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Thomas also did a great interview with Nerdlocker, discussing Fear Clinic, Backstrom, Zero Times Zero and If Only I Could.

Selected parts are repeated below, see their site for the full interview.

Nerdlocker (NL): How did you get involved with this project?

Thomas Dekker (TD): My involvement with the project came about with the director, Rob Hall, and this is our third feature together. Rob and I have been friends since I was nineteen and also collaborated on video art that I have directed and he has directed. Basically, he wrote the character Blake for me, and he wanted me to be in the web series, but I was shooting something else, so I couldn’t do it. I had December free thankfully and was able to jump on board with this film.

(NL): You were in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street film back in 2010. Although he wasn’t in the remake, Robert Englund is obviously most famous for being Freddy Krueger. What was it like working side by side with such an iconic actor in this genre?

TD: I will tell you this, obviously, he’s legendary and known for Freddy Krueger, and I love the Nightmare on Elm Street films. The great thing about Robert is that he is a brilliantly trained, passionate and caring actor that you forget after a few minutes of talking with him, he’s Freddy Krueger. I felt like I was working with a kind and supportive actor and he is a living Wikipedia for art, music, films, actors, etc. He is all around a great person and fun to work with.

(NL): As an actor, what is your process when going into a film, especially a horror film like this?

TD: Usually, for me I spend a lot of time on that story and figuring things out for that character. But for Fear Clinic, when you have a really close working relationship with the director, you have an unspoken language. We both had a very shared perception of the Blake character and what his role was in the film. Since I know Rob, I knew the overall tone and feel of the movie. In past projects, I wrote the score, and with this project it was a collaborative process where two friends make a movie. The weirdest thing about Fear Clinic was that it was Rob’s highest budgeted movie and I am use to scrounging around to put the movie together. When we got to Ohio, we arrived to a massive set and crew that was overwhelming in a great kind of way.

(NL): You play Blake in this film and are confined in a wheelchair after a shooting, was it difficult to play a character like this?

TD: It was challenging and as an actor when you sit there, react and listen. I also love when an actor who plays an arc, where you start out one way and you end a different way was a thrilling experience. The brain damage and physicality was worked on with Rob and myself and was great to play five characters wrapped into one.

(NL): This film has a tremendous line up with Robert, Fiona Dourif, Angelina Armani and Corey Taylor from Slipknot/Stonesour. How was it filming with these actors? Did you guys have fun with the Fear Chamber when you weren’t shooting?

TD: I have known Angelina for sometime and met Robert Englund once and I knew he was a fan of my show, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and had been very complimentary of my casting in the Nightmare on Elm Street re-make. He and I had spoken about working together in the future, so that was a thrill, even though we didn’t have many scenes together. The few scenes we did have together was fun and had to play with the characters. I never met Fiona Dourif before, but we hit it off and I love that girl to death. It was a very segregated experience because I have worked with Rob so much, we had joining hotel rooms, and was very team oriented experience. But it was a typical, horror film shoot, which is why I love doing them. We were in Ohio in December freezing our asses off playing with these crazy characters and had a great time doing it. Ironically, my personal phobia is claustrophobia, so I fucking hated that chamber. That one scene where I am in the chamber was the most unpleasant scene that I shot, because you can open it up from inside, but the door was extremely heavy. So I was basically trapped in this coffin and didn’t take too kindly to that, but after a few shots of whiskey, I powered through the scene. You could see the fear in my eyes and overall it was very unpleasant.

(NL): You lived in Las Vegas. Did the Vegas lifestyle shape you personally or as an actor? I lived in Vegas for three years and was an experience to say the least.TD: It absolutely shaped me and I have been developing a screenplay for a few years called My Vegas. It’s set in Las Vegas and never stepping foot on the Strip. I think it’s a very interesting place with this small desert town surrounding this epically famous street of bad behavior. It’s the joke that how could people grow up in Vegas, but people do. I think it is a bit of growing up in a fantasyland and I also had two very eccentric parents that helped with the bizarre upbringing.

(NL): Besides acting, you are also a musician. Do you ever tour with your bands? And any new music in the works?

TD: I do and work under the name, Zero times Zero. My first album was released in 2009 under my own name and basically I started collaborating with artists of all mediums and ended up in the same tone, which is industrial dark-toned music. We have this collective project and I am in charge of the music end of it. We have a music video coming out in a couple of weeks before the record comes out and I was not involved in it. The artists from Texas [TDS: AMANDA REBHOLZ ANYONE?] threw it together and what I wanted it to be. We have a done a bunch of concerts and when this album drops and after we sign with the record label, hopefully it will grow and we can tour. The shows are harder to put on because there is a lot of multimedia, video images and electronic music. So it’s harder to coordinate compared to bands that pack up their gear and play at a bar. Until we get more recognition, we will be playing shows until there is a larger fan base.

(NL): Do you have any films or TV shows in the works for 2015?

TD: I have Backstrom on Fox and have a film premiering this Friday that I am very proud of. We showed the movie at SXSW and is called Enter the Dangerous Mind with Nikki Reed, Jason Priestly and Scott Bakula which is a dark and intense thriller based on a schizophrenic dub step musician. We finally get a theatrical run for it and highly recommend it. Last, I am directing my first budgeted feature called If Only I Could in May.

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