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Thomas attended Starfury Events convention Inva3ion on the 3rd-5th May 2013 along with guests from genre shows including Torchwood and Dollhouse. This was his fourth consecutive appearance in the UK and his third to Starfury and the fourth time for many of us meeting him too! Thomas was his usual charming self and gained some new admirers, as well as catching up with some familiar faces.

If you have any photographs from the event that you would care to share, or anything about your experience with Thomas then send it in! You will be credited for anything that is used here.

Again, apologies to Thomas is any of this is misquoted – it’s difficult to note-take by hand!

Notes on a Convention…pt 2

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
When speaking about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, he said that “We were going to try for a movie. Bryan and the producers were trying. So much time has gone by now though that I doubt it will happen. I could do it as a one man play! I’ll play all of the characters. Oh, I suppose I ought to give this Lena Headey person a chance…” He also said that the series would have continued with a “weird love triangle between John, Allison and Cameron, which for John was kind of awesome and a dream for a lot of people. Weaver’s daughter Savannah would have been a key resistance fighter. It would look at how John becomes the hero, how he gets there. It’s a bummer because he’s in the future at the end and nobody knows who he is. So what happens?”

Asked for stories from the set, Thomas said “I’ve probably exhausted my good Terminator stories, but Lena and I find good videos on YouTube and send them to each other. There’s these ones where the dialogue is beeped so it sounds rude. On the Secret Circle all 6 of us bonded and laughed a lot. I got one of the crew to reach into the hiding place for the journal and stick out the hand when Cassie was opening it up. Also, you can’t smoke in trailers and the production office printed out a fake fine invoice for 2,000 for smoking in the trailer – and I fell for it. And Phoebe really wanted to go home to Australia, so I told her we were all going home and she had to stay for more filming.”

So has Thomas met other John Connors? “I Met Nick Stahl at a party but we didn’t really get to talk, I haven’t met Christian Bale and never met the foetus from the first one. Edward Furlong, I should have met him because a very dear friend of mine went out with him for years, but she doesn’t now.”

The fruit cart incident was one of the most amusing stories of the weekend, which resulted in Lena and Thomas laughing on film during their escape in ‘Samson and Delilah’ – a very serious moment. “Some poor tired guy is supposed to be pulling some cart of fruit. You can see Lena and I laughing as we run out of the church. In the script, I’m supposed to run down the stairs and trip over the fruit cart. Stairs as big as this room and one little cart! I called Josh and told him it was ridiculous and he came down and agreed. I was like ‘really? The future saviour of mankind can’t dodge a fruit cart?’ so they found another way to injure me.” Thomas added that Summer once fell silent for fifteen minutes in an interview and suddenly chimed in “I love firemen!” And that “there were a lot of incest jokes…the whole family is having sex with each other.” Other pranks included giving the guest directors a hard time, messing up on purpose and pretending to be bad actors and playing head butt with a felt cap on, catching the ball.

For the record, Thomas also does a fantastic impression of a cat vomiting, which he insists is very accurate due to observation of his own two cats. And, as I pointed out later, Summer’s comment about firemen was featured on the Samson and Delilah DVD commentary where there are, yes, firefighters. To which Thomas told me, “wow, you really know your shit!”.

“Technology hates me because of that role, I was convinced. My computer broke, everything broke,” Thomas mused.

Random Facts

When asked which DC or Marvel hero or villain he’d like to play, Thomas had a few ideas. “I always want to play the villain. In Batman, the Joker…but not after Heath’s performance, nobody could top that. I’d like to play Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty because she’s such a bitch!”

And who would Thomas stand in line for? Which show or movie would make him geek out? “I went to Comic Con for the first time, for Terminator. I’m a big nerd and bought a Crypt Keeper head and a Chucky doll. I want to go to the Twin Peaks experience in Washington, everyone dresses up and they take you to the locations. I want to do it. Probably me and six other people.”

While most fans are harmless, or at least the ones at Inva3ion were, Thomas has had some interesting encounters over the years. The weirdest? “Boy that’s a doozy! The freakiest fan moment was when I was about 8 years old and we kept getting sent from some group of fans in Texas, long detailed letters asking for cuttings of hair, nails and eyelashes so that they could genetically clone me. My Mom still has them. She still has my school report on the wall that says “Thomas is an excellent student on the rare occasions when he visits planet Earth.” There were some even more sinister fans however. “On MySpace, do you remember when we used to rub sticks together to make fire? This guy messaged me every other day, then every day, then two or three times a day, all the time becoming more aggressive and saying he had a question. Finally I gave in, opened wine with friends and looked at the message. His question was ‘in episode 2.13 of Honey I Shrunk The Kids, your sister gives you a wedgie, what was that like and how did it feel?’ I clicked on his site and he had like 48 pictures of little boys getting wedgies, let’s hope he’s in prison.”

Thomas may be close to co-star Lena Headey, but he hasn’t yet seen Game of Thrones. “I have to be honest and she and I laugh about this – but I can’t watch one episode because I won’t get anything else done. So, not yet. Don’t throw tomatoes! My friend sent me the…I watched her in the Power is Power scene and I had a little bit of an erection. And she played my Mom, so that’s…[pulls face]. Lena is golden and I love everything she does!”

And those horror movies? Which characters speak to him the most? “Oh my god…Carrie in the original. It’s the only story where the villain is the victim of everyone else’s cruelty. Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger – not in the one that I did but the originals – and Norman Bates. I’m watching the Bates Motel, tiding me over until American Horror returns. Jessica Lange is up there.”

When he’s not watching American Horror, Thomas admits to being a fan of Parks and Recreation, Absolutely Fabulous, French and Saunders, Nighty Night and South Park and The Shining never fails to cheer him up. Thomas is also named on the latest Lamb album as part of the cover image, since he pre-ordered and helped fund the album.

It sure is nice to know that he’s a super fan too.

– Thanks again to Jan for her help note-taking!

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