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Finally, the When Thomas Invaded series continues with the last installment! This last post is dedicated to the most exciting aspect of discussion at Inva3ion – Thomas’s music!

Shirley Manson
When I asked about a tweet he’d sent me previously regarding a duet with Shirley Manson, Thomas explained “I’m desperately trying to get Shirley Manson to sing on one of the tracks. It’s a duet for a male and a female but I want us to sing opposite parts because she’s a bigger man than I am! But she’s been on tour so scheduling was tricky.”

The Vine Videos
The Vine Videos were represented on my shirts all weekend and Thomas was a little embarrassed by the hilarious shorts. “We made those in Vancouver. After we’d been to Eleventeen bars, Matt McInnis told me about Vine and we were messing around. He asked me ‘are you sure you want me to post this?’ and I said ‘yeah, it’s fine’ and the next morning was like ‘fuck!’.”

Zero Times Zero
On the subject of music, Thomas had rather a lot to share, including the World Premiere of 7 one-minute promotional videos and a track at Saturday’s disco from Zero Times Zero, all of which were mindblowing! Thomas describes Zero Times Zero as “an art conglomerate, it’s not a band and it’s not a solo artist. The first record is finished, titled Equals Zero and it’s out this year. We’re already 7 tracks into the next album. It involves video, art, photography, fashion, trying to make a statement. Artistic ventures.” Thomas wants it to be like an underground cult and the marketing campaign keeps that in mind. “The title is Equals Zero. It will be released deviously, like some crazy cult. You may find a DVD in a club bathroom.”

Influences that Thomas lists include “80s industrial and classical music. Gardiner, Chopan. Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Lamb, Bjork and film scores.” His favourite soundtrack? “Blade Runner. Carrie. Black Swan. Trent Reznor.” He also shared “Pretty Hate Machine is one of my favourites of all time.” His music, a fan noted, sounds 80’s inspired. “Yes. It was written in Chicago filming Nightmare on Elm Street, in the hotel. I wanted it to sound 80’s made. I put it away for a while and then decided to make it sound of today but with an 80’s spirit. Electronic instruments used melodically inspired me, I think I should have lived in the 80’s.”

On Saturday night at the Disco, Thomas appeared in the main hall and got up on stage to introduce a World Premiere of one of Zero Times Zero’s new songs. There was much dancing and much applause – and a very relieved seeming Dekker who admitted to me after, he was very excited and hoped that everyone had liked it. Yes, I assured him, we fucking loved it!

At Thomas’s Q&A on Sunday, he once again proved his love for the UK by treating us to another World First – the premiere of not one but seven sixty second promotional videos for Zero Times Zero’s upcoming album. Thomas took the stage and exclaimed: “I just did this! It’s like it’s all happening again! Is everyone having fun? I saw you all cutting the rug! I thought it was like a little dinner dance that they put on, but it was like Ibiza in here! Questions first, then I’ll premiere stuff that nobody in the world has seen!”

“7 x 1 minute videos remixed to sound even more confusing and bizarre.” There was absolute silence in the room as Thomas introduced the videos with a warning for flash photography – and the actor looked nervous as they played. There was a brief pause between each video but the room was too hooked to make a noise, until finally, the lights came back on and applause broke out. Afterwards, he grinned, “that’s totally normal, yeah? There you have it. That was nerve wracking! A lot of frightened faces.” Fans were quick to praise the videos, interested not only in the music but the ideas behind the videos. Did Thomas direct those? “Yes, directed and edited. Rob Hall did the effects for all of them for free, he did effects on Sarah Connor. $150,000 dollars worth. We melted a head, which is expensive!” Thomas also wore a rubber suit for one, while directing. The videos were inspired by self-abuse and vices, the ridiculousness of celebrities and Hollywood. “My crazy crackpot brain!” The videos feature many of Thomas’s friends, one of whom was quite unsuspecting. “It was all shot in Super 8, 16mm VHS. Quite a challenge to edit on a tape.”

Thomas was asked about a follow-up to Psyanotic? “No, this is the follow-up. I was speaking about this project. The whole secret is not to declare who’s working on it. It could be 50 people it could be 3, but it’s still my brain child. [Psyanotic] did me a disservice really, as people related it to my acting. The reviews said ‘this kid is supposed to save the world, really?’ My music is not very conducive with being semi-known. Lots of actors get a bad wrap because they do shit music. Mine is experimental, a different sound. I read a lot of comments about ‘this guy’s going to save the world?’ John Connor was not helping with my music. Cool people like you will know it’s me, but not under my own name for those reasons.”

Is a UK tour likely to happen? “Yes. We’re going to do Los Angeles and New York and we’ll figure out the rest. The music fits Europe more than the US. A lot of Germans seem to like it.”

When asked what inspires the music, Thomas took a tangent. “Who heard the track that I played last night? Thank you for dancing! … It’s a strange process, I know what the sound and tone is before I know what the lyrics will be. I finish everything musical first and then, not to sound like a hippie, but I let the words come to me. This new one is about the last two years of my life, relationships that have flourished and relationships that have broken. The videos today are things I want to hear, play with, ask and sing about.”

Exciting things to come from Thomas and Zero Times Zero!

Thanks to Jan for help with transcriptions.

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