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Very excited to share the video for Zero Times Zero’s new single Superstitions by the genius Amanda Rebholz of Darkroom Lament. Enjoy! Thomas Dekker – "Superstitions" Music Video from Amanda Rebholz on Vimeo.

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  The Backstrom cast live tweeted last night (above) and there were definitely some adult aspects – anyone want to guess on Thomas Dekker’s feelings for beavers? Head on over to twitter and #askbackstrom to catch up on the fun and don’t forget to join in next week! Backstrom episode 1.5: Boogeyman premiered last night to the lowest ratings so far on Fox. If you’re in the US and have

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Two episodes of Backstrom have aired in the US to decent ratings and mixed reviews, however Thomas is captivating in his turn as Gregory Valentine, the gay criminal roommate to the titular detective. In episode 2, Thomas is allowed to shine in an exchange with the strange detective Neidemeyer (Kristopher Polaha) and it’s a great glimpse of things to come. There’s no shortage of press for Backstrom right now, so

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Dread Central posted an amazing clip of a very sinister Thomas Dekker, tormenting Jake Hoffman. Read the article at the source for more. Enter the Dangerous Mind – Exclusive Clip: Ear Bug by dreadcentral

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Thomas was interviewed by Good Day LA this morning to promote his new show Backstrom, which premieres on FOX on the 22nd January. Sadly no news yet on international release. There isn’t anything particularly new or exciting about the conversation but it’s nice to see Thomas back on the screens and it has a great little scene of him and Rainn Wilson in action! Los Angeles News | FOX 11

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In case you missed it, Thomas has set a challenge for 10 days of Halloween viewing! It’s ridiculously fun and is a perfect way of engaging with fans while celebrating his love of all things Halloween. Play along and tweet him with which movies you’re watching and the relevant hashtags, or send him a video response – he is watching and replying! At the very least watch these very entertaining,

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Thomas, being his usual, Halloween-obsessed self has issued a challenge to the “10 people” he knows will actually see this video. It’s rather hilarious and a great way to start your day. Take your pick of one of three films each day and tweet along with the hashtags provided! Today’s viewing for me was Pet Semetary from the Beat Off (yes, you read it) category. Have fun and look out

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Thomas Dekker is hot – at first, I also wondered if this was actually news – but this video has got to be seen to be believed. The YouTube clip is a parody of an existing video and showcases how incredibly (and worryingly) spot on Thomas is with impersonations and apparent bipolar disordered acting. Take a look and prepare to love! This is the funniest thing since the series of

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Footage from Texas Frightmare 2014 has begun to emerge, including a great video of Thomas singing a Zero Times Zero track! Interview at Texas Frightmare It’s a pretty typical interview but it’s 10 minutes long and quite amusing!  Thomas Performs a Zero Times Zero Track (with intro) Thomas Performs a Zero Times Zero Track Great footage of Thomas taking the stage! ? Thomas Dekker – Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 –

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Thomas has another song from the Plush: Original Motion Picture soundtrack! The song is called Ultraviolet and features Thomas’s lead vocals. It’s hard to tell if you’re listening to Plush, Zero Times Zero or Depeche Mode! You can buy the full album on US iTunes, or you can listen to Ultraviolet here! Thanks to Gavin for the head’s up. There is also a video with footage from Plush. The song

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Thomas has always been my personal Superman – and probably yours too if you’ve been lucky enough to meet him (and experience that smile at the end for yourself). A lovely, genuine person always trying to do the right thing and it’s a perfect role as a misunderstood hero in this beautiful video… Vevo have posted the awesome new video for Daughtry’s Waiting For Superman HERE. FYI: I’ve just started

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Beware of spoilers for The Secret Circle episode 1.10. The article accompanying this video can be found at Zap2It, by Secret Circle authority @cadlymack. TDS Warning: this video may trigger extreme responses in fan girls, not limited to squealing, nail biting and death threats toward one particular character. It may also trigger “Don’t hurt Dekker!” responses. Seriously.

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E Online posted a great video interview with Thomas and his Secret Circle co-star Phoebe Tonkin (Faye), discussing witchcraft, the three generations of witches, the possibility of getting killed off and more. When we asked Tonkin and Dekker about Williamson’s penchant for axing characters, they laughed nervously before Dekker said, “I hear he resurrects a lot though, too. I keep that in the back of my mind.” Look at that,

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Cambio have posted a great video of their interview with Thomas and co-star Phoebe Tonkin. View their website to see more pictures and interviews. And Thomas’ character is stuck in a bit of a love triangle. If he was really Adam, would he choose Cassie or Diana? “Can I have both?” Thomas joked. Also, please take a moment to visit the Alzheimers Association and donate if you can – or

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First of all, I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page which I will update as I get more mail. Thanks to everyone for visiting and getting in touch – I’m pleased that you did, but to save time and to answer other people’s questions I’ve put up a list of answers. I’ve also added a new poll to the sidebar, so please vote! Also, just a quick update with something

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Thomas about The Secret Circle and his character, Adam at a recent event held on the former set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. One in particular, Adam Conant (portrayed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Thomas Dekker), catches her eye in more ways than one. In the thick of filming, Dekker shared that the romantic tone carried throughout the first episode won’t be at

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Cambio Connect have posted a very cute clip from their photoshoot and interview last weekend with Phoebe Tonkin and Thomas Dekker. In the video, the pair play “Which Witch”, a quiz about witch characters and movies on iPads.     Don’t forget to tune into the Secret Circle pilot on The CW tonight if you’re in the USA. UK fans, you can watch it on Sky Living on Wednesday 28th

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The first full scenes I’ve found of Thomas as Lance Loud in Cinema Verite. Unfortunately there is still no news on international release dates. Source: vautti0023

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The Stealth Media Group have released a trailer for the upcoming drama Foreverland, which co-stars Thomas as Bobby, a young man who has died of cystic fibrosis. His role in the movie appears to be through video recordings but nonetheless seems both important and intense.

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Reminder Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Starfury’s T3 convention in London this weekend for your chance to meet Thomas Dekker! Trailer There is a brand new, extended and very Thomas-heavy trailer for Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 making the rounds. View below via YouTube, courtesy of WarlockandBradford. YouTube – Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2 Trailer (Official).    

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In case you haven’t seen it, a great 6-minute preview of Thomas’s new show, The Secret Circle doing the rounds. Courtesy of SecretCircleItalia. PopWrap also interviewed Thomas and Brittany: A sentiment Thomas echoed. “It’s such a well-written smart show. I’m all about the duality of sensitivity and masculinity and this offered me a great chance to be masculine enough to be a love interest for two women, but sensitive enough

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Updating: Unfortunately it will be essential updates only for the month of May – it’s super busy from start to finish. I will be updating and checking twitter daily, but posting to the site as important articles and interviews come up. Texas Frightmare: Thomas attended Texas Frightmare to promote Laid To Rest 2 this weekend, along with former TSCC co-star Brian Austin Green. If anyone has photos they would be

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Popeater posted a great little interview with the Angels Crest cast, including Thomas, Kate Walsh and Jeremy Piven. There are lots more Angels Crest updates to come, but since I’m in the middle of exams and coursework, there may be some delays. Tragedy rocks a small town in Gaby Dellal’s ‘Angels Crest,’ which premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Thomas Dekker stars as a young father who makes a

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DCE posted a video of Thomas doing post-production sound work on Laid To Rest 2. It’s a cute video but with some strong language! I can’t wait for this movie!

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There is another short Thomas video interview, this time discussing being a part of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, at I Am Rogue. Is it me or does Thomas look different every single time we see him lately? Don’t forget if you haven’t bought it already, that All About Evil is out on DVD at Peaches Christ Productions, along with two beautiful posters featuring Thomas. Having seen it myself and

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Rogue have posted a very cute interview with Thomas about getting started in the business as a child actor. Take a look at their website. As a sidenote, I’m loving the hair!

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I just found an interesting interview with Thomas, back when he was in Cannes. In it, he discusses sex scenes, sexuality and Gregg Araki. YouTube – Thomas Dekker Kaboom Interviews: Cannes Film Festival 2010 5/17/2010. Thomas has been busy tweeting this week, so head over to see what he has to say about Halloween, All About Evil and more! While you’re there, also follow @tdekkersource and @lavagirllilly!

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Back from break! First of all, sorry for the lack of updates recently, my health has been giving me some trouble again. I’m back now and catching up with Thomas news, so expect some regular updates for a while here. Thomas Interview Below is a fantastic new interview with Thomas – adorable as always – promoting Kaboom on his recent trip to France. In it, he talks about his involvement

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The final (probably) post of the day features a fantastic video from Yagg, interviewing Gregg and an adorable glass wearing Thomas! This is also as part of the French promotion for Kaboom this week. Thomas discusses Kaboom, Smith, the differences and similarities between Thomas & Smith and explains his tattoos. Yagg – Kaboom Interview.

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Thomas is quite quiet in this one, but makes a little speech towards the start! Also, catch the adorable moment after the award presentation between Thomas & Gregg! YouTube – Gregg Akari et Thomas Dekker.

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There are several videos of Thomas, Roxanne and Gregg promoting Kaboom in Deauville, France this week, which I will be posting. There is the obvious English-to-French translation, but they are still worth a watch for sure. YouTube – KABOOM GREGG AKARI.

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Another Kaboom trailer has appeared on YouTube, featuring some previously unseen clips of Thomas as Smith! Once again there is some nudity and strong language… YouTube – Kaboom 2010 – Gregg Araki – TRAILER.

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There are some hilarious new trailers for Kaboom, with Thomas starring as Smith. Warning: These are fairly mature in terms of content. Source Source

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I just stumbled across this Reelz Channel video featuring an interview with Thomas and clips from Nightmare On Elm Street. Enjoy! Reelz Channel

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Thomas was spotted at the premiere of “Takers” on August 4th and kindly stopped to sign autographs for fans. YouTube – Hayden Christensen And Snoop Dogg At “Takers” Premiere.

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Dread Central recently posted the first look at Rob Hall’s new movie Old Scratch, which Thomas Dekker & Lena Headey appear in. Writer/director Robert Hall debuted the extended cut of a trailer for his next Dry County Entertainment banner project Old Scratch during Texas Frightmare. Lucky for you an actual teaser trailer has found its way online. Although it is much shorter than what fans got to check out during

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YouTube – All About Evil HD Trailer- SCREAM 4 – In Theaters April 15, 2011.

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Just found this old interview of Thomas from April, at Daily Motion. He talks about his character, Jesse – and also Jackie Earle Haley’s version of Freddie. Thomas, Rooney & Kyle discuss their roles in Nightmare on Elm Street.

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It’s old news really, but I just found a cute interview with Thomas on the red carpet at the ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ premiere in May. In it, he discusses his role in ‘Kaboom’ and also ‘Drift’! Thomas also shares his secret to amazing hair! Thomas Dekker On Sci-fi Movie ‘Kaboom’ Premiering At Cannes – Starpulse.com. The Cannes Film Festival is known for blockbuster movie premieres or really important cinematic

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There are 2 clips of Thomas’s new film, Kaboom, in which he plays college student Smith. The film recently showed at Cannes and will be on general release soon. There is a warning for these videos, since they do contain some mature content.

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Okay, an update filled day today! You can now follow Thomas Dekker Source on Twitter, if you so desire. There is a fantastic music video for his amazing ‘Psyanotic’, apparently shot in December 2008. Check it out here. The new trailer for series 2 of IQ-145 is up and it looks amazing! View it in high quality here!

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Lots of updates here relating to My Sister’s Keeper. I’m still working on the press archive switchover, so for now, I’ll just link to the articles. People are saying some favourable things about Thomas (and rightly so)! Reviews Sister’s Keeper Raises Tough Questions Movie Review: My Sister’s Keeper Also, it’s worth noting that amongst a particularly bad movie review, there is praise for Thomas and Sofia! On the other hand,

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Quirky crime drama featuring Thomas as a former gay prostitute and Backstrom's connection to the criminal world.
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Thomas plays a damaged young man checking into the Fear Clinic.
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Enter The Dangerous Mind
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Thriller about a mentally ill musician.
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The White City
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Moving story about a pair of troubled young artists in Israel.
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My Eleventh
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Thriller about a kidnapping.
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The story of a love triangle between Jacob, Josef and Aimee.
Genre: Drama | Film
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Animated story of a girl seeking memories of a forgotten life.
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Thomas has 2 songs featured on the Official soundtrack for Plush, which he co-wrote. "Half of Me (Enzo Remix)" and my personal obsession, "Ultraviolet".

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