Chris Zylka has been busy discussing Thomas, their relationship, The Secret Circle and Kaboom! The extremely friendly and funny actor recently took a few minutes to answer some of my questions about reuniting with Thomas Dekker (they worked together in the amazing 2010 film Kaboom), the therapeutic value of playing Jake, and dealing with post-Christmas underwear scenes. When it comes to the show’s central love triangle, it seems as though Jake’s got the

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There is another short Thomas video interview, this time discussing being a part of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, at I Am Rogue. Is it me or does Thomas look different every single time we see him lately? Don’t forget if you haven’t bought it already, that All About Evil is out on DVD at Peaches Christ Productions, along with two beautiful posters featuring Thomas. Having seen it myself and

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Thomas at PETA! MMN posted an article about this past weekend’s PETA Gala, which was to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Below is an excerpt about Thomas and his reasons for turning vegan at 13. Thomas Dekker, who went vegan at 13 after visiting a pig farm and campaigned for the passage of California’s Proposition 2 for the humane treatment of farm animals, intends to further help the planet by buying

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There is starting to be a lot of press around Cinema Verite, which Thomas wrapped in New York City on Tuesday. The most interesting article to surface since Just Jared’s feature was from Stylelist and directly mentions Thomas in his jacket and wig. You can read the full article here. Joining Lane as she strolled through New York City’s Central Park was actor Thomas Dekker, who, with his luxurious locks

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Site Updates & Fixes A big thank you to the wonderful Flor, of Sweet Revelation Design, for kindly sorting out the problem with the CPMFetch Installation and WordPress Upgrade! Flor is an amazing designer, so head on over there if you have a site of your own or are thinking of starting one! Also, check out her awesome Chris Colfer fansite if you’re a Gleek like me! All About Evil

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Thomas Updates First of all, Thomas has been tweeting away – so follow him now! Also there is a very heartfelt, honest and inspiring blog entry over at MySpace. If only more celebrities used their influence to potentially help so many other people – and said the things that really needed to be said. All About Evil There has been a new interview posted about All About Evil – highlighted

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News has been a little thin on the ground recently. Thomas is busy filming Cinema Verite and I’m busy working on the site gallery, so I expect many more updates to come soon. Dread Central has posted the Toronto After Dark Lineup, which includes a screening of Thomas’s new movie, All About Evil. CULT DISCOVERIES A fantastic eclectic cast (Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Noah Segan, Mink Stole, Peaches Christ, Elvira)

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Another article about the All About Evil Premiere! How I wish I could have been there! … Then the film’s youth brigade of ingenue talent sang “Welcome to the Horror Show,” a rocker composed and impressively howled by actor-musician Thomas Dekker, whose much more mainstream horror remake A Nightmare on Elm Street had opened just a day earlier. Read the full article here at SF360.

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Found a great review of the All About Evil world premiere by Michael Varrati. The All About Evil World Premiere Experience… and post-show photos! « … Several other high-powered numbers would follow, including a duet between Ms. Christ and Mink Stole, as well as an original song performance by film star Thomas Dekker, during which he was provided devilish pantomime & choreography by his fellow All About Evil co-stars

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YouTube – All About Evil HD Trailer- SCREAM 4 – In Theaters April 15, 2011.

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ALL ABOUT EVIL: Interview With Thomas Dekker by Michael Guillén. At the time that I interviewed Thomas Dekker on the set of Joshua Grannell’s All About Evil, the decision was still pending as to whether or not his TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles would be picked up for another season. Fox elected to cancel the series; but–livewire that he is–there are no flies on Thomas Dekker. No sooner

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For those in the US…(sadly, not me!) The 53rd San Francisco International Film Festival Proudly Presents The World Premiere Of ALL ABOUT EVIL! San Francisco’s Castro Theatre, Saturday May 1, 10:45 PM With a fully realized stage-show spooktacular hosted by Peaches Christ, starring members of the cast including Mink Stole, Thomas Dekker, Martiny, and more! Also! Don’t miss the film’s official pre-party on Friday April 30: SOME THING EVIL! 10pm

Current Projects
Thomas as Gregory Valentine
Quirky crime drama featuring Thomas as a former gay prostitute and Backstrom's connection to the criminal world.
Genre: Drama | TV Series
Airdate: January 22 / FOX
More Information Photos Website

Fear Clinic
Thomas as Blake

Thomas plays a damaged young man checking into the Fear Clinic.
Genre: Horror | Movie
Airdate: DVD Release in March
More Information Photos Website

Enter The Dangerous Mind
Thomas as Jake

Thriller about a mentally ill musician.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

The White City
Thomas as Kyle

Moving story about a pair of troubled young artists in Israel.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

My Eleventh
Thomas as

Thriller about a kidnapping.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

Thomas as Jacob

The story of a love triangle between Jacob, Josef and Aimee.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

The Potters
Thomas as Asher Potter

Animated story of a girl seeking memories of a forgotten life.
Genre: Animation | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

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Musical Projects
Into the Night
Thomas has produced a brand new electronic album, new for 2018.
Official Site | Twitter.

Zero Times Zero
Thomas's brand new musical venture is the art collective 0X0.
Official Site | Twitter.

Thomas has 2 songs featured on the Official soundtrack for Plush, which he co-wrote. "Half of Me (Enzo Remix)" and my personal obsession, "Ultraviolet".

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Thomas's eccentric but inspired debut album Psyanotic.
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