 Upfronts in New York City yesterday, where he and his colleagues were promoting their new series Backstrom. Fox announced Backstrom will air on the channel in 2015.

Just Jared Junior has posted the official trailer and beautiful new cast shots, including a bigger version of the Thomas picture we tweeted last week!

Thomas also tweeted to say he had met his idols, actresses Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) on the red carpet for the premiere of Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart.


May 9th, 2014   Backstrom No Comments

Entertainment Weekly have released the first official promotional picture for Thomas’s new tv series, Backstrom. Thomas is looking gorgeous as the gay former prostitute turned drug dealer, Gregory Valentine. It’s just a shame he’s all on his lonesome in the back!

Backstrom is currently shooting in Vancouver – though Thomas has yet to shoot his scenes – and will be on Fox later in the year. There is currently no news about who will air it in the UK, though my bet would be Sky Atlantic (former home of House) or Sky Living (former home of The Secret Circle).


UPDATE: Chris at Summer Glau Wiki also sent us this shot of Thomas:


May 8th, 2014   Zero Times Zero No Comments

Amazed that anyone managed to pin the busy Mr. Dekker down, but there’s a great little interview with Upstate Live where he discusses Zero Times Zero! Read the full article at their site.

Who is part of Zero Times Zero?

Thomas Dekker: Well now, that is quite a question to start out with. I completely understand why you’d ask it but I also hope you understand why I can’t answer it. Not by providing all names involved at least. The idea behind Zero Times Zero was to create a nameless, faceless force in modern Pop Culture. Quite an impossible thing to do in this day and age I suppose. As a solo artist under my own name, I felt that the public knowledge of my other career was a detriment to the music. And simultaneously, what I wanted to explore in music was a detriment to what was expected of me in said other career. We are not a “band” in the normal sense of the word. We’re trying to recreate the Andy Warhol factory in many ways here. To be creators of not just music but video, performance and photographic art with one concise and focused outlook between us. So this includes actors, film makers, musicians, dancers, etc. However, I will say, the music department is spearh
eaded by myself.

When did Zero Times Zero begin?

TD: I had been discussing with many friends and collaborators, all of whom perform on this new record including Reza Safinia, Ian Krupp, Kristofer Holst, Etc. what a liberating experience it would be to try and champion the unknown. Or to put it in a less hippie dippy sense: to have the ability to experiment and feel out ideas amidst the freedom of anonymity. We were all coming from different backgrounds and artistic interests but found that we shared a common outlook on greed, hope, Armageddon, religion, sexual revolution, anger, pain, madness, science and methodology. And all could be reflected in simple pop song lyrics but then dissected into deeper meaning within the construct of the project. The name of the group was chosen and the project launched in 2012 I believe. We’ve made two albums, “= 0? and the current one “Love and Razorblades”.

What genre would you describe Zero Times Zero?

TD: Obviously being a large group full of diverse ideas and inspiration, the music in particular tends to jump from genre to genre a bit. But ultimately we would say “Industrial”. Hard core synths and beats matched with orchestral influence. Dramatic, bold, tough. We want to share opinions and not share them quietly. As the leader of the music, I’ve always been happiest working on the technical side of production and electronic intricacy. It’s a process that becomes deeply personal. Probably much more than people would expect from non traditional singer/songwriters.

Is Zero Times Zero signed to a record company?

TD: We are in negotiations with “Cutting Edge”.

What are some of the musical influences for Zero Times Zero?

TD: Musically, we would all agree: Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Glitch Mob, David Bowie, Rob Zombie, BT, Goldfrapp, Marilyn Manson. And those are just the modern influences, let alone all the classical that comes into play. But we are equally inspired by photographs and films. Gregory Crewdson’s photography book “Twilight” is a massive inspiration when it comes to the stories we want to tell, both with music and performance art. The early films of Ingmar Bergman helped govern our decisions with the new record too. I’ve always found a strange correlation between the muted desperation of those kind of works and the deafening scream of metal, electronica and experimental rock.

The single Liar was just released, should we expect a new single or a music video for it?

TD: “Liar” is the opening track of the record. We felt it really set the tone so we wanted it to be the appetizer. However, an official music video is not planned for that track yet. YET. The first official music video will be for the eighth track on the album entitled “Superstitions” which I will direct. It’s the story of a club kid running from a ghost who’s dredging up the kid’s self-imposed abuse and memories. Sadly, the ghost is the kid’s dying future self. Think “Party Monster” meets “A Christmas Carol”.

Any plans on taking the music to the road?

TD: We would love to tour! I think we’ve all been a bit overwhelmed by the size of the project we have taken on. Meaning, this is not the kind of music or performance you can put on properly with a few band mates in a small bar. We have video projections, choreographers, programmers, engineers, costumes, interactive experiments. We need the proper funding and interest to really give audiences the hell of a show we have always intended. However, we are so confident in this new album and feel it’s something so special. We believe all of the above will be made possible sooner rather than later.

When will the new album be expected to come out?

TD: We are planning the release date of the full album within the next two to three months. But we will be releasing videos, art installations and leaked tracks in the interim to get those who want us to want us!


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The year long wait is over! In case you missed the flurry of twitter activity this morning or the barrages of song lyrics, Zero Times Zero have officially released their first album!


The highly anticipated album from art collective Zero Times Zero, the brainchild of the deliciously eccentric Thomas Dekker does not disappoint with a catchy, love at first listen offering. With a genre defying mix of electronica, pop, rock and metal it’s undeniably brilliant with quirky lyrics and an addictive sound. Opening track ‘Dead’ hooks the listener in, while tracks like ‘Not Forgiven’ stuns with guitar and the Depeche Mode-esque ‘Rock and Roll’ peels back yet more layers. The standout track, the uplifting ‘Liberated’ laments the bitch of time while bursting with positivity. ‘Stupid Whore’ is a full throttle eye-witness account of the life of a Hollywood starlet and ‘Peaches and Coco’ oozes with sexual energy. ‘The First Love Song’ is a beautifully tragic, emotionally raw admission of love lost and as the album draws to a close, Thomas proves why he’s ‘My Favourite Vice’, contemplates his existence after going to hell and back in the angst-ridden, reflective ‘All These Things’ and brings the album to a climax with the anthemic ‘Rage On’. Well boys, you claim “you never did love me,” but your audience surely does. My, my, Zero Times Zero is here to stay.


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Footage from Texas Frightmare 2014 has begun to emerge, including a great video of Thomas singing a Zero Times Zero track!

Interview at Texas Frightmare
It’s a pretty typical interview but it’s 10 minutes long and quite amusing!

 Thomas Performs a Zero Times Zero Track (with intro)

Thomas Performs a Zero Times Zero Track
Great footage of Thomas taking the stage!

? Thomas Dekker – Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 – YouTube.

April 30th, 2014   White City 1 Comment

The lovely people behind Thomas’s new movie The White City have been kind enough to share some incredible stills. While the official site is currently just a static page, keep checking back for more content…

I don’t know about you guys but I am psyched about this movie! It co-stars Haley Bennett who Thomas has been friends with since he was a teenager – and who played his ‘vageterian’ best friend Stella in Kaboom! It also stars Bob Morley from The CW’s The 100.

Last time we met, Thomas told TDS: “The White City with Haley Bennett from Kaboom. It’s about three young artists in a love triangle. Haley and I are together, she’s a hopeful writer I’m a hopeful film maker and we go to Tel Aviv to be inspired. We meet a guy just out of the army, Haley falls for him and I become artistically obsessed with him. It shakes our relationship and there’s a seed of political threat.”

tdsite4-1024x682 tdsite3-1024x682 tdsite2-1024x682 tdsite1-1024x682

April 28th, 2014   Music, Zero Times Zero Comments Off on ZERO TIMES ZERO DROPS SINGLE ‘LIAR’

After a long and torturous wait, Thomas’s musical project Zero Times Zero have released their debut single ‘Liar’ from the album ‘Love and Razorblades’. This was previously intended as their second release, however it is slated for this year.

It is nothing less than we would expect from the creative and eccentric Mr. Dekker – best comparable to idol Daniel Johns – and co. and does not disappoint after almost a year since the band’s UK debut at Inva3ion.

Please be warned there are a lot of flashing images in this video.

LIAR (SINGLE RELEASE) from ZeroTimesZero on Vimeo.

Help spread the word about Zero Times Zero by commenting on Vimeo, sharing and using the hashtags #ZeroTimesZero #0x0 and #LIAR. You can also view the website here.

April 14th, 2014   Appearances, Music, Uncategorized Comments Off on Benefits, puppies & short shorts

Thomas was spotted out yesterday supporting a great cause and looking super stylish in the process! He attended the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit in Los Angeles, which featured a charity concert to benefit the rape crisis project. View more images at Just Jared!


John Varvatos 11th Annual Stuart House Benefit - Arrivals

Thomas has also been active on Twitter recently, so head on over to @thethomasdekker to get caught up!

A video has surfaced of Thomas looking sexy in some very tiny shorts, performing in Return to Grey Gardens on April 5th. With thanks to Amanda for this!

Fear Clinic has also been filming additional scenes and pick-ups, which Thomas has been involved in ahead of his Backstrom shoot. He posted the following photo with puppy Stryker and I can’t decide who is cuter…can you?


It has also been announced that he will be attending Texas Frightmare and participating in a panel for Fear Clinic – view details here.

Finally, Thomas has promised new Zero Times Zero music coming very soon, stating that the album is almost complete and a single is on its way soon.

March 7th, 2014   Appearances, Fear Clinic Comments Off on Fear Clinic & Grey Gardens

Fear Clinic Movie have released the first trailer for the upcoming flick, in which Thomas stars alongside Robert Englund as clinic patient Blake. You can click the name for their Facebook page, or check out the official site here. Join in on Twitter @FearClinicMovie with the hashtag #FEARCLINIC
S0mething tells me I will be paying way too much money to import this for my collection, as UK releases are at least a year behind!

In other news, Thomas has teamed up with Peaches Christ (All About Evil) for a theatrical production of Return to Grey Gardens, in which he will be playing Jerry, on April 5th for one night only. Thomas has also been working on music for the show! View the website here!

Peaches Christ Productions Proudly Presents

The L.A. Premiere of the Original Theatrical Parody of a Cult Classic
With Special Guests Squeaky Blonde, Thomas Dekker, & Lady Bear
The Wilshire Ebell Theatre, 4401 W 8th St, Los Angeles
Saturday, April 5th at 8pm, One Show Only!

All ages! Audience members are encouraged to dress for the “Either Edie Costume Contest”

Wish I could go! Peaches aka Joshua Grannell is the genius behind one of my all time favourite Thomas movies, All About Evil. If you haven’t seen it yet, what’s wrong with you?

January 15th, 2014   Backstrom Comments Off on Thomas Regular Star on Fox’s ‘Backstrom’

It has been announced today that Thomas is now a series regular for Backstrom, which is excellent news.

Previously, Dekker told Thomas Dekker Source that he wanted recurring status due to less conctractual obligations including moving, as he did for The Secret Circle, thus negotiations must have proved fruitful.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles alum Thomas Dekker is returning to Backstrom, this time as a series regular.


The actor has closed a new deal to reprise his formerly guest-starring role as Gregory Valentine, a whip-smart young gay man, in the new Fox series, He’s an ex-hustler-turned-entrepreneurial crook who is Backstrom’s (Rainn Wilson) tenant and uses Backstrom’s apartment to store his high-end ill-gotten goods. Backstrom’s decorator and underworld connection, he’s a colorful character who has a genuine fondness for the abrasive cop — and vice versa.

Read the full article here at The Hollywood Reporter.

January 8th, 2014   Backstrom Comments Off on BACKSTROM ORDERED TO SERIES!

The pilot that Thomas filmed last year, which was initially passed up, has been ordered to 13 episode series! The show stars Rainn Wilson (The Office) as Detective Backstrom and is to air on FOX. Read the full article on The Hollywood Reporter.

Thomas is under recurring status contract and as he explained it, would appear in the majority if not all episodes if picked up to series. The recurring status however allows certain perks and freedoms regular contracts do not.

Thomas’s character is a criminal neighbour and friend of Backstrom’s.

Congratulations Thomas, we can’t wait to have you back on our screens!

“The Secret Circle” star Thomas Dekker is making his next TV move — right on over to CBS’s “Backstrom” pilot, from “Bones” boss Hart Hanson. “Backstrom,” based on a popular Swedish book series, is about a detective with a short temper who is often hindered by his own self-destructive behavior. Early buzz says that Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) is the Gregory House of the crime genre. Dekker is set to guest star as Valentine, an entrepreneurial crook who uses Backstrom’s apartment to store his high-end ill-gotten goods. He also serves as Backstrom’s decorator… and connection to the criminal underbelly…
– Read more at Zap2It

December 27th, 2013   Uncategorized Comments Off on HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!

It’s Thomas’s birthday today, 28th December and he is a grand old 26!

Congratulations Thomas and have a wonderful day!

As usual, Thomas asks that rather than get him a gift, donate to an Alzheimers charity if you are so inclined please! I myself have made my annual donation to Alzheimers UK in honour of his father and my grandmother.


Thomas returned to twitter last night after wrapping Fear Clinic, so be sure to follow him at @thethomasdekker!

December 24th, 2013   Site Comments Off on MERRY CHRISTMAS

Merry Christmas to all Dekker fans!

You are some of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met, just like the man himself.

Thanks especially though go to Thomas and Anthony, for this year has been a difficult one, but full of huge accomplishments inspired by their kindness and encouragement and some incredible things.

I feel absolutely blessed!

This is the fifth Christmas post!

December 18th, 2013   Fear Clinic, Music, Plush, Publicity, Videos Comments Off on Ultraviolet, Interview, Donation Drive & Updates

Thomas has another song from the Plush: Original Motion Picture soundtrack! The song is called Ultraviolet and features Thomas’s lead vocals. It’s hard to tell if you’re listening to Plush, Zero Times Zero or Depeche Mode!

You can buy the full album on US iTunes, or you can listen to Ultraviolet here! Thanks to Gavin for the head’s up.

There is also a video with footage from Plush. The song playing features Thomas & Emily’s vocals on Half of Me.

In Other News:

  • Filming on Fear Clinic is due to wrap on Saturday and they have posted various pictures of Thomas throughout filming. Check it out on twitter @FearClinicMovie or Facebook. They also have an Official Website!
  • Thomas’s birthday is coming up and there is an annual tradition of donating to Alzheimers charities worldwide in honour of his father at this time of year! If you do donate, tweet @dekker_daily to let them know and Thomas will receive word! You can donate in the UK here – I donated today!
  • Gavin pointed out an old interview from last year with Thomas – he talks Terminator, movies, acting & more!

Mark J. Gross interviews Thomas Dekker! from Gore De Vol on Vimeo.

November 30th, 2013   Fear Clinic Comments Off on Thomas Checks Into Fear Clinic

Thomas is checking into Fear Clinic which has officially begun production this week! The feature is based on Robert Englund’s series of the same name and Thomas is set to star as one of the patients checking in. Fear Clinic will be released in October 2014.

Bloody Disgusting reports:

Almost Human Effects founder and director Robert Hall will start shooting Fear Clinic next month after a successful crowdfunding campaign. We’ve known for a while that Robert Englund will star in the film (reprising his role of Dr. Andover from the series).Fiona Dourif (pictured above; Curse Of Chucky) will be appearing alongside Thomas Dekker (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”). Cleopatra Coleman (Step Up: Revolution, Silversun) is also joining the cast. The screenplay was written by Aaron Drane and Hall, and is produced my Mark B Johnson.

The film, “opens with a tragedy that launches five people into the public eye and enlists Dr. Andover to lend his expertise to help them overcome trauma-induced phobias. A year later, terrifying ‘aftershocks’ rattle the survivors, leading to them finding their way back to the fear clinic seeking answers. As they line up for another turn in the chamber, Dr. Andover believes that something more sinister may be at work.

Dread Central has posted an even more detailed explanation of the movie:

In 2009 FearNet launched “Fear Clinic,” a horror series starring Robert Englund as Dr. Andover, a fear doctor who induces hallucinations in patients dealing with crippling phobias using his “Fear Chamber.” The series consisted of a mere five episodes, but now writer/director Robert Hall and writer Aaron Drane are bringing it to the big screen with a new crop of subjects.

…Dekker will play Blake Patton, a disabled man who survives a terrible tragedy and is subsequently brought to the clinic…

Speaking of the film, Robert Hall said, “This is a whole different playing field. My new film has a much darker and surreal tone than the episodes, and I think fans will really appreciate the direction we’re going in.” Regarding the cast, he adds, “I’m terribly excited to get to collaborate with Fiona Dourif, who blows me away with her talent, and of course Thomas Dekker gets the best out of me when we’re on set and vice versa.

The film opens with a tragedy that launches five people into the public eye. Dr. Andover is enlisted to lend his expertise to help them overcome trauma-induced phobias. A year later terrifying ‘aftershocks’ rattle the survivors, leading to them to find their way back to the fear clinic seeking answers. As they line up for another turn in the chamber, Dr. Andover believes that something more sinister may be at work.

October 24th, 2013   Appearances, Videos Comments Off on WAITING FOR SUPERMAN VIDEO

On set of Daughtry video

Thomas has always been my personal Superman – and probably yours too if you’ve been lucky enough to meet him (and experience that smile at the end for yourself). A lovely, genuine person always trying to do the right thing and it’s a perfect role as a misunderstood hero in this beautiful video…

Vevo have posted the awesome new video for Daughtry’s Waiting For Superman HERE.

FYI: I’ve just started my Masters in Health Psychology, so updates may be a little on the low side for the next few weeks – though there hasn’t been much news lately!

September 3rd, 2013   Plush Comments Off on 10 days until Plush!

  plushthomas1-1024x576 thomasplush-1024x682

Those in the US will be pleased to know Plush is up for pre-order on DVD from Amazon and will be released in 10 days time. Unfortunately worldwide distribution details have not yet been announced. There is also a soundtrack scheduled to be released which includes music from Thomas recorded as part of his character Jack’s band.

You can view exclusive images featuring Thomas and the cast here at Nextmovie, including a full sized and very Thomas-heavy timeline charting the band’s history. Please note this contains spoilers!


You can also check out Plush on the Official Website, Official Facebook and Twitter and they are full of exclusive images and updates.

There is a Plush novel by Kate Crash on sale here exploring the history of the band and the events leading up to the movie and if you download now, you receive a free track.

Warning: this trailer is unsuitable for work.

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 sarahthomassmall2 sarahthomassmall1

Finally, the When Thomas Invaded series continues with the last installment! This last post is dedicated to the most exciting aspect of discussion at Inva3ion – Thomas’s music!

Shirley Manson
When I asked about a tweet he’d sent me previously regarding a duet with Shirley Manson, Thomas explained “I’m desperately trying to get Shirley Manson to sing on one of the tracks. It’s a duet for a male and a female but I want us to sing opposite parts because she’s a bigger man than I am! But she’s been on tour so scheduling was tricky.”

The Vine Videos
The Vine Videos were represented on my shirts all weekend and Thomas was a little embarrassed by the hilarious shorts. “We made those in Vancouver. After we’d been to Eleventeen bars, Matt McInnis told me about Vine and we were messing around. He asked me ‘are you sure you want me to post this?’ and I said ‘yeah, it’s fine’ and the next morning was like ‘fuck!’.”

Zero Times Zero
On the subject of music, Thomas had rather a lot to share, including the World Premiere of 7 one-minute promotional videos and a track at Saturday’s disco from Zero Times Zero, all of which were mindblowing! Thomas describes Zero Times Zero as “an art conglomerate, it’s not a band and it’s not a solo artist. The first record is finished, titled Equals Zero and it’s out this year. We’re already 7 tracks into the next album. It involves video, art, photography, fashion, trying to make a statement. Artistic ventures.” Thomas wants it to be like an underground cult and the marketing campaign keeps that in mind. “The title is Equals Zero. It will be released deviously, like some crazy cult. You may find a DVD in a club bathroom.”

Influences that Thomas lists include “80s industrial and classical music. Gardiner, Chopan. Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Lamb, Bjork and film scores.” His favourite soundtrack? “Blade Runner. Carrie. Black Swan. Trent Reznor.” He also shared “Pretty Hate Machine is one of my favourites of all time.” His music, a fan noted, sounds 80’s inspired. “Yes. It was written in Chicago filming Nightmare on Elm Street, in the hotel. I wanted it to sound 80’s made. I put it away for a while and then decided to make it sound of today but with an 80’s spirit. Electronic instruments used melodically inspired me, I think I should have lived in the 80’s.”

On Saturday night at the Disco, Thomas appeared in the main hall and got up on stage to introduce a World Premiere of one of Zero Times Zero’s new songs. There was much dancing and much applause – and a very relieved seeming Dekker who admitted to me after, he was very excited and hoped that everyone had liked it. Yes, I assured him, we fucking loved it!

At Thomas’s Q&A on Sunday, he once again proved his love for the UK by treating us to another World First – the premiere of not one but seven sixty second promotional videos for Zero Times Zero’s upcoming album. Thomas took the stage and exclaimed: “I just did this! It’s like it’s all happening again! Is everyone having fun? I saw you all cutting the rug! I thought it was like a little dinner dance that they put on, but it was like Ibiza in here! Questions first, then I’ll premiere stuff that nobody in the world has seen!”

“7 x 1 minute videos remixed to sound even more confusing and bizarre.” There was absolute silence in the room as Thomas introduced the videos with a warning for flash photography – and the actor looked nervous as they played. There was a brief pause between each video but the room was too hooked to make a noise, until finally, the lights came back on and applause broke out. Afterwards, he grinned, “that’s totally normal, yeah? There you have it. That was nerve wracking! A lot of frightened faces.” Fans were quick to praise the videos, interested not only in the music but the ideas behind the videos. Did Thomas direct those? “Yes, directed and edited. Rob Hall did the effects for all of them for free, he did effects on Sarah Connor. $150,000 dollars worth. We melted a head, which is expensive!” Thomas also wore a rubber suit for one, while directing. The videos were inspired by self-abuse and vices, the ridiculousness of celebrities and Hollywood. “My crazy crackpot brain!” The videos feature many of Thomas’s friends, one of whom was quite unsuspecting. “It was all shot in Super 8, 16mm VHS. Quite a challenge to edit on a tape.”

Thomas was asked about a follow-up to Psyanotic? “No, this is the follow-up. I was speaking about this project. The whole secret is not to declare who’s working on it. It could be 50 people it could be 3, but it’s still my brain child. [Psyanotic] did me a disservice really, as people related it to my acting. The reviews said ‘this kid is supposed to save the world, really?’ My music is not very conducive with being semi-known. Lots of actors get a bad wrap because they do shit music. Mine is experimental, a different sound. I read a lot of comments about ‘this guy’s going to save the world?’ John Connor was not helping with my music. Cool people like you will know it’s me, but not under my own name for those reasons.”

Is a UK tour likely to happen? “Yes. We’re going to do Los Angeles and New York and we’ll figure out the rest. The music fits Europe more than the US. A lot of Germans seem to like it.”

When asked what inspires the music, Thomas took a tangent. “Who heard the track that I played last night? Thank you for dancing! … It’s a strange process, I know what the sound and tone is before I know what the lyrics will be. I finish everything musical first and then, not to sound like a hippie, but I let the words come to me. This new one is about the last two years of my life, relationships that have flourished and relationships that have broken. The videos today are things I want to hear, play with, ask and sing about.”

Exciting things to come from Thomas and Zero Times Zero!

Thanks to Jan for help with transcriptions.

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 sarahthomassmall2 sarahthomassmall1

Finally, the When Thomas Invaded series continues with the penultimate installment! This time, there are the notes on acting and dream roles…

Dream Roles
If afforded the opportunity to pick any role from television and film, Thomas said that he would pick Ripley in Alien as she is “strong, tough, not afraid to cry and be vulnerable. It’s hard to find that duality in a young male character. They always want you to be unshakeable which is boring for an actor.” As for current TV shows, he shared that he’d love to be in “series 3 of The Killing and would give a finger to be on American Horror Story and I live tweet while watching. I would do Twin Peaks for free! And my new TV show.”

When I asked which book he would like to adapt and star in, Thomas was certain. “Ooh that might be 2 different things. I’m a bit of a book nerd. There’s one book I’m desperately trying to get the rights to and I’m in a bidding war. It’s a Stephen King, one of the few that haven’t been snatched up, called Gerald’s Game. It’s an incredibly claustrophobic book. A couple go to a cabin in the woods to rekindle their romance, the guy handcuffs his wife to the bed and then he has a heart attack. The woman is stuck in the cabin going slowly insane. I want Lena Headey to play that woman.”

If the Twin Peaks revival happened, who would you play, asked one fan. “I’d do anything…craft services, driver, extra, I don’t give a shit! A weird, peripheral character that sticks in your brain.” And who would play Thomas in a movie of his life, asked another? “I don’t know. You broke my trajectory! Chris Farley if he was still around.”


A fan asked how much of his own personality is brought into his roles, to which Thomas said: “I’ve played close to me and the polar opposite and I’m not sure which I like better. I try to invent the voice, the walk, mannerisms to build a rounded character. I try not to repeat myself. In John there is a lot of me, a lot of the good stuff. But all my weaknesses and shortcomings, hopefully not. Cinema Verite was not like me. I try to find common ground and mutual understanding.”

When asked about being a child actor, Thomas had a lot to say. “I had an accidental start and I didn’t have pushy parents. My parents came from a musical, singing background. They asked if I enjoyed it – if not, we’ll stop. I am grateful for 20 years of experience and connections and knowledge. I went to school until 4th grade then I was set taught. I had a 10 hour day on set which included 3 hours of school. 30 minutes of acting and blocking and whatnot and school in 20 minute blocks. I was just going along for the ride until about 17. Then I had a crisis of faith and was a week away from quitting. I had an application in at Amoeba Records for a job as a clerk. Then I met my Manager and she showed me that I can do this. Then I landed Heroes.”

Does Thomas research roles, I asked? “I discuss with the director and producer. For example for the homeless person; who is he and how did he get there? Venice Beach, filming, people thought I was homeless. I got kicked out of a restaurant because of the way I looked … for the drug addict roles, obviously not…my drug of choice is Twin Peaks.” As for novels such as Angels Crest and The Secret Circle, the answer is different. “I didn’t read The Secret Circle. I don’t read the books, I want it to be my interpretation.”

Another fan asked how Thomas prepared for Angels Crest.  Thomas admitted he’s extremely proud of the movie and went on to explain the plot, before joking “…so it’s a comedy! It was a really intense experience. I had a hard time shaking off the feeling of it. It was freezing cold in Calgary. I spent two weeks with the boy and his Mom. She was a single mother and he put me in the Dad role. We shot the scenes where he’s alive first and then get into the grief. It was surprisingly easy to slide into it but really hard to snap out of it.”

Thomas also had a cute story to share about Eko, the little boy playing his son in the movie. “I tried to hide my smoking from him; I kept going out to use the bathroom or go outside, to smoke. But one day he looked at me and asked “you going to smoke?” I guess he figured it out. Kids are smart. I guess my Grandma probably has too.”

Thomas said that his proudest works were “Terminator is my top achievement. Angels Crest, or Abandonned in the UK. Kaboom. And Squatters.” Meanwhile the most difficult scene to film recently? “Physically, hanging upside down for 10 hours on The Good Lie, crying and screaming.” Thomas noted that he also did that in Nightmare On Elm Street and they told him not to scream and cry so much, as for some reason the guys in horror movies are not allowed to show fear, but you would. “Not that fun. Emotionally, still Angels Crest.”

And the strangest thing he’s had to do? “Pull a chip out of Summer Glau’s head is one of them! Challenging. I hadn’t done any nudity or sex scenes and Kaboom opens with me full frontal and I pretty much have sex with everyone. And Honey I Shrunk The Kids…what were the writers thinking? Insane.”

Asked what his preference is, Thomas is unsure. “It’s difficult, I started at 5 years old so I don’t have any memories before acting. I didn’t have pushy parents, I just wanted to do it. I don’t know how not to do it. Music was a conscious decision in my mid-teens. Directing I knew I wanted to do when I worked with John Carpenter in Village of the Damned. If I fail at that, I’d love to do editing because I love it. [Jokes] or Homeless, I hear that’s fun.”

As for theatre, he has expressed fear previously of stage work but joined Second City for a one-night performance. “Second City is a comedy group on stage. We sat around coming up with skits that made each other laugh. Acting on stage is scary. On TV, you have the blessing of the camera. If I did theatre, I’d start with a play, not a musical.” He noted that he’s never had an acting lesson. Would he ever consider stand-up? There were rumours. “Yes, love stand up. It’s scary enough with you guys, who are my friends and a nice audience. I want to do it because it’s so scary, but I’m too scared to do it.” If forced to choose between music, acting and everything else? “I’d have to pick whichever one I could ensure I’d always be successful in. Probably music as I only have to rely on myself and a lot of electronic equipment.”

The Secret Circle

“When the show began, Adam was the moral pillar of the circle, he was a good strong guy. The plan was midway to have something happen to him to make him bad. Boy was I pissed off when it didn’t happen, but at least I got to play a ghost in church. There was a lot of creative friction so another story usurped that. He was supposed to become mad with power and turn into the villain for the start of the second season. Diana would leave and be called back. I would have been excited to see dark Adam befriending Jake to manipulate him – and through him, Cassie.”

Monica asked about his impressions on the set of The Secret Circle. “My thing was to do impressions. Shelley had only done soap operas for four years. She got it after a couple of episodes but on the pilot she was confused about the close-ups and where the camera was. [Impression]. Phoebe lives on kale and air and is always on her iPad [impression]. Britt’s always walking her fucking dogs! And only drinks soda. So if I had a soda, I’d be Britt. Chris just looked sad and confused. And Jess was always studying her lines. It was fun. I learned all the lines of the pilot for fun.”

Getting ready for work in the mornings however, was not so enjoyable for Thomas. “I spent a lot of time in long sleeves. It took three hours to cover them, so if we had a 6am call it became a 3am call. I don’t feel bad for myself, because I love them, but I do feel bad for the make-up artist sitting there with an airbrush gun thinking ‘why do actors get tattoos?’ I could feel the rage coming out of her.”

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
“I’m still strangely connected. My Mom in the show is my Mom’s best friend. My Mom is the acting coach and on-set handler of her daughters and I’m godfather to one. It was odd. I was strange and quiet as a kid. I think some of the stuff I did on that set is pretty horrific.”

Thanks to Jan for help note-taking!

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UK Dekker fans, here’s your chance to see Snap! There is currently no word on special guests for this event, however celebrity guests will be announced soon!

Snap is part of Film 4’s annual Frightfest at Leicester Square.

“A psychological thriller that plays like a dub-step song on celluloid, SNAP will shred the nerves and rattle the demons of the mind as it charts the unhinging of a damaged brain. Abrasive, with hard cuts and loud imagery, the focus is on Jim Whitman, a painfully shy, socially awkward, musically talented savant whose work has made him a social networking star. But Jim consistently traverses an introverted life, trying to contain the schizophrenic darkness inside him. Struggling to keep his Mr Hyde-like personality in check, he befriends, and eventually obsesses over, Wendy, a caring social worker with problems of her own. Forced to seek out the counsel of her own mentor, together they attempt to unravel the secrets of Jim’s inner torment before it spirals out of control. A dark and terrifying journey into the psychopathic vortex, how do you stop a human time bomb from exploding”.

UK Premiere. Directors: Youssef Delara & Victor Teran. Cast: Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed, Scott Bakula, Thomas Dekker, Jason Priestley. USA, 2013. 90 min.

23rd August at 11.15pm – Discovery Screen 2
26th August at 3.20pm – Discovery Screen 1

 sarahthomassmall2 sarahthomassmall1

Thomas attended Starfury Events convention Inva3ion on the 3rd-5th May 2013 along with guests from genre shows including Torchwood and Dollhouse. This was his fourth consecutive appearance in the UK and his third to Starfury and the fourth time for many of us meeting him too! Thomas was his usual charming self and gained some new admirers, as well as catching up with some familiar faces.

If you have any photographs from the event that you would care to share, or anything about your experience with Thomas then send it in! You will be credited for anything that is used here.

Again, apologies to Thomas is any of this is misquoted – it’s difficult to note-take by hand!

Notes on a Convention…pt 2

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
When speaking about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, he said that “We were going to try for a movie. Bryan and the producers were trying. So much time has gone by now though that I doubt it will happen. I could do it as a one man play! I’ll play all of the characters. Oh, I suppose I ought to give this Lena Headey person a chance…” He also said that the series would have continued with a “weird love triangle between John, Allison and Cameron, which for John was kind of awesome and a dream for a lot of people. Weaver’s daughter Savannah would have been a key resistance fighter. It would look at how John becomes the hero, how he gets there. It’s a bummer because he’s in the future at the end and nobody knows who he is. So what happens?”

Asked for stories from the set, Thomas said “I’ve probably exhausted my good Terminator stories, but Lena and I find good videos on YouTube and send them to each other. There’s these ones where the dialogue is beeped so it sounds rude. On the Secret Circle all 6 of us bonded and laughed a lot. I got one of the crew to reach into the hiding place for the journal and stick out the hand when Cassie was opening it up. Also, you can’t smoke in trailers and the production office printed out a fake fine invoice for 2,000 for smoking in the trailer – and I fell for it. And Phoebe really wanted to go home to Australia, so I told her we were all going home and she had to stay for more filming.”

So has Thomas met other John Connors? “I Met Nick Stahl at a party but we didn’t really get to talk, I haven’t met Christian Bale and never met the foetus from the first one. Edward Furlong, I should have met him because a very dear friend of mine went out with him for years, but she doesn’t now.”

The fruit cart incident was one of the most amusing stories of the weekend, which resulted in Lena and Thomas laughing on film during their escape in ‘Samson and Delilah’ – a very serious moment. “Some poor tired guy is supposed to be pulling some cart of fruit. You can see Lena and I laughing as we run out of the church. In the script, I’m supposed to run down the stairs and trip over the fruit cart. Stairs as big as this room and one little cart! I called Josh and told him it was ridiculous and he came down and agreed. I was like ‘really? The future saviour of mankind can’t dodge a fruit cart?’ so they found another way to injure me.” Thomas added that Summer once fell silent for fifteen minutes in an interview and suddenly chimed in “I love firemen!” And that “there were a lot of incest jokes…the whole family is having sex with each other.” Other pranks included giving the guest directors a hard time, messing up on purpose and pretending to be bad actors and playing head butt with a felt cap on, catching the ball.

For the record, Thomas also does a fantastic impression of a cat vomiting, which he insists is very accurate due to observation of his own two cats. And, as I pointed out later, Summer’s comment about firemen was featured on the Samson and Delilah DVD commentary where there are, yes, firefighters. To which Thomas told me, “wow, you really know your shit!”.

“Technology hates me because of that role, I was convinced. My computer broke, everything broke,” Thomas mused.

Random Facts

When asked which DC or Marvel hero or villain he’d like to play, Thomas had a few ideas. “I always want to play the villain. In Batman, the Joker…but not after Heath’s performance, nobody could top that. I’d like to play Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty because she’s such a bitch!”

And who would Thomas stand in line for? Which show or movie would make him geek out? “I went to Comic Con for the first time, for Terminator. I’m a big nerd and bought a Crypt Keeper head and a Chucky doll. I want to go to the Twin Peaks experience in Washington, everyone dresses up and they take you to the locations. I want to do it. Probably me and six other people.”

While most fans are harmless, or at least the ones at Inva3ion were, Thomas has had some interesting encounters over the years. The weirdest? “Boy that’s a doozy! The freakiest fan moment was when I was about 8 years old and we kept getting sent from some group of fans in Texas, long detailed letters asking for cuttings of hair, nails and eyelashes so that they could genetically clone me. My Mom still has them. She still has my school report on the wall that says “Thomas is an excellent student on the rare occasions when he visits planet Earth.” There were some even more sinister fans however. “On MySpace, do you remember when we used to rub sticks together to make fire? This guy messaged me every other day, then every day, then two or three times a day, all the time becoming more aggressive and saying he had a question. Finally I gave in, opened wine with friends and looked at the message. His question was ‘in episode 2.13 of Honey I Shrunk The Kids, your sister gives you a wedgie, what was that like and how did it feel?’ I clicked on his site and he had like 48 pictures of little boys getting wedgies, let’s hope he’s in prison.”

Thomas may be close to co-star Lena Headey, but he hasn’t yet seen Game of Thrones. “I have to be honest and she and I laugh about this – but I can’t watch one episode because I won’t get anything else done. So, not yet. Don’t throw tomatoes! My friend sent me the…I watched her in the Power is Power scene and I had a little bit of an erection. And she played my Mom, so that’s…[pulls face]. Lena is golden and I love everything she does!”

And those horror movies? Which characters speak to him the most? “Oh my god…Carrie in the original. It’s the only story where the villain is the victim of everyone else’s cruelty. Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger – not in the one that I did but the originals – and Norman Bates. I’m watching the Bates Motel, tiding me over until American Horror returns. Jessica Lange is up there.”

When he’s not watching American Horror, Thomas admits to being a fan of Parks and Recreation, Absolutely Fabulous, French and Saunders, Nighty Night and South Park and The Shining never fails to cheer him up. Thomas is also named on the latest Lamb album as part of the cover image, since he pre-ordered and helped fund the album.

It sure is nice to know that he’s a super fan too.

– Thanks again to Jan for her help note-taking!

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 sarahthomassmall2 sarahthomassmall1

Thomas attended Starfury Events convention Inva3ion on the 3rd-5th May 2013 along with guests from genre shows including Torchwood and Dollhouse. This was his fourth consecutive appearance in the UK and his third to Starfury and the fourth time for many of us meeting him too! Thomas was his usual charming self and gained some new admirers, as well as catching up with some familiar faces.

If you have any photographs from the event that you would care to share, or anything about your experience with Thomas then send it in! You will be credited for anything that is used here.

Notes on a Convention…

Throughout the weekend, we learned a great deal about Thomas and his upcoming projects, so this report contains the general highlights as well as some personal notes and observations! For ease of reading I’ve lumped it all together into specific categories, for example Terminator comments and questions. Apologies for any misquotes Thomas, but shorthand is not the easiest form of recording (but the only one allowed by Starfury). There are more posts to follow in the days to come!

About the UK
Thomas shared that he regards the UK as his “second home” and spent Christmas in Wales with his family. There was lots of “drama and drinking” but it was a fun Christmas and he was wearing the I Love The ‘Diff hoodie his Uncle Nigel bought him.

So would Thomas consider filming in UK? “Oh my god yes, I’d love to. I love the UK and Wales, it’s my second home! It’d be a dream. I spent Christmas in Wales. Lots of drama and lots of drinking with my crazy family. Up to last year I’d never shot outside of the USA and Canada. Now I’ve filmed in Sweden and Israel.” But his favourite filming location is still Montreal.

Upcoming Projects
“Snap with Nikki Reed and Jake Hoffman…I play a beach rat in Venice Beach in Squatters…Catherine Hardwicke’s movie Plush as a goth rocker…and Transference. And the pilot of Backstrom as a male version of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. And The White City, filmed in Tel Aviv, but THIS convention is more fun!”

The Good Lie? “It’s in Toronto and Montreal from May 3rd. It’s going to Cannes to try and get UK and European distribution. I play a comfy suburbanite kid whose mother dies in a car accident. Six months later he finds a video that tells him his father is not his real father and his biological father raped his mother. He goes off on a quest to find his father. It’s an exciting movie, I’m very proud of it. So look out for that.”

“The pilot I’ve just filmed, Backstrom. We should find out next week if it’s picked up, but I’m confident it will be. It’s based on Swedish crime novels and I play the male equivalent of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” When I asked for clarification about his guest star status, he explained “I’m a guest star but will be in every episode, because I didn’t want to move again and being a guest means I don’t have to buy a house and a car there and move my life again.”

“Also The White City with Haley Bennett from Kaboom. It’s about three young artists in a love triangle. Haley and I are together, she’s a hopeful writer I’m a hopeful film maker and we go to Tel Aviv to be inspired. We meet a guy just out of the army, Haley falls for him and I become artistically obsessed with him. It shakes our relationship and there’s a seed of political threat. There’s also The Pretenders.”

“Transference was a short film, four days in New York and a week in Sweden. I told him it was going to be too long to be a short and he wrote in a new aspect, and he got a lot more money and now it’s a feature. It’s about relationships and how they might mean more to you than they did to the other person. Obsessing. Beautifully shot, beautiful to look at…minus my face,” he joked.

Walk of Fame
Thomas sighed as I asked him about Walk of Fame, the movie that has been in development for some time and will mark Thomas’s feature film making debut. “It was getting off the ground with finances and then The Secret Circle came so it got put on the back burner. Then I did back to back movies. Nikki Reed from Snap is going to play one of the girls and co-produce. It’s going to cost $1 million for a 23 day shoot. It feels like climbing a mountain.”

Still to come; Terminator, The Secret Circle, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and lots of Zero Times Zero…as well as more personal reports! With thanks to Jan for help with note-taking.

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The Montreal Gazette featured an interview with Thomas Dekker and Shawn Linden, promoting ‘The Good Lie’. Read the full article at their site.

…But in a chat the other day at an Old Montreal hotel, Winnipeg writer-director Shawn Linden and Las Vegas-born, Los Angeles-based actor Thomas Dekker seemed 100-per-cent genuine when talking about their passion for Montreal. They were here in the summer of 2011 shooting the Montreal-produced indie flick The Good Lie, a smart, twist-laden thriller that opens on Friday. It’s produced by Kim Berlin and Susan Schneir, the duo behind writer-director Deborah Chow’s acclaimed The High Cost of Living.

… “It’s my favourite city,” echoed Dekker, putting even more emphasis on “favourite.”

“I love being surrounded by French,” said Dekker, who is best known for playing John Connor in the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Linden and Dekker, like most everyone else who visits our fine city, also really dug the town’s eateries.

Dekker says Matt Craven, who plays his father in the movie, went to Garde Manger in Old Montreal nearly every night.

“And I love the architecture here. And it’s rare when you make a film that you end up making friends with people who have nothing to do with the film,” said Dekker. “I don’t know how it happened, but I met a lot of local young people. And I really liked the music here.”

“It has this core story that’s very sober and very honest, and then it’s surrounded by these vignettes that are ridiculous and fantastical and funny,” said Dekker. “I felt it was very precisely constructed. But it allowed you to go on a very dark journey while still having a film that’s very entertaining.”

Dekker has starred in major studio productions like the Terminator TV series, but says he had no hesitation about agreeing to act in a low-budget Canadian independent picture.

“I really just look at what is good and what interests me,” said Dekker. “It’s actually the reverse for me. I’ll say, ‘OK. I’ll have to take something I’m not excited about because it pays well.’ The projects I get excited about, it doesn’t matter what country they’re made in or what I’m getting paid. My favourite work of mine is almost all small movies that didn’t pay the rent and I didn’t care. That’s the life of an actor — the job you have to take versus the job you want to take.”

Dekker just shot a high-profile pilot for CBS, Backstrom, produced by the creators of Bones and based on a series of Swedish crime novels.

“It’s very smart,” said Dekker. “’That would be a job that pays the bills and is enjoyable.”

– Read the full article & view an exclusive image at the source.

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The Not-So-Good Lie? Thomas won praise for his role as Cullen in ‘The Good Lie’ but the review of the film was less favourable from Now Magazine. Read the full article at source.

This drama about teenager Cullen’s (Thomas Dekker) quest for his birth father, who raped his mother, has some admirable qualities.

Dekker’s excellent as the angry young man willing to take risks in the search for his prey, the dialogue between him and his pals is edgy and real, and writer/director Shawn Linden knows how to create tension.

However, other reviews have sung the film’s praises.

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Addicted have posted a fantastic audio interview with Thomas and The Good Lie director Shawn Linden. Listen below and check out the write-up at Addicted.

MrWillWong’s blog features a post about Thomas’s trip to Canada to promote The Good Lie – check it out including a cute snap from the event here.

… Tonight, handsome 25-year-old Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, My Sister’s Keeper) gave the Audience at Varsity Cinemas a special treat, dropping by to introduce the Film and partake in a Q&A.  Staying for most of the Film, the Actor head-out for the occasional Cigarette Break, kindly stopping for Photos with Fans who didn’t have passes for the Screening.  Looking sharp in a gray suit and teal shirt, his hair perfectly-imperfect, he asked, “You guys aren’t coming to watch the Movie?”, to which he learned that passes weren’t available to the Public.  Nonetheless, he was amazingly gracious as we would come to expect from someone Canadian-raised!

That sure sounds like our Thomas, charming all around!

Finally, there’s another great in-depth interview with Thomas over at Toronto Film Scene, read the full article at their site!

Describe your character in 10 words or less:
I don’t know if it will be 10 words but…He’s a young man whose life is completely turned upside down.

How did you get involved with the film?
Shawn Linden, the director, had seen me in a couple of different projects and he sent the script to my manager. I read it and then Shawn and I talked on the phone for about 2 1/2 hours and I said I wanted to do it! The next thing you know, I was flying off to Montreal. It was a pretty smooth entrance!

What did you like most about your character?
The journey that he has to go on is an actor’s dream. You start with this guy in one place – he’s a wealthy suburban kind of cocky kid and then literally, everything is taken from him. I loved the challenge of trying to figure out his transitions and transformations throughout the script so that it wasn’t a one note performance.

What’s the one thing you’d most like people to know about the film?
That it is really unique and probably unlike anything else they’ve seen. I think that is why the movie is hard to describe easily. It’s horrific, it’s moving, it’s genuine, it’s funny, bizarre. And the narrative structure is unique as it is framed within a bunch of campfire stories.

What’s your best memory from shooting the film?
All the french food! Hmm..other than Montreal!? I loved the process of working with Shawn and Matt (Matt Craven plays his father). Matt and I lived next door to each other while we were shooting and even though we had very few scenes actually together – he is looking for me in the film – it was a great opportunity for us to bond as father and son. And I got an ipad as a wrap gift so that was probably the best part! (laughs).

Who’s your biggest acting inspiration and why?
Good question! That’s a tricky one for me to answer because I tend to gravitate toward female performances. I grew up really influenced by River Pheonix. I loved him. I thought he was a very sensitive and open young actor. So I’d definitely say him – and Sigourney Weaver. They are my favourite actors.

If you could be in your dream project what would it be?
I’d probably say I have dreams of working with certain directors rather than a ‘dream project’. But I’m going to be in every film Shawn ever makes – we discussed this last night. I heard he was going to cast me as the lead in all of them. That’s what he told me and he better not take it back when he’s sober (laughing). I’ve always wanted to work with David Fincher and Michael Haneke. I love most Gus Van Sant projects. I’d really like to work with all of them.

What are you working on next?
I just finished a pilot for CBS called Backstrom with Rainn Wilson where I’m the male version of the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which was very fun to play. And I have two films coming up, one shooting in New York called Pretenders with Imogen Poots and one called The White City shooting in Tel Aviv, Israel with my costar from Kaboom (Haley Bennett). We are a couple in this one so it’s a slightly different dynamic!

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Don’t forget that Thomas is appearing in Heathrow this weekend at the Starfury Events Inva3ion event. The convention features autographs, photoshoots, a meet and greet for VIP tickets and a Q+A session Saturday and Sunday!

If you see me at the event in my Thomas Dekker Source shirt, come and say hi! I will also be accepting image donations from the event of talks etc so please get in touch after if you’d like them up here, credited of course.

Thomas tweeted last night to say he couldn’t wait!

In other news…

  • The Good Lie has a great official website with some beautiful HQ shots and video of Thomas as Cullen – so check it out here. Also follow the Facebook for release information and contests…
  • Zero Times Zero sent out a cryptic tweet for the UK and Canada to watch closely – huge  news coming soon. Any ideas?
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Kaboom co-stars Thomas and Haley Bennett will be reunited for their upcoming movie ‘The White City’, Deadline announced. Thomas will play a young Israeli artist in one of a string of unique indie movies he is shooting this year.

“Kaboom” co-stars Haley Bennett and Thomas Dekker, along with Australian newcomer Bob Morley, will headline indie drama “The White City”, according to Deadline.

The Israel-set romantic drama is described as “an emotionally charged love triangle between three young artists that develops against the hot political climate of modern Tel Aviv.” Filming under co-directors Tanner King Barklow and Gil Kofman will begin in June.

Dekker and Bennett previously worked together on Gregg Araki’s “Kaboom”, which premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Dekker has gone on to television, most recently “The Secret Circle” on The CW, and has also wrapped filming on a string of indies including “Snap”, “Squatters” and “Transference.”
Read the full article here.


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There has been lots of promotion of ‘The Good Lie’ around this week ahead of the Canadian release on May 3rd.

… “I don’t know if I would refer to it as a horror film. It definitely has some really horrific elements to it,” he said Tuesday in Toronto. “It’s a family drama. It’s got fantasy elements to it, too. It’s a really unique movie.”

… Dekker plays Cullen Francis, a privileged young man whose life is turned upside down when he learns he’s the product of a vicious rape. “It’s really about a father and son,” Dekker explained. “Their relationship is challenged by this secret that comes from the past, so everything they’ve had is put to the test.”

… “I love doing that kind of work. I’ve sort of always been drawn to darker, heavier projects just because it’s more for you to do as an actor,” he said.

… “I love the Canadian crews,” said Dekker. “I’ve worked in Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal… I’ve kind of been all over the place.”

You can view the FULL and in depth article here at Global News, as well as a great 6-minute interview with Thomas.

Thomas has completed filming on the pilot for a new TV show which it is rumoured he could recurr or co-star in should it be picked up for a full season. This exciting new role is alongside Rainn Wilson and appears to be a mix of White Collar’s Neal Caffrey and Mozzie combined…

“The Secret Circle” star Thomas Dekker is making his next TV move — right on over to CBS’s “Backstrom” pilot, from “Bones” boss Hart Hanson. “Backstrom,” based on a popular Swedish book series, is about a detective with a short temper who is often hindered by his own self-destructive behavior. Early buzz says that Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) is the Gregory House of the crime genre. Dekker is set to guest star as Valentine, an entrepreneurial crook who uses Backstrom’s apartment to store his high-end ill-gotten goods. He also serves as Backstrom’s decorator… and connection to the criminal underbelly…
– Read more at Zap2It

Other mentions of Thomas & Backstrom:

TV LINE: Dekker has boarded CBS’ Backstrom as the titular crankpot detective’s (Rainn Wilson) underworld connection, while Camryn Manheim (The Practice) will play the police chief.

Digital Spy: Dekker will appear in the pilot as Valentine, Backstrom’s decorator and “underworld connection”, Deadline claims. The 25-year-old actor is best known for his role as John Connor on Fox series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Dekker has also appeared on Heroes and short-lived CW drama The Secret Circle.
Deadline: Former Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker and The Practice alumna Camryn Manheim have joined CBS’ drama Backstrom. Dekker plays Valentine, Backstrom’s decorator and underworld connection. Manheim plays Police Chief Anna Holt.

In other news:

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fans will be pleased to know that LoveFilm have acquired both seasons, so viewers will be able to watch on demand as well as rent [PocketLint].
  • Unfortunately Leven Rambin and Garrett Dillahunt are no longer able to attend Starfury Inva3ion with Thomas in London, May 3-5 but organiser @SeanHarry assured @tdekkersource that things are still ‘looking good for Thomas’ and that he is looking forward to seeing the several time attendee himself! If you haven’t booked for the event, then head over to Starfury Events!
  • If you attended a Starfury event with Thomas in the past, you can now buy photos through the Starfury Digital Images Store online for just £4 per high quality image download. I’ve got mine!

Except a large Snap update very soon…

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Thomas in Snap

Marking its 20th Anniversary, the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival has announced the features lineup for this year’s Festival, running March 8 – 16, 2013 in Austin, Texas. [Snap will be one such offering.]

Snap, starring Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed, Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Scott Bakula, and Jason Priestley. The film is “A stylish psychological thriller set against the underground dub step DJ scene that takes the audience on a dark and terrifying journey into the depths of the psychopathic mind as it threatens to explode into horrific violence.

Read more at Bloody Disgusting.

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Thomas Dekker is 25 years old!

Dear Thomas,

You’re twenty-five and no doubt experiencing your quarter-life crisis. You have expressed before that you’re ‘old’ and ‘haven’t done enough’. But fear not, you’re the only one who thinks this. To an outsider, you’ve accomplished amazing things and proven an inspiration for so many of us. So much of your journey is documented and immortalised in film. We’ve all had the pleasure of watching you grow as an actor and as a person – and into an incredible one. As Richard T. Jones once said about you “you achieve more by 6am than most people do all day”. You always strive for bigger and better. You’ve not only mastered one career, one art but many – acting, various aspects of film, music, art…when most 25 year olds are still figuring out their dreams or trying to make them a reality. You have been around the world, met so many people and affected their lives more than you could imagine. From personal experience, what you did for me this year alone is immense and I am so grateful, as always, for your kindness and extreme thoughtfulness.

You have such a bright future and I know we’re all excited to see what’s ahead.

Happy Birthday, Superstar. Have an amazing day. And then an amazing year. And another few quarter centuries too.


P.S. Can’t wait to see you in London and give you the birthday gift I found but couldn’t mail.

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If you haven’t participated in the annual Alzheimers donation drive in honour of Thomas’s birthday and the memory of his father, then please consider donating as much as you can to your local Alzheimers charity. Even the smallest amount can make a difference, for example:

From the UK organisation website:

  • £5 could pay for one person to attend a half hour session at a monthly Dementia Café, providing information and support for people with dementia and their carers.
  • £20 could pay for 100 copies of Understanding and respecting the person with dementia – one of the Society’s most requested factsheets.
  • £50 could fund a PhD researcher for one day to continue vital research into understanding the causes of dementia, how it can be treated and, ultimately, to find a cure.
  • £120 could pay to run Talking Point for one day – the Society’s 24/7 online community for all people affected by dementia.

So, if even half of Thomas’s fans donated £5 then that could make a real impact!

To sweeten the deal, Dekker Daily have rustled up some prizes along with Thomas himself including signed Kaboom postcards and a Laid To Rest soundtrack featuring ‘Sexy Bitches’ co-written and performed by our man himself! If you’ve donated, e-mail or tweet them to let them know. They will add your name to the donations list and you might be in with a shot at winning. What’s more, Thomas will see the list and everyone who donated!

Alzheimer’s Society (UK) Donation Link

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Weeks of campaigning on “#getthomastoinva3ion” wednesdays has worked – or at least, we like to think it had something to do with it!

Thomas Dekker has been announced as the second Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles guest alongside Leven Rambin (The Hunger Games, Grey’s Anatomy) to attend Starfury’s Inva3ion multi-show event. Other guests include Miracle Laurie, Fran Kranz and several StarKid actors.

Gold tickets are £160 and include a meet and greet on Friday and standard tickets are £90. The event will take place May 3rd to 5th 2013 at the Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow.

This will be Thomas’s third Starfury appearance as he has become a fan favourite! It is also his fourth consecutive year in the UK.

I’ve already run around the house squealing…your turn now…


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Apologies for the absent spell. I have been in hospital but have had surgery and should be back online during recovery.

In exciting news, Just Jared has reported on the “secret” project Thomas has been teasing us about since July’s London Film and Comic Con!

Thomas Dekker has joined the cast of Catherine Hardwicke‘s upcoming flick Plush, can exclusively report!

Plush, penned by Catherine and Arty Nelson, tells the story of a young rocker who struggles to continue writing music while juggling the death of her brother and collaborator, a jealous husband, two kids, and a mysterious guitarist who will stop at nothing to become the most important person in her life.

Already attached to the project are Emily Browning, Cam Gigandet, and Xavier Samuel.

The thriller is set to be released sometime next year!

The movie is a psychological thriller and Gigandet reportedly plays a psychiatrist treating this woman through some unusual methods. The details of Thomas’s character are as yet unknown.

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Thomas admiring @tdekkersource’s shirt!

Thomas attended London Film and Comic Con between 6th-8th July 2012 and signed autographs, met fans, posed for photographs and participated in question and answer sessions. His usual charming, sweet self, Thomas impressed fans with his genuine interest and humility and is definitely wanted back for more!

If you have any pictures, videos or experiences to share then please send them in via the contact form or twitter, but for now here is the current update from the signing, along with a few snaps of myself and Thomas that I will treasure forever!

Personally, while I struggled physically with the event and the queues and location, I had a great time and enjoyed getting the opportunity to catch up with Thomas, old friends and even some new ones from my lovely twitter followers! As it turns out, once again when questions dry up during talks, yours truly is called upon by name for assistance and loves this! I also loved having you guys come up and chat to me about my Thomas shirts and the site!

My favourite image of myself & Thomas!

What we learned from LFCC:

  • Thomas is most looking forward to fans seeing “The Good Lie” (previously titled “Rose By Name”) which will hopefully premiere at Toronto Film Fest this year. He is also looking forward to us seeing “Snap” and “Squatters” as these characters are “badly behaved”.
  • A “big” project is shooting in August, however Thomas is not allowed to disclose details. (Please speculate away on the new forum!)
  • Thomas’s favourite co-star to have worked with was his “naughty best friend Lena” and the Secret Circle cast as they were all away from home and bonded together. He added he liked everyone and has made most of his best friends at work.
  • When asked which characters he would like to play, Thomas answered “most are female, so I can’t play them..well, I could…but…” and then settled for “a fiercely intelligent detective” because he’s obsessed with “The Killing”. Ripley in Alien is also one of his favourites as it has a duality he always looks for of sensitivity and harshness.
  • Thomas was asked what went wrong with The Secret Circle and described that his previous comments had been taken out of context. “I actually said my experience with my character didn’t click. There was so much story developing that the writers kept changing direction and as it evolved, Adam’s story was lost”. As for the downfall of the show, he described both Terminator and The Secret Circle as very expensive shows that suffered from a large budget and lower viewing figures.
  • On working with Gregg Araki on “Kaboom”: It was a fantastic but stressful and pressured experience for Thomas because he was passionate about the project, was a fan and wanted to do a good job. It was a challenge as he was “figuratively and literally naked” and had never done a sex scene before – and Kaboom was almost entirely sex scenes!He added that the experience of touring to promote Kaboom was the best, especially as Europeans freaked out about the movie (whereas Americans were scared of it). Thomas is actively campaigning with Araki to get himself a role in the new movie he’s making.
  • “Adam the manwhore” was the nickname for his Secret Circle character, as he got around the circle. Thomas and Phoebe were never encouraged to flirt, but at one point went out of their way to show chemistry and interact and told the directors they were meant to be flirting! Thomas suspected he’d have moved on to the whole circle, perhaps even Jake! (How I wish).
  • Adam & Melissa: Thomas and Jessica Parker Kennedy had commented that they were the only two in the circle who had never spoken to each other on screen by midseason and in the latter half of the series, they were always interacting and there was a hint of romantic interest. In season two, Thomas suspected they would have developed this.
  • When I asked Thomas about working with Natasha Henstridge, who he famously had a childhood crush on, Thomas replied “my inner sci-fi geek is in love with Natasha Henstridge” and that his mother called him up when she had been cast to tell him the news and he thought she was messing with him. They are now good friends and he is also friends with her husband Darius.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season two would have featured an interesting Summer-Thomas-Summer love triangle that hadn’t really been done on television before. Thomas expressed his feelings that Josh Friedman is one of the best writers on television and that his two pilots being abandonned shows the state of American television – too simplistic and thoughtless, Josh is too smart.
  • Thomas has also dealt with cancellation of his favourite shows and can sympathise, as he loved Terminator but also was a fan of “Dead Like Me”. In fact, the actress who played Delores in the show was a consultant on The Secret Circle!
  • Regarding photography, Thomas admitted he was “lazy” and also that he had been uninspired in Canada because it was too beautiful and he is inspired by “misery and darkness”. Thomas is currently enjoying more muse for writing, which is something he has always had an interest in and has also had a photography table book made up to show friends and colleagues. He described himself as “schizophrenic” inside his head.
  • Thomas is a prankster and admitted to pulling practical jokes on The Secret Circle and Terminator sets. On TSCC he flubbed lines and scenes, giving bad takes to new directors and flirting with his on-screen mother on camera. The TSC scene where a hand reaches out for Cassie in the bloopers was his idea!
  • Regarding “Second City This Week” gig, it was “scary” and he was told to “prepare to be told you’re terrible”. It was written on the Friday night, rehearsed Saturday afternoon and performed Saturday evening as a group.
  • Walk of Fame is now in production and Thomas was meeting investors later in the week in London to try and secure additional financing. This is his main focus at present.
  • Thomas shared that he had history with many of the other LFCC guests, including Jewel Staite who was his first on-screen kiss on “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” aged 9 or 10 (yes, I remember this). Jewel’s character was under a spell of some sort and thought she liked Nick (Thomas) and kissed him, despite being somewhat older.
  • When asked what Thomas preferred doing, he explained he loves being his own boss when making music in his own house, liking jumping from film to film like a kid and enjoying being a grown-up committing to television. Thomas loves to direct and write as well as act and make music and has always been encouraged by his parents, who supported his interest and didn’t push him into anything.
  • Thomas’s role in Foreverland is a cameo and he has no idea where it will be released aside from Vancouver Film Festival.
  • On preparing for Angels Crest role, Thomas said he spent 2 weeks before shooting living with his on-screen son and his family, fell in love with him and spent most of the movie crying. The pre-death scenes were filmed first and were easier emotionally, but he was going through a personal tragedy at the time and so there are moments in the movie where the grief is real and intertwined. It was very exhausting emotionally and physically and afterwards he needed lots of rest to recover. It’s the role he’s proudest of and thinks it’s his best performance.
  •  On working with Chris Zylka, Thomas said that they met on Kaboom in robes! Afterwards, they saw each other around and Thomas was apprehensive about another male joining the cast, but was pleased to hear Chris was auditioning and was pleased when he won the role. They have become like brothers and were planning on sharing a house in Vancouver while filming series 2 of The Secret Circle. Thomas joked they might have died from having too much fun!
  • On Terminator continuing: Syfy had investigated picking up the show after cancellation but reruns did not attract enough viewers. (Admin note: because everyone who loves it has it on DVD perhaps?). In terms of Brian and Thomas’s previous announcement, he didn’t have any updates.

Additional reporting & images by @mizmoni @juliaeason and @craigizzle

Unfortunately I’m having trouble with the gallery system but expect to see new images soon!

June 26th, 2012   Appearances Comments Off on Thomas Live On Stage in LA; Landing in London in July

Thomas is on his travels in June and July! US and UK fans can catch him at the following events:

Second City This Week, LA, June 30th


Thomas is the special guest at comedy sketch show Second City This Week in Los Angeles on June 30th at 8pm at the Second City Hollywood Theatre. You can still purchase tickets to see our favourite ‘lose his on-stage virginity’ as he described it via Twitter!

London Film & Comic Con, UK, 6-8th July

UK fans can also meet Thomas at London Film and Comic Con at the Olympia Grand Hall 6th-8th July. Thomas will be signing, participating in two question and answer sessions and two photo sessions. This is to replace his Collectormania appearance which was cancelled due to filming commitments on Squatters and he is very excited to “see familiar faces and new ones”. You can find more information, including travel routes and prices here.

Other News

Thomas has also recently completed filming on ‘Squatters’ and is in pre-production on his brand new feature film ‘Walk of Fame’ which was rescheduled from last year – exciting times to be a Dekker fan! More soon!

June 8th, 2012   Foreverland No Comments

A new trailer has been released for the movie Foreverland, in which Thomas Dekker’s character leaves a video will instructing his friend to travel 2,000 miles to scatter his ashes. It tells the story of a young man with cystic fibrosis and stars Juliet Lewis and Max Thieriot.

You may also download the official soundtrack for a donation to a Cystic Fibrosis charity here. The album is non-profit and all donations will go to the charity.

June 5th, 2012   Squatters No Comments

Thomas has revealed some interesting details regarding his latest role as Jonas in ‘Squatters’, to The Insider.

“The minute I read the script, I decided I would take anyone out at the knees if they tried to take it away from me,” he laughs. “It was one of those very rare moments for me because I tend not to get truly excited about much. Jonas is a child, yet he’s incredibly smart but stupid at times. He’s irrational and very cruel – but also sensitive and empathetic. It’s rare as a young actor to get such a layered character and play an arc.”

“He’s the kind of person who is always playing at something he’s not – that’s a huge challenge as an actor because how do you realistically play somebody who is never realistically playing themselves?”

“From the moment this movie sets its plot our in front of you, you know it’s going to go wrong – so you are waiting for the shoe to drop,” he says. “The great thing about Squatters is it sort of feels like 10 different movies rolled into one. You’ve got this homeless saga, a rags-to-riches tale, a love story, a crime thriller and they’re all woven into one piece, which is just so exciting.”

Read the full feature here.

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UK Signing Update

Thomas has unfortunately had to cancel his appearance at Collectormania this weekend due to filming commitments on the overrunning Squatters, but is instead appearing at another Showmasters event in July – London Film and Comic Con. The event takes place 6th-8th July at the Olympia Grand Hall, London. This is obviously very disappointing news but if you’re able, get along to LFCC!

If you have photo session tickets with Thomas for Collectormania, they have advised you may return your ticket for a refund or take it along to LFCC.


Thomas Talks The Secret Circle

Thomas had remained quiet about the cancellation of The Secret Circle and has for the first time opened up about his feelings regarding the show and its unexpected demise. Though the show was beloved by many, his long-time fans were mostly left with mixed feelings which Thomas himself seems to mirror. How did you find out about the show’s cancellation?
Thomas Dekker: I actually found out the show was canceled the first day of filming on Squatters, so I feel very lucky to have something to jump into. I admire and am very grateful for the season I got of that show because I worked with such an incredible cast, but I never really felt the show and I particularly clicked in the way it was intended. Don’t get me wrong, I was surprised it was canceled, but I was comfortable with moving on.

Insider: When we spoke back in September, you were excited to take Adam down a dark path. Something that never quite happened on the show. Is that what you’re referring to?
Thomas: Absolutely. I don’t think I’m being offensive in saying that Adam was the most underdeveloped character on the show. Which is not at the fault of the writers – I think it was just how the narrative of the series wound up. The importance of other stories and development of other characters was more pressing. But I think I entered with a different view of who the character was and where he was going, versus what it ended up being. And that might have been true for Andrew [Miller, showrunner] and Kevin [Williamson, EP] as well. Adam definitely ended up being quite different from who I thought he would be. Not in a negative way, just in a different way. And if you saw in the season finale, that’s where we were hinting it would go next season, so I’m just going to pretend that in the season two that never happened, Adam became the Antichrist [laughs].

Insider: This is now the second beloved TV show you’ve been on to get canceled and draw ire from fans. Has it disuaded you from doing another TV show?
Thomas: Not at all. I love television. When I’d gotten Secret Circle, I’d been doing a lot of movies since Sarah Connor, so I had forgotten how much of a grind it is. I mean, it’s such a long commitment and such long hours and gives you a product you have to match every week. But that’s a great challenge. I feel like the grown up in me enjoys working in TV, and the playful child in me enjoys making movies.

Insider: You’re currently preparing to direct a film you’ve also written — is that cast locked, or might we see some of your Secret Circle co-stars cameo?
Thomas: We had a locked cast last year, but it was put off because of Secret Circle — I couldn’t exactly make the movie while we were shooting in Canada. I would work with any of those people again. In particular, I had one of the greatest working and learning experiences on that show with Shelley Hennig. I would love to work with her again. We have a very special friendship and creative bond. The great thing about the shows that I’ve done is that I’ve walked away with the greatest friends of my life – like Lena Headey and Summer Glau from the old one, and all five of my crazy cast mates on the new one. I feel very lucky.

Read the full article at The Insider, via SecretCircleFan

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The Secret Circle Cancellation

Unfortunately, The Secret Circle was officially cancelled by The CW Network on May 11th, 2012. There is a fan campaign to save the show here, however at this point it seems unlikely that anything will change with this decision. Despite TSC being the network’s second highest performer and best performer of it’s freshman shows, they decided it was to end after one season.

This is unfortunate news and I’d like to express my condolences to the cast and crew, but espescially Thomas who has been here before with TSCC. The show, despite early flaws and the annoying lack of development or story for Adam (Dekker) early on, it was improving and had great potential!

I hope that you new TSC Thomas fans will continue to support this incredibly talented, sweet and humble actor along with us oldies. Thomas has been acting for most of his life and is a true professional. And, to quote Tyler Shields, “a true artist”.

Thomas is currently working on various projects, including Squatters, My Eleventh and a new album with Zero Times Zero.


Off Topic: ME Awareness Week

It’s off topic but I would like to also mention CFS/ME Awareness Week, which has actually just ended but is something that is really important to me personally. I have had this illness for several years now and there is very little understanding or knowledge of it, which makes it frustrating at times. Please take a moment to visit the ME Association website for some great information about this invisible illness which impacts more people than you’d expect! In the sidebar there is also a link to AYME, which is a young person’s ME charity which connects and supports sufferers under 25.

I have also blogged about my experiences, in the cut-off below for any that are interested in a more personal account. I am an undergraduate completing a research project on ME! Thanks for reading and please keep spreading the word.

Continue Reading

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Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields has struck again, shooting Thomas alongside The Secret Circle co-star Phoebe Tonkin (Faye) in a marriage themed shoot. Tyler shot Thomas for the infamous arrest shoot, in which Thomas’s nose was reportedly broken for a second time. Check out the full shoot at his website and all pictures of Thomas here.

“Thomas Dekker is one of my favorites! We have done a lot together and this is just a little tease of whats to come”.

thomas-dekker-phoebe-tonkin-1 thomas-dekker-phoebe-tonkin1 phoebe-tonkin-thomas-dekker_1 thomas-dekker-1

May 4th, 2012   Secret Circle No Comments

As you might have noticed from Twitter, Thomas has wrapped on The Secret Circle and the rumours are flying about a much discussed death. SkyLivingOnline have re-posted and quoted Thomas and a few of the cast, suggesting it might spell doom for our beloved Adam.

What’s your opinion on this, because personally, I think it’s a little too obvious! Thomas wouldn’t be allowed to take to twitter, would he? (Though he did once reveal Terminator spoilers on youtube). I think this is a red herring to throw us off. It’s not working, but I dig the cute pictures.



Thomas tweeted, “filming my final scene!” and “THAT’S A WRAP!!! #tsc” as well as a little shout out to Shelley Hennig, who plays the gorgeous Diana: “The pleasure has been ALL mine Ms @shelleyhennig !” (sic)

But it was the tweets from some of the other members of the circle that have got us in a bewitched tizzy.

Shelley posted: “This just I’n… @theThomasDekker WRAPPED. by far the most talented person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.” (sic)

And Pheobe Tonkin, who plays high school witch Faye Chamberlain, wrote: “3 witches down 3 to go..”

Could she be spelling the end for the circle? Has Adam met his maker? At least Cassie has Jake’s shoulder to cry on.

TDS Verdict: unlikely. Though if The Secret Circle for some strange reason isn’t renewed by The CW this month, they’ll all be goners!

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Congratulations to Thomas, who is set to star in “Squatters”. It sounds like a fantastic role and something for him to really sink his teeth into!

The Hollywood Reporter:

Directed by Martin Weisz, Squatters is set to star Thomas Dekker and Gabriella Wilde in the story of a young homeless couple who move into an empty Pacific Palisades mansion while its owners are on vacation. Complications ensue when the owners return early. Actor Justin Shilton (Little Miss Sunshine) wrote the screenplay…

“When I read Justin Shilton’s script — one of the most powerful and beautiful I’ve encountered in years — I felt we just had to make this film,” said Moyer. “I’ve known director Martin Weisz for many years and we are proud to support him and these terrific lead actors in this endeavor.” [Source]

Movie City News adds:

Nasso added, “We’re pleased to be involved with such incredible material, and was hugely impressed with the readings of our two young leads. I think with such an excellent script, Dekker and Wilde have the chance to really embrace these roles and break out on the highest levels.  We believe the film has very broad demographic appeal and expect everyone from 15-80 will like it equally!” [Source]

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Zero Times Zero trailer, courtesy of Official Site

As you may have noticed, Thomas had his fun with everyone over Easter weekend, tweeting cryptic clues to a secret, which was later revealed to be a brand new and intriguing musical project that has been in the pipeline for 2 years (and was the secret mentioned to UK fans at T3)

The band, named Zero Times Zero, whose identities are a secret (with the exception of Dekker) will launch their debut album ‘Equals Zero’ very soon.

The official website has now been launched and the band play their first live show on April 19th at The Viper Room, LA.

Zero Times Zero is an art collective featuring Thomas Dekker that incorporates music, fashion, video art and performance. Here they premiere their debut album “Equals Zero”, a dark synth ridden blend of rock, techno and rhythmic orchestral written and produced solely by the collective. They intend to challenge the current conventions of pop while keeping their personal identities cloaked in mystery. If there was a party in the world of “Blade Runner”, the Replicants would surely be dancing to the music of Zero Times Zero.” [Source]

Digital Journal have also posted an article about the announcement & show.

Follow @ZeroTimesZero on twitter for more news and updates!

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We Asked…We Got. AKA, So You Want to Meet Thomas?

Great news for you Brits who have yet to meet Thomas – or those of you who, like me, want to meet him again (and why wouldn’t you?). The lovely, personable and incredibly sweet Mr. Dekker is returning to us with none other than Kaboom and Secret Circle co-star and friend Chris Zylka! Those lovely people at Showmasters Events have announced the duo are appearing for a signing, autographs and possibly more at the collector’s fair this year.

EDIT: It has also been announced that Leven Rambin, Thomas’s co-star from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be appearing!

May I point out the campaign we launched on the forums & twitter asking for this very thing? It works, it works!

The Details

Thomas is billed to appear from Friday 1st June to Sunday 3rd June 2012 at Collectormania in Milton Keynes, England. He will be signing autographs and participating in a photoshoot, though these have yet to be announced or pre-sold.

Stadium:MK Stadium
Way West
Milton Keynes

There is a free bus from Milton Keynes and various travel links. If you are driving, there will be free parking. Visit the Collectormania site for more information!

The Frequently Asked

I’ve had questions from various parties about how this event works, so let me explain:

  1. This is not a convention. It is an event. There is NO ENTRANCE FEE.
  2. You pay only for your autographs and photographs, from the people you want to buy from.
  3. You can buy photoshoot tickets in advance from the website, though Thomas’s aren’t up yet. (I will announce).
  4. You get very limited access to each guest, just as they sign or pose. Don’t expect the world, but it’s still a great opportunity.
  5. You must pay for your own travel, food, drink and such forth.
  6. Thomas usually does not sign Heroes things and they usually only allow official merchandise to be signed at events.
  7. If you have any more questions, check the forum or tweet me @tdekkersource.

Meet Up

If anyone is interested in a meet up then e-mail or tweet me and let me know, as I’m hoping to arrange a casual coffee shop meet for Dekker fans, most likely for Friday or Saturday. I’ll be collecting numbers or possibly twitters to notify everyone of time and place etc!


Current Projects
Thomas as Gregory Valentine
Quirky crime drama featuring Thomas as a former gay prostitute and Backstrom's connection to the criminal world.
Genre: Drama | TV Series
Airdate: January 22 / FOX
More Information Photos Website

Fear Clinic
Thomas as Blake

Thomas plays a damaged young man checking into the Fear Clinic.
Genre: Horror | Movie
Airdate: DVD Release in March
More Information Photos Website

Enter The Dangerous Mind
Thomas as Jake

Thriller about a mentally ill musician.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

The White City
Thomas as Kyle

Moving story about a pair of troubled young artists in Israel.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

My Eleventh
Thomas as

Thriller about a kidnapping.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

Thomas as Jacob

The story of a love triangle between Jacob, Josef and Aimee.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

The Potters
Thomas as Asher Potter

Animated story of a girl seeking memories of a forgotten life.
Genre: Animation | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

Thomas doesn't currently have any official sites other than the following:


Site Information
Site Name: Thomas Dekker Source
Established on: August 2008
Owner: Sarah
The webmaster(s) of this website claim no ownership to any material seen on this website and is used, to the best of their knowledge, under the "Fair Use" copyright laws.
Musical Projects
Into the Night
Thomas has produced a brand new electronic album, new for 2018.
Official Site | Twitter.

Zero Times Zero
Thomas's brand new musical venture is the art collective 0X0.
Official Site | Twitter.

Thomas has 2 songs featured on the Official soundtrack for Plush, which he co-wrote. "Half of Me (Enzo Remix)" and my personal obsession, "Ultraviolet".

iTunes | Amazon

Thomas's eccentric but inspired debut album Psyanotic.
CD Baby | iTunes

TDS Tweets
Favourite 0x0 Song?

Favourite 0x0 Song?

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