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Thomas talks Backstrom, Terminator, music, Garrett Dillahunt and being a child actor on The Next Level’s latest showcast, from 18 minutes 30 until about 40 minutes. ▶ Showcast – S02 E12 – Interviews: Thomas Dekker (Backstrom) & Nate Torrence (Weird Loners) – YouTube.

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EXCLUSIVE TO THETHOMASDEKKER.COM / THOMAS DEKKER SOURCE: Thanks to the wonderful Amanda Rebholz for the latest exclusive images of Thomas from Fear Clinic ahead of its UK release in March. These images may contain spoilers so click below to view. It goes without saying, please do not reproduce without credit for Amanda and her hard work – and for TDS.

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Thomas also did a great interview with Nerdlocker, discussing Fear Clinic, Backstrom, Zero Times Zero and If Only I Could. Selected parts are repeated below, see their site for the full interview. Nerdlocker (NL): How did you get involved with this project? Thomas Dekker (TD): My involvement with the project came about with the director, Rob Hall, and this is our third feature together. Rob and I have been friends

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Entertainment Weekly released this great gif of Thomas and bff Cally goofing around at the PGA awards last night via onomonoMEDIA Events.

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It’s official, hell has frozen over and Skynet has taken control of the world…because Thomas Dekker has joined Instagram! You can follow him over at @thomas.dekker Just to prove authenticity, since there have been numerous fakes he posted a charming selfie and a few interesting snaps. In other news… – You may have noticed there is a new layout! It’s a new year so it seemed time for something new

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Just found an interesting little quote from Shiloh Fernandez who stars in Gregg Araki’s new movie, White Bird In A Blizzard (Gregg directed Thomas in Kaboom). It’s no secret that these two are friends, or that Shiloh was involved in Thomas’s movie Whore. JJ: At the end of your Wikipedia page, it says, “He is a friend of actor Thomas Dekker.” So random! SH: Yeah, but it’s true! I don’t

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Amazing friend of Thomas Dekker Source, photographer Amanda Rebholz has posted additional images of Thomas at her portfolio. Check them out for some shots of Thomas as you’ve probably never seen him before! (And remember, you saw it here first!) LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Below are a few previews of these amazing shots…check out the full offering at Dark Room Lament.  

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Thomas Dekker is featured in 2 magazine features this month, both thanks to the wonderfully talented Amanda Rebholz. You can purchase both of these magazines internationally and I would recommend doing so – they both sound fantastic and capture much more of Thomas’s delightful eccentricity and personality. Living Dead Magazine Issue #4: Legends of Horror There is a detailed interview with Thomas conducted by friend and colleague Amanda which will

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Thomas has another song from the Plush: Original Motion Picture soundtrack! The song is called Ultraviolet and features Thomas’s lead vocals. It’s hard to tell if you’re listening to Plush, Zero Times Zero or Depeche Mode! You can buy the full album on US iTunes, or you can listen to Ultraviolet here! Thanks to Gavin for the head’s up. There is also a video with footage from Plush. The song

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  Finally, the When Thomas Invaded series continues with the penultimate installment! This time, there are the notes on acting and dream roles… Dream Roles If afforded the opportunity to pick any role from television and film, Thomas said that he would pick Ripley in Alien as she is “strong, tough, not afraid to cry and be vulnerable. It’s hard to find that duality in a young male character. They

  Thomas attended Starfury Events convention Inva3ion on the 3rd-5th May 2013 along with guests from genre shows including Torchwood and Dollhouse. This was his fourth consecutive appearance in the UK and his third to Starfury and the fourth time for many of us meeting him too! Thomas was his usual charming self and gained some new admirers, as well as catching up with some familiar faces. If you have any

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The Montreal Gazette featured an interview with Thomas Dekker and Shawn Linden, promoting ‘The Good Lie’. Read the full article at their site. …But in a chat the other day at an Old Montreal hotel, Winnipeg writer-director Shawn Linden and Las Vegas-born, Los Angeles-based actor Thomas Dekker seemed 100-per-cent genuine when talking about their passion for Montreal. They were here in the summer of 2011 shooting the Montreal-produced indie flick

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Addicted have posted a fantastic audio interview with Thomas and The Good Lie director Shawn Linden. Listen below and check out the write-up at Addicted. MrWillWong’s blog features a post about Thomas’s trip to Canada to promote The Good Lie – check it out including a cute snap from the event here. … Tonight, handsome 25-year-old Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, My Sister’s Keeper) gave the Audience at Varsity

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There has been lots of promotion of ‘The Good Lie’ around this week ahead of the Canadian release on May 3rd. … “I don’t know if I would refer to it as a horror film. It definitely has some really horrific elements to it,” he said Tuesday in Toronto. “It’s a family drama. It’s got fantasy elements to it, too. It’s a really unique movie.” … Dekker plays Cullen Francis,

Thomas has completed filming on the pilot for a new TV show which it is rumoured he could recurr or co-star in should it be picked up for a full season. This exciting new role is alongside Rainn Wilson and appears to be a mix of White Collar’s Neal Caffrey and Mozzie combined… “The Secret Circle” star Thomas Dekker is making his next TV move — right on over to

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UK Signing Update Thomas has unfortunately had to cancel his appearance at Collectormania this weekend due to filming commitments on the overrunning Squatters, but is instead appearing at another Showmasters event in July – London Film and Comic Con. The event takes place 6th-8th July at the Olympia Grand Hall, London. This is obviously very disappointing news but if you’re able, get along to LFCC! If you have photo session

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Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields has struck again, shooting Thomas alongside The Secret Circle co-star Phoebe Tonkin (Faye) in a marriage themed shoot. Tyler shot Thomas for the infamous arrest shoot, in which Thomas’s nose was reportedly broken for a second time. Check out the full shoot at his website and all pictures of Thomas here. “Thomas Dekker is one of my favorites! We have done a lot together and this

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There are lots of interesting spoilers turning up for The Secret Circle, including a few that were dropped by Thomas himself! There’s more spoilers and gossip below the cut. As always, click the source link for the full scoop! Huffington Post interviews Thomas & Britt: In the episodes leading up to the break, we witnessed Cassie (Robertson) and Adam (Dekker) growing closer, and now the two star-crossed witches are an

The news has been full of Thomas-related articles recently, whether they are celebrating the eagerly anticipated second half of The Secret Circle series 1 (returning tonight for US viewers), Thomas’s birthday celebrations or his newest flick, Angels Crest. There’s more coming, but for now, the latest roundup:  Angels Crest “Dekker’s performance is heart wrenching and Dellal is definitely a director to watch.” – Womens News, on ‘Angels Crest’  Birthday Bash

Housekeeping Wall of Fame: I’ve added a wall of fame to the sidebar, displaying people who have kindly donated toward site costs. A huge thank you to T’Keyah, who holds the first star. Donations to the site are put towards rising hosting costs to keep the site privately hosted and advert free, as well as to fund domain names and purchase resources such as magazines or DVDs for screencapture. Family

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Just a quick update as it’s been a while and there’s constantly news flooding in about our favourite! Unfortuantely there’s no word on a UK release for Angels Crest, but see below if you’re in the US. Angels Crest US Release New York, New York (October 14, 2011) – Magnolia Pictures has acquired all U.S. distribution rights to Angels Crest, which had its World Premiere at The 2011 Tribeca Film

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SkyLiving, the UK home of The Secret Circle, posted up a little interview with Thomas. It’s nothing new, but still a decent read! Of course don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday nights at 8pm UK twitches!What did everyone think of this week’s episode? Seems like the circle is heating up! Tweet me at @tdekkersource. Were you a fan of the supernatural genre before getting involved in this show? In

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Congratulations The Secret Circle has been picked up for a back nine episodes, as if there was any doubt. According to E Online, it is the top performer out of the three new CW shows this season which are Secret Circle, The Ringer and Hart of Dixie. Who’s Hotter? (Thomas, duh). The Fab Life have launched a poll for this week, putting The CW hotties Thomas & Ian Somerhalder up

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TV Line reporter Matt Mitovich posted a great interview with the Secret Circle cast answering 6 burning questions.  WHY IS ADAM WITH DIANA? DUDE SEEMS TOTALLY INTO CASSIE AND ALL | Says Thomas Dekker, “As we get to explore more of [the Adam/Diana] relationship, you’ll see why they’re together, how long they’ve been together and for what reasons.” Dekker says that Cassie’s arrival in town – and immediate draw to

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The Secret Circle premiered in the UK tonight on Sky Living, taking the Wednesday night 8pm slot. The show caused quite a buzz, as did Sky Atlantic’s showing of Cinema Verite last night. Thomas has been taking time out of his busy schedule to tweet in support of the projects also, so make sure you’re following him at @theThomasDekker. Minor Updates have been made around the site here and there,

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Cambio have posted a great video of their interview with Thomas and co-star Phoebe Tonkin. View their website to see more pictures and interviews. And Thomas’ character is stuck in a bit of a love triangle. If he was really Adam, would he choose Cassie or Diana? “Can I have both?” Thomas joked. Also, please take a moment to visit the Alzheimers Association and donate if you can – or

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First of all, I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page which I will update as I get more mail. Thanks to everyone for visiting and getting in touch – I’m pleased that you did, but to save time and to answer other people’s questions I’ve put up a list of answers. I’ve also added a new poll to the sidebar, so please vote! Also, just a quick update with something

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Thomas about The Secret Circle and his character, Adam at a recent event held on the former set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. One in particular, Adam Conant (portrayed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Thomas Dekker), catches her eye in more ways than one. In the thick of filming, Dekker shared that the romantic tone carried throughout the first episode won’t be at

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Cambio Connect have posted a very cute clip from their photoshoot and interview last weekend with Phoebe Tonkin and Thomas Dekker. In the video, the pair play “Which Witch”, a quiz about witch characters and movies on iPads.     Don’t forget to tune into the Secret Circle pilot on The CW tonight if you’re in the USA. UK fans, you can watch it on Sky Living on Wednesday 28th

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MTV has featured Thomas as the Humpday Hottie for this week and I have to say, they’ve made a fine choice. Though seriously, MTV tell us something we don’t know. Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog   Thomas Dekker has been casting spells on us for some time now with a slew of television roles. Well, he’s back, and this time he’s bewitching the CW with his dark good looks.

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TV Addict have posted another great interview with Thomas ahead of the launch of The Secret Circle. Witches and Love Triangles and Covens, Oh My! Star Thomas Dekker Dishes on THE SECRET CIRCLE Much like those pesky robots sent from the future to protect John Connor on Fox’s now defunct action adventure that was TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, Thomas Dekker is back. Yet unlike his previous role that saw

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Collider posted a great interview with Thomas, where he discusses The Secret Circle, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and more. In the CW’s new supernatural drama The Secret Circle, from executive producer Kevin Williamson and paired with The Vampire Diaries starting on September 15th, Thomas Dekker plays Adam Conant, a member of the Circle. All descended from powerful witches, the Circle is completed when Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) returns to

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Just a quick update on the news front… Thomas has confirmed his involvement in the Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 soundtrack. The movie is set for release on DVD on September 20th. Cinema Verite won an Emmy award for Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Miniseries Or A Movie. Yesterday iTunes gave US fans the chance to watch The Secret Circle pilot online ahead of tomorrow’s premiere. The reactions were overwhelmingly

Behind the Scenes Pictures from The Secret Circle Shoot Just Jared recently posted some on-set photos from The Secret Circle shoot, featuring Thomas and co-star Britt Robertson. Thomas Dekker is all smiles on the set of his show The Secret Circle on Thursday (August 18) in Vancouver, Canada. The 23-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Britt Robertson. Angels Crest at Calgary Film Festival Thomas’s movie Angels Crest is to

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Updating Issues Unfortunately my computer has broken down for the second time in two months and has been sent in for repair – along with my Blackberry, which is making it difficult to update. Please keep checking back as I will be doing a massive update as soon as they are returned. Secret Circle Posters TV Line have posted several brand new Secret Circle promotional posters, including one of Thomas

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I stumbled across this great little review of Angels Crest, at Culture Catch and had to share. It’s very complimentary of Thomas and rightly so – this is what I love to see. There are a handful of similarities between Atom Egoyan’s acclaimed The Sweet Hereafter (1997) and Gaby Della’s applause-worthy Angels Crest. Both explore the aftermath of children’s deaths in self-contained communities, the difference being in the number of

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Robyn Ross of TV Guide posted a great little interview with Thomas which was taped last week. In the clip, he discusses Cinema Verite and The Secret Circle and gives us a little hint at what’s in store in the pilot… Thomas Dekker admits it took a lot for him to return to TV, but what better reason than to play a warlock? “I haven’t done TV in a couple

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Assignment X have posted a fantastic, in depth interview with Thomas, discussing ‘Cinema Verite’, ‘Secret Circle’, ‘Kaboom’, growing up in Hollywood and more. He also gives more details on his new movie, Walk of Fame. In an age where no one bats an eye at watching a man with mascara on network family hour, or showing off their flamboyantly great fashion style for reality television, it’s hard to remember when

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Out Magazine have posted an excellent interview with Thomas, where he discusses his career, sexuality, Cinema Verite, the infamous Heroes scandal and his new movie, The Walk Of Fame. View the original article here, along with some beautiful shots. The Many Shades of Thomas Dekker By Bill Keith | Styling by Constanze Han Five years ago, the former child star nearly quit acting to work in a record store. But

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Thomas Dekker is your not-so-typical, precocious and complex 23-year-old star-on-the-rise. He has spent almost two decades building a fascinatingly varied body of work and has already graduated to write and direct his first feature film, called The Walk of Fame. (It’s set to begin shooting this month with fellow young upstarts Nico Tortorella and Shiloh Fernandez and will be produced by Christine Vachon’s Killer Films.) Born in Las Vegas, Dekker

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Here is a fantastic, in depth interview with Thomas from Dread Central, where he discusses the movie and working with former Terminator co-star and friend Brian Austin Green. Thomas Dekker interview with Dread Central   Thomas Dekker: I’m back a lot more in this one than I was in the first one. Now I’m like a real character and am in the whole movie, instead of the last five minutes

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First of all, apologies for the long delay. My health has been problematic lately and so I’ve been a little slow with the site. Here is a roundup of the most recent Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 news and interviews. Also coming up is a fantastic interview with Thomas himself from Dread Central. Brian A. Green excerpt of interview with Dread Central Question: Who are most of your scenes with

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  I will be catching up on the huge flood of Kaboom updates and reviews that have been generated by the US release and Sundance Film Festival shortly, as well as on the Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 coverage. For now though, Just Jared has posted an excerpt from a great article featuring Thomas and photos by Gregg Araki. Thomas Dekker poses for his Kaboom director Gregg Araki in VMAN’s

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  Just Jared has featured the beautiful Thomas publicity still on his blog today, in a feature about Kaboom and the new trailer. Other Kaboom articles that have cropped up include ones at the Village Voice and Reelz Channel. There’s masses of news and articles on Laid To Rest 2, which I will post shortly. I’ve had flu and am in the middle of exams, so I’ll be posting it

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There is a great deal of publicity for Kaboom, as the US release comes nearer. Thomas himself has tweeted about the amazing movie poster, which was first posted by Vulture. What’s the best way to get in the spirit for Kaboom, the new sci-fi sex comedy from Gregg Araki, which finds the director of Nowhere and The Doom Generation returning to what he loves best: silly jokes, bright colors, and

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Thomas in Wonderland A beautiful image of Thomas in a trench coat has been featured in Vulture’s “December’s Best Entertainment Photography” gallery. The picture was reportedly featured in the Wonderland Magazine December 2010 edition. If anyone has a copy of this and is willing to scan it, please get in touch via e-mail or twitter (@tdekkersource). All About Evil Review Inside Pulse have publised a great review of the new

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Rogue have posted a very cute interview with Thomas about getting started in the business as a child actor. Take a look at their website. As a sidenote, I’m loving the hair!

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There is a good review of Kaboom which features some additional details regarding the plot at Obsessed With Film. Although there is little mention of Thomas, it makes an interesting read. Smith (Thomas Dekker) is a typically oversexed University student. However, he is also bisexual, and thus finds the rampant, heterosexual liaisons of his attractive dimwit roommate, Thor (Chris Zylka), enormously frustrating. Though he remains hopeful that Thor will one

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The Love Is Louder campaign photographs have been posted on the Tyler Shields Photography site. There are some beautiful shots of Thomas for a really great cause. Click on the images to view full size versions at Tyler’s site.

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There has been a sudden influx of news and updates, which is what I love to see. Expect more later this afternoon, including what Thomas was up to last night with former co-star Leven Rambin. For now though, here are some highlights from the press. And if you haven’t already, head over to Twitter to play Thomas’s Halloween Movie Quotes game, if you’re up on your horror. It’s his favourite

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Thomas at PETA! MMN posted an article about this past weekend’s PETA Gala, which was to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Below is an excerpt about Thomas and his reasons for turning vegan at 13. Thomas Dekker, who went vegan at 13 after visiting a pig farm and campaigned for the passage of California’s Proposition 2 for the humane treatment of farm animals, intends to further help the planet by buying

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Thomas was spotted at the PETA 30th Anniversary Gala this Saturday in Hollywood looking very sharp! Jenna Dewan and Thomas Dekker step out at Peta’s 30th Anniversary Gala held at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday (September 25) in Hollywood. The 29-year-old actress and Thomas, 22, joined celebs including Kellan Lutz and Glee’s Lea Michele in celebrating the organization’s accomplishments.   Read the article & view the very cute pictures at

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There is praise for Thomas and co-star Juno Temple in an otherwise less than favorable review for Kaboom. Read the full article, about the Toronto Film Festival Lineup, here. Greg Araki’s great 2006 drama “Mysterious Skin” looks more and more like an anomaly in a lightweight career. His latest, “Kaboom,” is a return to his mid-’90s period of “Doom Generation” and “Nowhere”—raunchy nihilistic comedies with sassy dialogue, pansexual couplings and

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Just Jared posted some beautiful new pictures of Thomas promoting Kaboom today in France! Thomas Dekker rocks a headband at a photocall for his new movie Kaboom during the 2010 American Film Festival on Sunday (September 5) in Deauville, France. Pic, which co-stars Roxane Mesquida (pictured here), is a sci-fi story centered on the sexual awakening of a group of college students. “Kaboom is a really original screenplay,” Thomas has

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There is a brief mention of Thomas as Lance Loud in Cinema Verite at Project Q Atlanta’s website. • First look at Thomas Dekker as Lance Loud. Who? Loud was many of mainstream America’s first gay man when his family was profiled in PBS’ groundbreaking 1970s series “An American Family.” The series is scheduled for HBO in 2011. (Dekker as Loud with Diane Lane, fourth photo) The real Loud died

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There is starting to be a lot of press around Cinema Verite, which Thomas wrapped in New York City on Tuesday. The most interesting article to surface since Just Jared’s feature was from Stylelist and directly mentions Thomas in his jacket and wig. You can read the full article here. Joining Lane as she strolled through New York City’s Central Park was actor Thomas Dekker, who, with his luxurious locks

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Thomas Dekker Interview 2: Kaboom – AlloCiné. Although the questions aren’t in English, it’s easy enough to figure out what they are based on Thomas’s answers. Does anyone else love that t-shirt?

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Check out 2 stunning pictures of Thomas in the latest issue of Flaunt! See a preview of the pages by clicking the link to Just Jared. Mark Salling & Thomas Dekker are Flaunt Fellows.

Current Projects
Thomas as Gregory Valentine
Quirky crime drama featuring Thomas as a former gay prostitute and Backstrom's connection to the criminal world.
Genre: Drama | TV Series
Airdate: January 22 / FOX
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Fear Clinic
Thomas as Blake

Thomas plays a damaged young man checking into the Fear Clinic.
Genre: Horror | Movie
Airdate: DVD Release in March
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Enter The Dangerous Mind
Thomas as Jake

Thriller about a mentally ill musician.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

The White City
Thomas as Kyle

Moving story about a pair of troubled young artists in Israel.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

My Eleventh
Thomas as

Thriller about a kidnapping.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

Thomas as Jacob

The story of a love triangle between Jacob, Josef and Aimee.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

The Potters
Thomas as Asher Potter

Animated story of a girl seeking memories of a forgotten life.
Genre: Animation | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

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Musical Projects
Into the Night
Thomas has produced a brand new electronic album, new for 2018.
Official Site | Twitter.

Zero Times Zero
Thomas's brand new musical venture is the art collective 0X0.
Official Site | Twitter.

Thomas has 2 songs featured on the Official soundtrack for Plush, which he co-wrote. "Half of Me (Enzo Remix)" and my personal obsession, "Ultraviolet".

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Thomas's eccentric but inspired debut album Psyanotic.
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