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Finally, the When Thomas Invaded series continues with the penultimate installment! This time, there are the notes on acting and dream roles…

Dream Roles
If afforded the opportunity to pick any role from television and film, Thomas said that he would pick Ripley in Alien as she is “strong, tough, not afraid to cry and be vulnerable. It’s hard to find that duality in a young male character. They always want you to be unshakeable which is boring for an actor.” As for current TV shows, he shared that he’d love to be in “series 3 of The Killing and would give a finger to be on American Horror Story and I live tweet while watching. I would do Twin Peaks for free! And my new TV show.”

When I asked which book he would like to adapt and star in, Thomas was certain. “Ooh that might be 2 different things. I’m a bit of a book nerd. There’s one book I’m desperately trying to get the rights to and I’m in a bidding war. It’s a Stephen King, one of the few that haven’t been snatched up, called Gerald’s Game. It’s an incredibly claustrophobic book. A couple go to a cabin in the woods to rekindle their romance, the guy handcuffs his wife to the bed and then he has a heart attack. The woman is stuck in the cabin going slowly insane. I want Lena Headey to play that woman.”

If the Twin Peaks revival happened, who would you play, asked one fan. “I’d do anything…craft services, driver, extra, I don’t give a shit! A weird, peripheral character that sticks in your brain.” And who would play Thomas in a movie of his life, asked another? “I don’t know. You broke my trajectory! Chris Farley if he was still around.”


A fan asked how much of his own personality is brought into his roles, to which Thomas said: “I’ve played close to me and the polar opposite and I’m not sure which I like better. I try to invent the voice, the walk, mannerisms to build a rounded character. I try not to repeat myself. In John there is a lot of me, a lot of the good stuff. But all my weaknesses and shortcomings, hopefully not. Cinema Verite was not like me. I try to find common ground and mutual understanding.”

When asked about being a child actor, Thomas had a lot to say. “I had an accidental start and I didn’t have pushy parents. My parents came from a musical, singing background. They asked if I enjoyed it – if not, we’ll stop. I am grateful for 20 years of experience and connections and knowledge. I went to school until 4th grade then I was set taught. I had a 10 hour day on set which included 3 hours of school. 30 minutes of acting and blocking and whatnot and school in 20 minute blocks. I was just going along for the ride until about 17. Then I had a crisis of faith and was a week away from quitting. I had an application in at Amoeba Records for a job as a clerk. Then I met my Manager and she showed me that I can do this. Then I landed Heroes.”

Does Thomas research roles, I asked? “I discuss with the director and producer. For example for the homeless person; who is he and how did he get there? Venice Beach, filming, people thought I was homeless. I got kicked out of a restaurant because of the way I looked … for the drug addict roles, obviously not…my drug of choice is Twin Peaks.” As for novels such as Angels Crest and The Secret Circle, the answer is different. “I didn’t read The Secret Circle. I don’t read the books, I want it to be my interpretation.”

Another fan asked how Thomas prepared for Angels Crest.  Thomas admitted he’s extremely proud of the movie and went on to explain the plot, before joking “…so it’s a comedy! It was a really intense experience. I had a hard time shaking off the feeling of it. It was freezing cold in Calgary. I spent two weeks with the boy and his Mom. She was a single mother and he put me in the Dad role. We shot the scenes where he’s alive first and then get into the grief. It was surprisingly easy to slide into it but really hard to snap out of it.”

Thomas also had a cute story to share about Eko, the little boy playing his son in the movie. “I tried to hide my smoking from him; I kept going out to use the bathroom or go outside, to smoke. But one day he looked at me and asked “you going to smoke?” I guess he figured it out. Kids are smart. I guess my Grandma probably has too.”

Thomas said that his proudest works were “Terminator is my top achievement. Angels Crest, or Abandonned in the UK. Kaboom. And Squatters.” Meanwhile the most difficult scene to film recently? “Physically, hanging upside down for 10 hours on The Good Lie, crying and screaming.” Thomas noted that he also did that in Nightmare On Elm Street and they told him not to scream and cry so much, as for some reason the guys in horror movies are not allowed to show fear, but you would. “Not that fun. Emotionally, still Angels Crest.”

And the strangest thing he’s had to do? “Pull a chip out of Summer Glau’s head is one of them! Challenging. I hadn’t done any nudity or sex scenes and Kaboom opens with me full frontal and I pretty much have sex with everyone. And Honey I Shrunk The Kids…what were the writers thinking? Insane.”

Asked what his preference is, Thomas is unsure. “It’s difficult, I started at 5 years old so I don’t have any memories before acting. I didn’t have pushy parents, I just wanted to do it. I don’t know how not to do it. Music was a conscious decision in my mid-teens. Directing I knew I wanted to do when I worked with John Carpenter in Village of the Damned. If I fail at that, I’d love to do editing because I love it. [Jokes] or Homeless, I hear that’s fun.”

As for theatre, he has expressed fear previously of stage work but joined Second City for a one-night performance. “Second City is a comedy group on stage. We sat around coming up with skits that made each other laugh. Acting on stage is scary. On TV, you have the blessing of the camera. If I did theatre, I’d start with a play, not a musical.” He noted that he’s never had an acting lesson. Would he ever consider stand-up? There were rumours. “Yes, love stand up. It’s scary enough with you guys, who are my friends and a nice audience. I want to do it because it’s so scary, but I’m too scared to do it.” If forced to choose between music, acting and everything else? “I’d have to pick whichever one I could ensure I’d always be successful in. Probably music as I only have to rely on myself and a lot of electronic equipment.”

The Secret Circle

“When the show began, Adam was the moral pillar of the circle, he was a good strong guy. The plan was midway to have something happen to him to make him bad. Boy was I pissed off when it didn’t happen, but at least I got to play a ghost in church. There was a lot of creative friction so another story usurped that. He was supposed to become mad with power and turn into the villain for the start of the second season. Diana would leave and be called back. I would have been excited to see dark Adam befriending Jake to manipulate him – and through him, Cassie.”

Monica asked about his impressions on the set of The Secret Circle. “My thing was to do impressions. Shelley had only done soap operas for four years. She got it after a couple of episodes but on the pilot she was confused about the close-ups and where the camera was. [Impression]. Phoebe lives on kale and air and is always on her iPad [impression]. Britt’s always walking her fucking dogs! And only drinks soda. So if I had a soda, I’d be Britt. Chris just looked sad and confused. And Jess was always studying her lines. It was fun. I learned all the lines of the pilot for fun.”

Getting ready for work in the mornings however, was not so enjoyable for Thomas. “I spent a lot of time in long sleeves. It took three hours to cover them, so if we had a 6am call it became a 3am call. I don’t feel bad for myself, because I love them, but I do feel bad for the make-up artist sitting there with an airbrush gun thinking ‘why do actors get tattoos?’ I could feel the rage coming out of her.”

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
“I’m still strangely connected. My Mom in the show is my Mom’s best friend. My Mom is the acting coach and on-set handler of her daughters and I’m godfather to one. It was odd. I was strange and quiet as a kid. I think some of the stuff I did on that set is pretty horrific.”

Thanks to Jan for help note-taking!

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