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Thomas admiring @tdekkersource’s shirt!

Thomas attended London Film and Comic Con between 6th-8th July 2012 and signed autographs, met fans, posed for photographs and participated in question and answer sessions. His usual charming, sweet self, Thomas impressed fans with his genuine interest and humility and is definitely wanted back for more!

If you have any pictures, videos or experiences to share then please send them in via the contact form or twitter, but for now here is the current update from the signing, along with a few snaps of myself and Thomas that I will treasure forever!

Personally, while I struggled physically with the event and the queues and location, I had a great time and enjoyed getting the opportunity to catch up with Thomas, old friends and even some new ones from my lovely twitter followers! As it turns out, once again when questions dry up during talks, yours truly is called upon by name for assistance and loves this! I also loved having you guys come up and chat to me about my Thomas shirts and the site!

My favourite image of myself & Thomas!

What we learned from LFCC:

  • Thomas is most looking forward to fans seeing “The Good Lie” (previously titled “Rose By Name”) which will hopefully premiere at Toronto Film Fest this year. He is also looking forward to us seeing “Snap” and “Squatters” as these characters are “badly behaved”.
  • A “big” project is shooting in August, however Thomas is not allowed to disclose details. (Please speculate away on the new forum!)
  • Thomas’s favourite co-star to have worked with was his “naughty best friend Lena” and the Secret Circle cast as they were all away from home and bonded together. He added he liked everyone and has made most of his best friends at work.
  • When asked which characters he would like to play, Thomas answered “most are female, so I can’t play them..well, I could…but…” and then settled for “a fiercely intelligent detective” because he’s obsessed with “The Killing”. Ripley in Alien is also one of his favourites as it has a duality he always looks for of sensitivity and harshness.
  • Thomas was asked what went wrong with The Secret Circle and described that his previous comments had been taken out of context. “I actually said my experience with my character didn’t click. There was so much story developing that the writers kept changing direction and as it evolved, Adam’s story was lost”. As for the downfall of the show, he described both Terminator and The Secret Circle as very expensive shows that suffered from a large budget and lower viewing figures.
  • On working with Gregg Araki on “Kaboom”: It was a fantastic but stressful and pressured experience for Thomas because he was passionate about the project, was a fan and wanted to do a good job. It was a challenge as he was “figuratively and literally naked” and had never done a sex scene before – and Kaboom was almost entirely sex scenes!He added that the experience of touring to promote Kaboom was the best, especially as Europeans freaked out about the movie (whereas Americans were scared of it). Thomas is actively campaigning with Araki to get himself a role in the new movie he’s making.
  • “Adam the manwhore” was the nickname for his Secret Circle character, as he got around the circle. Thomas and Phoebe were never encouraged to flirt, but at one point went out of their way to show chemistry and interact and told the directors they were meant to be flirting! Thomas suspected he’d have moved on to the whole circle, perhaps even Jake! (How I wish).
  • Adam & Melissa: Thomas and Jessica Parker Kennedy had commented that they were the only two in the circle who had never spoken to each other on screen by midseason and in the latter half of the series, they were always interacting and there was a hint of romantic interest. In season two, Thomas suspected they would have developed this.
  • When I asked Thomas about working with Natasha Henstridge, who he famously had a childhood crush on, Thomas replied “my inner sci-fi geek is in love with Natasha Henstridge” and that his mother called him up when she had been cast to tell him the news and he thought she was messing with him. They are now good friends and he is also friends with her husband Darius.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season two would have featured an interesting Summer-Thomas-Summer love triangle that hadn’t really been done on television before. Thomas expressed his feelings that Josh Friedman is one of the best writers on television and that his two pilots being abandonned shows the state of American television – too simplistic and thoughtless, Josh is too smart.
  • Thomas has also dealt with cancellation of his favourite shows and can sympathise, as he loved Terminator but also was a fan of “Dead Like Me”. In fact, the actress who played Delores in the show was a consultant on The Secret Circle!
  • Regarding photography, Thomas admitted he was “lazy” and also that he had been uninspired in Canada because it was too beautiful and he is inspired by “misery and darkness”. Thomas is currently enjoying more muse for writing, which is something he has always had an interest in and has also had a photography table book made up to show friends and colleagues. He described himself as “schizophrenic” inside his head.
  • Thomas is a prankster and admitted to pulling practical jokes on The Secret Circle and Terminator sets. On TSCC he flubbed lines and scenes, giving bad takes to new directors and flirting with his on-screen mother on camera. The TSC scene where a hand reaches out for Cassie in the bloopers was his idea!
  • Regarding “Second City This Week” gig, it was “scary” and he was told to “prepare to be told you’re terrible”. It was written on the Friday night, rehearsed Saturday afternoon and performed Saturday evening as a group.
  • Walk of Fame is now in production and Thomas was meeting investors later in the week in London to try and secure additional financing. This is his main focus at present.
  • Thomas shared that he had history with many of the other LFCC guests, including Jewel Staite who was his first on-screen kiss on “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” aged 9 or 10 (yes, I remember this). Jewel’s character was under a spell of some sort and thought she liked Nick (Thomas) and kissed him, despite being somewhat older.
  • When asked what Thomas preferred doing, he explained he loves being his own boss when making music in his own house, liking jumping from film to film like a kid and enjoying being a grown-up committing to television. Thomas loves to direct and write as well as act and make music and has always been encouraged by his parents, who supported his interest and didn’t push him into anything.
  • Thomas’s role in Foreverland is a cameo and he has no idea where it will be released aside from Vancouver Film Festival.
  • On preparing for Angels Crest role, Thomas said he spent 2 weeks before shooting living with his on-screen son and his family, fell in love with him and spent most of the movie crying. The pre-death scenes were filmed first and were easier emotionally, but he was going through a personal tragedy at the time and so there are moments in the movie where the grief is real and intertwined. It was very exhausting emotionally and physically and afterwards he needed lots of rest to recover. It’s the role he’s proudest of and thinks it’s his best performance.
  •  On working with Chris Zylka, Thomas said that they met on Kaboom in robes! Afterwards, they saw each other around and Thomas was apprehensive about another male joining the cast, but was pleased to hear Chris was auditioning and was pleased when he won the role. They have become like brothers and were planning on sharing a house in Vancouver while filming series 2 of The Secret Circle. Thomas joked they might have died from having too much fun!
  • On Terminator continuing: Syfy had investigated picking up the show after cancellation but reruns did not attract enough viewers. (Admin note: because everyone who loves it has it on DVD perhaps?). In terms of Brian and Thomas’s previous announcement, he didn’t have any updates.

Additional reporting & images by @mizmoni @juliaeason and @craigizzle

Unfortunately I’m having trouble with the gallery system but expect to see new images soon!

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