Chris Zylka has been busy discussing Thomas, their relationship, The Secret Circle and Kaboom! The extremely friendly and funny actor recently took a few minutes to answer some of my questions about reuniting with Thomas Dekker (they worked together in the amazing 2010 film Kaboom), the therapeutic value of playing Jake, and dealing with post-Christmas underwear scenes. When it comes to the show’s central love triangle, it seems as though Jake’s got the

Behind the Scenes Pictures from The Secret Circle Shoot Just Jared recently posted some on-set photos from The Secret Circle shoot, featuring Thomas and co-star Britt Robertson. Thomas Dekker is all smiles on the set of his show The Secret Circle on Thursday (August 18) in Vancouver, Canada. The 23-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Britt Robertson. Angels Crest at Calgary Film Festival Thomas’s movie Angels Crest is to

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Kaboom has been showing in selected UK cinemas since June 10th. Showings are still taking place at Curizon and Picture House Cinemas, as well as a handful of other independent venues including Oxford, Leeds, London, Birmingham and Cambridge this week. I would advise checking your local art house. Artificial Eye have posted the most accurate listing I have found, which I’ve posted below: Week Commencing 17th Jun 2011 The Electric

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Kaboom is to be featured in the line-up at this year’s BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, on Thursday 31st March.For those of you who haven’t seen the film yet, it is a great chance before its general October release. Those acquainted with Gregg Araki’s Teen Apocalypse Trilogy (Totally F***ed Up, The Doom Generation and Nowhere) will know that he has a knack for making the Armageddon look like

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  I will be catching up on the huge flood of Kaboom updates and reviews that have been generated by the US release and Sundance Film Festival shortly, as well as on the Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 coverage. For now though, Just Jared has posted an excerpt from a great article featuring Thomas and photos by Gregg Araki. Thomas Dekker poses for his Kaboom director Gregg Araki in VMAN’s

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Just Jared has posted some adorable pictures of Thomas at Sundance, along with cute co-star Juno Temple and director Gregg Araki. They are there promoting Kaboom at the festival, coinciding with the US release. Visit Just Jared to view the photos and more information! Thomas Dekker hits the cocktail reception for his film Kaboom at The Levis AE Showroom during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival on Friday (January 21) in

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  Just Jared has featured the beautiful Thomas publicity still on his blog today, in a feature about Kaboom and the new trailer. Other Kaboom articles that have cropped up include ones at the Village Voice and Reelz Channel. There’s masses of news and articles on Laid To Rest 2, which I will post shortly. I’ve had flu and am in the middle of exams, so I’ll be posting it

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In the lead-up to Kaboom’s US release, there have been plenty of reviews and articles with very positive opinions. Various mentions have been made, but I’ve picked out the best. UK fans don’t forget to get your March 2011 copy of SFX, featuring a beautiful image of Thomas and a mini-article entitled “Dirty Pretty Things”. Thomas Dekker, the 23-year-old actor who plays Smith, the sexually curious and voracious film-student hero

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There is a great deal of publicity for Kaboom, as the US release comes nearer. Thomas himself has tweeted about the amazing movie poster, which was first posted by Vulture. What’s the best way to get in the spirit for Kaboom, the new sci-fi sex comedy from Gregg Araki, which finds the director of Nowhere and The Doom Generation returning to what he loves best: silly jokes, bright colors, and

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Thomas’s film Kaboom is heading to the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, according to Indie Wire. Exciting stuff! Kaboom/U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Gregg Araki) — A science fiction story centered on the sexual awakening of a group of college students. Cast: Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Chris Zylka, Roxane Mesquida, Juno Temple. U.S. Premiere. There has been a great deal of further promotion of Kaboom over the last couple of months,

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There is a good review of Kaboom which features some additional details regarding the plot at Obsessed With Film. Although there is little mention of Thomas, it makes an interesting read. Smith (Thomas Dekker) is a typically oversexed University student. However, he is also bisexual, and thus finds the rampant, heterosexual liaisons of his attractive dimwit roommate, Thor (Chris Zylka), enormously frustrating. Though he remains hopeful that Thor will one

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I just found an interesting interview with Thomas, back when he was in Cannes. In it, he discusses sex scenes, sexuality and Gregg Araki. YouTube – Thomas Dekker Kaboom Interviews: Cannes Film Festival 2010 5/17/2010. Thomas has been busy tweeting this week, so head over to see what he has to say about Halloween, All About Evil and more! While you’re there, also follow @tdekkersource and @lavagirllilly!

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Thomas at PETA! MMN posted an article about this past weekend’s PETA Gala, which was to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Below is an excerpt about Thomas and his reasons for turning vegan at 13. Thomas Dekker, who went vegan at 13 after visiting a pig farm and campaigned for the passage of California’s Proposition 2 for the humane treatment of farm animals, intends to further help the planet by buying

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Back from break! First of all, sorry for the lack of updates recently, my health has been giving me some trouble again. I’m back now and catching up with Thomas news, so expect some regular updates for a while here. Thomas Interview Below is a fantastic new interview with Thomas – adorable as always – promoting Kaboom on his recent trip to France. In it, he talks about his involvement

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There is praise for Thomas and co-star Juno Temple in an otherwise less than favorable review for Kaboom. Read the full article, about the Toronto Film Festival Lineup, here. Greg Araki’s great 2006 drama “Mysterious Skin” looks more and more like an anomaly in a lightweight career. His latest, “Kaboom,” is a return to his mid-’90s period of “Doom Generation” and “Nowhere”—raunchy nihilistic comedies with sassy dialogue, pansexual couplings and

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The final (probably) post of the day features a fantastic video from Yagg, interviewing Gregg and an adorable glass wearing Thomas! This is also as part of the French promotion for Kaboom this week. Thomas discusses Kaboom, Smith, the differences and similarities between Thomas & Smith and explains his tattoos. Yagg – Kaboom Interview.

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Thomas is quite quiet in this one, but makes a little speech towards the start! Also, catch the adorable moment after the award presentation between Thomas & Gregg! YouTube – Gregg Akari et Thomas Dekker.

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There are several videos of Thomas, Roxanne and Gregg promoting Kaboom in Deauville, France this week, which I will be posting. There is the obvious English-to-French translation, but they are still worth a watch for sure. YouTube – KABOOM GREGG AKARI.

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Just Jared posted some beautiful new pictures of Thomas promoting Kaboom today in France! Thomas Dekker rocks a headband at a photocall for his new movie Kaboom during the 2010 American Film Festival on Sunday (September 5) in Deauville, France. Pic, which co-stars Roxane Mesquida (pictured here), is a sci-fi story centered on the sexual awakening of a group of college students. “Kaboom is a really original screenplay,” Thomas has

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Another Kaboom trailer has appeared on YouTube, featuring some previously unseen clips of Thomas as Smith! Once again there is some nudity and strong language… YouTube – Kaboom 2010 – Gregg Araki – TRAILER.

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There are some hilarious new trailers for Kaboom, with Thomas starring as Smith. Warning: These are fairly mature in terms of content. Source Source

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Greg Araki released a statement, as reported by Cinematical, about the removal of “Kaboom” from the Fright Fest line-up here in the UK. Read the full article here. “Kaboom” (starring Thomas as “Smith”) was originally going to have it’s UK premiere at the festival, but was withdrawn in controversy last month after Araki reportedly objected to the movie being shown to a “bunch of geeks”. It seemed unlikely at the

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Kaboom was set to have a UK premiere at FrightFest in London this August, however their newsletter states that the film has been withdrawn. There is some controversy surrounding Araki’s decision and FilmFest claim he didn’t want “a bunch of geeks” seeing the movie. Personally I was unable to attend the premiere anyway, but it’s disappointing for anyone who was attending. Let’s hope it still premieres here – and that

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Thomas Dekker Interview 2: Kaboom – AlloCiné. Although the questions aren’t in English, it’s easy enough to figure out what they are based on Thomas’s answers. Does anyone else love that t-shirt?

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A somewhat graphic but very entertaining scene between Smith and Thor, from “Kaboom”.  Kaboom Extrait vidéo 2 VO – AlloCiné.

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In Kaboom, ex-Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker plays a college student who’s plagued by apocalyptic nightmares and visions of a gruesome murder. The supernatural science fiction picture – one of the most bonkers films you’re ever likely to see – is one of the midnight screenings at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. DS caught up with Thomas at the festival to chat about his role in Gregg Araki’s sex-fuelled

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It’s old news really, but I just found a cute interview with Thomas on the red carpet at the ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ premiere in May. In it, he discusses his role in ‘Kaboom’ and also ‘Drift’! Thomas also shares his secret to amazing hair! Thomas Dekker On Sci-fi Movie ‘Kaboom’ Premiering At Cannes – The Cannes Film Festival is known for blockbuster movie premieres or really important cinematic

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First Showing have posted a review of Kaboom, which was recently screened at Cannes Film Festival. Although I already walked out of one film earlier asking “what the fuck did I just watch?”, this movie deserves that exclamation much more than that other one (Hideo Nakata’s Chatroom). After hearing some interesting buzz about American indie filmmaker Gregg Araki’s new film Kaboom, I decided to check out the film at its

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There are 2 clips of Thomas’s new film, Kaboom, in which he plays college student Smith. The film recently showed at Cannes and will be on general release soon. There is a warning for these videos, since they do contain some mature content.

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Some may react violently against Gregg Araki’s (Mysterious Skin) latest film, but even in its worst moments it’s a brilliant kind of bad. The tale spins around bisexual college student Smith (Thomas Dekker) as he gets it on with several boys and girls (both in his mind and in reality), witnesses the murder of a red-headed girl, is attacked by men in animal masks and finds himself drawn into a

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The man behind “Kaboom”, which has recently premiered at Cannes Film Festival, was singing Tom’s praises in a recent interview with Filmshaft. What is Thomas Dekker like to work with? Thomas is amazing, such a pure talent and such a great human being and a hard worker. We couldn’t have done it without his dedication and unyielding passion for the product. You can read the full article right here!

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