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The Secret Circle Cancellation

Unfortunately, The Secret Circle was officially cancelled by The CW Network on May 11th, 2012. There is a fan campaign to save the show here, however at this point it seems unlikely that anything will change with this decision. Despite TSC being the network’s second highest performer and best performer of it’s freshman shows, they decided it was to end after one season.

This is unfortunate news and I’d like to express my condolences to the cast and crew, but espescially Thomas who has been here before with TSCC. The show, despite early flaws and the annoying lack of development or story for Adam (Dekker) early on, it was improving and had great potential!

I hope that you new TSC Thomas fans will continue to support this incredibly talented, sweet and humble actor along with us oldies. Thomas has been acting for most of his life and is a true professional. And, to quote Tyler Shields, “a true artist”.

Thomas is currently working on various projects, including Squatters, My Eleventh and a new album with Zero Times Zero.


Off Topic: ME Awareness Week

It’s off topic but I would like to also mention CFS/ME Awareness Week, which has actually just ended but is something that is really important to me personally. I have had this illness for several years now and there is very little understanding or knowledge of it, which makes it frustrating at times. Please take a moment to visit the ME Association website for some great information about this invisible illness which impacts more people than you’d expect! In the sidebar there is also a link to AYME, which is a young person’s ME charity which connects and supports sufferers under 25.

I have also blogged about my experiences, in the cut-off below for any that are interested in a more personal account. I am an undergraduate completing a research project on ME! Thanks for reading and please keep spreading the word.

It seemed appropriate to vent a little about my illness during ME/CFS week, because I realised that it has been almost five years (I believe) since I was first diagnosed. It all started when I was around 17, had been ill at home on nebulisers for months and was eventually hospitalised with chronic asthma and a bacterial lung infection that they expected might damage my heart and lungs. It didn’t, but when I came out of the hospital I couldn’t do the things one would normally do – I could barely manage to move around, never mind wash my own hair or leave the house.

For months things were much the same and I could barely leave the house. When I did leave, it took considerable planning and support. Eventually I managed to return to college and they kindly allowed me onto A Levels despite not having the grades due to prior ill health. For two years I did a reduced schedule at college and worked my way up, even managing a part-time job at one stage. Gradually the ME improved to the point where I felt like I had a life again. I finished college with high grades and was accepted to all 5 universities I’d applied to.

I have been studying at my top choice uni for 3 years and am about to complete my degree. My research project has been on the memory problems I noticed I have relating to the ME/CFS and it has been amazing meeting other people with the illness, as this is a rare thing since most people are house bound and because it’s not instantly obvious. My experience has been similar to almost everyone’s that I’ve met and there is something comforting about sharing symptoms and realising you’re actually not as alone or odd as you thought. The research has taught me a lot about my illness too and I’m really excited to say the results were significant and showed memory impairment. I hope to do a postgraduate study on the same topic and make a career for myself in CFS research. It feels great to finally be here, but it’s not without cost.

During the 3 years at uni, I’ve been very anti-social, rarely venturing out or doing things most 20-somethings do. I have to plan ahead if I leave the house and balance everything. My parents do a lot for me. I have had migraines that have left me in bed for days or sleeping after university every afternoon and dizziness, nausea, joint pains, light sensitivity, throat infections and more. The ME has fluctuated, as it does, over the degree but last summer I experienced a dip, as I am currently doing once again. This week, after finishing my dissertation, I’ve been house-bound and today can barely walk. It was worth it though, because I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve accomplished. I just hope that I can survive the last few weeks so that I can have one hell of a good rest and enjoy seeing Thomas Dekker at the end of it!

Thomas has been someone who has unknowingly helped me through some of the hardest times, by tweeting and through acting (because who’s problems seem that bad when he’s trying to save the world from robots?) and through taking the time to come out and meet us at conventions every year of my degree!

Thankfully I also have amazing friends who are patient and understanding and great family, who have sacrificed a lot to support me and allow me to do this degree. I’m also fortunate to have such great support at university and in particular, from my supervisor. So although I said this was a rant, I really do feel rather blessed.

Unfortunately a stigma still exists and that is, if people know what it is at all. Often we’re asked, ‘so what is it then?’ or ‘so you’re tired all the time?’. It’s far more than that, it impacts everything and it’s hard to explain. That’s why awareness campaigns are so important! Please take a look at the websites so you’ll know!

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