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SkyLiving, the UK home of The Secret Circle, posted up a little interview with Thomas. It’s nothing new, but still a decent read! Of course don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday nights at 8pm UK twitches!What did everyone think of this week’s episode? Seems like the circle is heating up! Tweet me at @tdekkersource.

Were you a fan of the supernatural genre before getting involved in this show?

In my youth I was obsessed with the movie The Craft. I never got into practicing Wiccanism or anything, but I certainly had a deep fascination for it. It’s a little different from what the show is at this point, in that we already have these innate abilities: we can move things with our mind, we can control the elements, but I am really hoping that we get to do more bell, book and candles type spells, with herbs and the earth and stuff like that. And, of course, it’s really exciting for us as actors because with witchcraft, the age-old rule is that you have the light and the dark; you have the two options and it doesn’t come down to the magic being light or dark, it’s the heart of the witch. It depends, as we go along and our powers intensify, who is going to slip to which side, which gives us a lot of places to go.

Have you read the books? Adam is a little bit different in the book than he is in the show?

That’s what I understand from Kevin (Williamson, executive producer) and that’s why I decided not to read the books. He’s read the books, obviously. But I came to him and I said, “I haven’t read the books,” when I got the job, and I said, “How much, legitimately, is this a carbon copy of the books? And how, knowing where you need this show to go, does this function as a TV show and not just a recant of the books? Do you want me to keep doing what I came up with just from the script or do you want me to get into that?” And we decided that for our universe – at this point at least – to go in our own direction. I don’t even know what the difference is. He’s probably taller, sexier and nicer.

He is tall, with red hair and grey eyes. He is very different. And the way he interacts with Cassie is a little different too.

So, basically you are saying that I’m not the character at all, that you don’t know why I am sitting here at all! It’s supposed to be Rupert Grint.

I think you’ll be fine.

I’m really happy with the show. All six of the kids are really specific characters that have been well cut-out and created.

Does your character have any specific abilities?

Well, all our powers are intensified when Cassie arrives, but we don’t know our specific powers at this point. We can all do the same things, but water is my specialty. We all have a specific element that we are charged by, in a way.

How difficult was it to make the choice to come back into television since Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled.

Yeah, it’s my first foray back into television since that show and it’s fun. I hadn’t done television in two and a half years, since Terminator, and I was so spoilt on that, I loved that show so much, and it was very filmic. So I have just been doing a lot of movies since, but I had always wanted to work with Kevin – I was a fan of Scream when I was a kid – and so I read the role and I just have this affection for witchcraft, so it just fit, everything fit. I had worked with Britt (Robertson) before and I just love her, and then I met the rest of the cast, and they are all so lovely. I think I wanted to do a job where I could have some fun – all the films I have been doing were pretty hardcore.

So, what do you think is the popularity of witches as characters, and why are they so constant in our pop culture?Well, I think all those things – vampires, werewolves and witches – they are the dark side of fantasy, and often if you think about it, those things are appealing, especially witches, because it’s the appeal to have power, to have more power than we naturally have. Especially for young people, it’s really appealing. That’s why I loved that movie growing up, because I loved this idea that you could conjure up something within yourself and the world around you that no-one else could, so I think it’s a feeling of identity and power from within for a lot of people and that’s why it keeps going, and I just think witches are very sexy, and very appealing. I said to Kevin when we started the show, I said, “I think witchcraft, just as much as vampires, is a very sexual thing, a very sensual thing.” We’ll see where that goes.

You usually associate witches with females, so what do you hope to achieve in this role as a man?

Well, that was one of the things that I found really exciting, because always with the roles I am looking to do, I am trying to be as un-stereotypical as possible, in the films I have been doing since Terminator and even the way I interpreted John Connor, I tried to find this duality, and I try to find that duality all the time. So with this role, that was another thing: I loved that he is this really strong all-American – he’s not, at least at this point, malicious or malevolent, he doesn’t have an agenda – and he’s a very simple and straightforward guy. He’s got his girlfriend, he’s got his friends and he’s trying to do this thing with his coven, and that’s all great on one side; but I think to play with witchcraft, you are automatically playing with nature and spirituality, which are much more the things that we associate with women, for the most part. So it was an exciting idea to try to blend those things – like the scene in the woods, I wanted to shift from just being that guy, to show there is a deeper level to him. And I don’t think witches are just for women. I don’t think that one bit. I don’t think werewolves should be just for men either. A she-wolf. I would like to see that.

People will obviously compare this show to The Vampire Diaries, so can you take anything from that, seeing what the actors did there, and how successful the show has been?

You know, I would love to say that I did, but I am just too stubborn. I like working with Kevin and whoever is the driving force behind this, and obviously there is going to be a lot of comparisons because we are in the time-slot after them, but I do think that he is particularly good at making each show have its own world. Everyone is already wondering if we are going to have a crossover episode type deal, but I don’t think that will happen. I think we will try to assert ourselves as our own ‘circle’.

But there is also a love triangle in the show, with you and two girls?

Yeah, I joke that I’m the male Bella Swan of the situation, like, “I can’t decide!” But it’s going to really interesting places and the cool thing is, you have this element of witchcraft in there. I’m obviously very drawn to Cassie and vice versa, but my girlfriend probably won’t like that very much and she is a witch, so you probably want to be careful.

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