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Site Stuff
I was tweeting while away thanks to the awesome new Black Berry, but I’ve been on vacation this week so there haven’t been any new site updates.

Thankfully there hasn’t been much to report on anyway – though Thomas did tweet at TDS this week – very exciting! I didn’t run around my friend’s house in my pyjamas squealing like a fangirl.


If you’re not doing so already, follow Thomas Dekker on Twitter – and Thomas Dekker Source!

Hosting Issues
I’m having issues with WordPress upgrades on my host, so I’m considering moving.  This is a paid account and therefore advert free, but if anyone has any suggestions about a suitable new host I’d love to hear them. It doesn’t have to be ad-free, as long as they offer a good service and don’t clutter up the page with excessive ads. Get in touch via email if you can help. Thank you!

If you have anything to contribute, including images, videos, content or news then please get in touch at the address above. You will receive full credit!

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Current Projects
Thomas as Gregory Valentine
Quirky crime drama featuring Thomas as a former gay prostitute and Backstrom's connection to the criminal world.
Genre: Drama | TV Series
Airdate: January 22 / FOX
More Information Photos Website

Fear Clinic
Thomas as Blake

Thomas plays a damaged young man checking into the Fear Clinic.
Genre: Horror | Movie
Airdate: DVD Release in March
More Information Photos Website

Enter The Dangerous Mind
Thomas as Jake

Thriller about a mentally ill musician.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

The White City
Thomas as Kyle

Moving story about a pair of troubled young artists in Israel.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

My Eleventh
Thomas as

Thriller about a kidnapping.
Genre: Thriller | Film
Airdate: Unknown
More Information Photos Website

Thomas as Jacob

The story of a love triangle between Jacob, Josef and Aimee.
Genre: Drama | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

The Potters
Thomas as Asher Potter

Animated story of a girl seeking memories of a forgotten life.
Genre: Animation | Film
Airdate: 2015
More Information Photos Website

Thomas doesn't currently have any official sites other than the following:


Site Information
Site Name: Thomas Dekker Source
Established on: August 2008
Owner: Sarah
The webmaster(s) of this website claim no ownership to any material seen on this website and is used, to the best of their knowledge, under the "Fair Use" copyright laws.
Musical Projects
Into the Night
Thomas has produced a brand new electronic album, new for 2018.
Official Site | Twitter.

Zero Times Zero
Thomas's brand new musical venture is the art collective 0X0.
Official Site | Twitter.

Thomas has 2 songs featured on the Official soundtrack for Plush, which he co-wrote. "Half of Me (Enzo Remix)" and my personal obsession, "Ultraviolet".

iTunes | Amazon

Thomas's eccentric but inspired debut album Psyanotic.
CD Baby | iTunes

TDS Tweets
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